Dark Jungle

Level by Verios (December, 2000)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Go north for a large medipack. Go south for flares and a large medipack. Go east to the ledge and kill a ninja that you may have to chase. Watch out for the spikes and get down from the ledge. Notice to the north, the door needing the Eye of Horus. Go south behind a column and pick up the laser sight. Go west to shoot a vase and pick up Uzi clips if the ninja did not get them first. Follow the tunnel to the right of the vase. At the end, drop in a hole and find a crawl space. Crawl to the end to pick up a large medipack and get back to the vase. Enter the big south opening and follow it to a room with holes in the floor. Enter the water by any hole and pick up an Eye Piece. Swim to the south and follow the underwater tunnel. Pull up into a room with a three mummies. Shoot a vase and pick up a revolver. Avoid the mummies and enter a red corridor to the north. Continue and see a mummy approach you from the right. Straight ahead is the way to the start. Go where the mummy is coming from. At the end, go left for Uzi clips. Roll, go straight and climb down a ladder to a forest area. Stay on the green parts. The brown trenches are deadly. Of couse, all the green parts have a mummy on them.

Go east and the brown trench is safe there so pick up Uzi clips and a large medipack. Turn north and follow the tunnel. A little ways in, notice a high crawl space on the left wall. First go to the end and kill a ninja and take his Uzi. Go back and into the crawl space. When you reach a hole, drop, shimmy around to the other side and pull up. Continue to the end and kill a scorpion. As you approach a door, it opens for you. Go north and another door opens at your approach. Kill two ninjas and pick up revolver ammo. Jump over the water to the pedestal and get an Eye Piece. Exit the room and go right. In the north-west is a hole with revolver ammo. Go south to use a switch and hear a door opening. This was actually the door that opened with the ninjas so the switch was not necessary. Go back through the crawl space and hole back to the mummy room. Go to the south-east corner and find a crawl space. Crawl in for flares and continue to the end and turn right to pick up the Ba Cartouche. When you exit you see a large medipack. Do not be greedy since it is a death trap with a spike ball. Back to the mummy room and exit to the north-west. Climb up the ladders and go left and then right to drop back into the start room.

Combine the Eye Pieces to get The Eye of Horus and use it to open the door. Follow the tunnel and jump a gap. Notice a closed door at the top of the slope. Run into the opening to the right side to avoid rolling spike balls. Kill the ninja waiting there. Follow the tunnel and when you see a door, go east and at the end get into a high opening to the left. Use the switch there and hear a door opening. If you go there you see another door needing an Eye of Horus. Go east into the water and follow the channel. At the end enter a room and kill a ninja. Look for a red tunnel in the east wall and follow it to a gap Jump the gap and pick up an Eye Piece. Go back to where you shot the ninja and go into the opposite opening to pick up an Eye Piece and a small medipack. Do not fall off the edge, as the floor is deadly. Go south and watch out for a rolling spike ball. At the next junction is another spike ball. At the next junction you have to run up the incline a little before the spike ball falls. When done enter a room and pick up the Hand of Orion from the floor. Go back to the door needing the Eye of Horus. When the door is open follow the tunnel to a receptacle for the Ba Cartouche and use it. Search the water for two Uzi clips, revolver ammo, flares, and a large medipack. When you get out notice a place on the wall for two items. Back to the entry area and the door at the top of the incline has opened.

Go up there and follow the tunnel to a room with water. Dive in and swim south into an underwater tunnel. Follow and pull up to another tunnel. Continue to a T-junction. On the left is a closed gate. Go to the right and enter a room with two mummies. Go to the east wall and find a tunnel. Go in and monkey swing over the gap and pick up the Hand of Sirius. Monkey swing back and go back into the tunnel to the water room. Get out, go down the incline, and return to the room that needs the two items. Use the two Hands and they open the gate near the room you got the Hand of Sirius. Go back there and the gate is open. Run down the tunnel and jump a gap as a spike ball rolls into the gap behind you. Go forward to pick up a large medipack. Run forward some more and the level ends by crashing to the desktop.