Return for the Amulet Series (levels 1 through 6)

Levels by Bruce Zaremba (sleeper).

Unauthorized walkthrough made in close co-operation by Dutchy and Gerty.

1 Ė The Temple of Seth

The six levels can be played separately, but then you will miss weapons and supplies that youíve collected in the previous levels.

Lara starts with a long slide in the dark and ends up in a cave.

There is shotgun ammo on the left and flares on the right.

At the end take a safety drop and in the SW of this cave is an opening in the floor (camera of a ninja). Drop through the hole and this time Lara is on a ledge. There is water down and lots of sand and also a ninja that will try to shoot the girl.

Keep going E and find flares. In the NE corner in the E wall is a gate, still closed.

There are a couple of different ways to get down, like jumping to the block under the gate, or hanging down from the ledge, looking S.

Kill the ninja and scorpions. Pick up shotgun ammo in the NE corner and a small medipack on that block there.

Push the statue to the SW corner, this opens a gate in the water E. Also in the NW corner is a still closed gate, you will be coming out from soon.

In the NE corner, underwater get the shotgun ammo and swim in the now open gate. You are in a big room and on top of the pedestal is the BA CARTOUCHE, (gate opens SW).

Go SW, and enter the opening there and the gate closes behind you. Pick up the medipack and donít go any further or else you burn. A jump to the left on that grate looking floor tile and a jump with grab to the wall so you can shimmy to that torch on the wall. Take a back flip and you are save. The gate opens when you approach. Take a running jump to the opposite side, roll and immediately a running jump back as a boulder comes down. Climb the grated ledge and do a running jump to that medipack, roll and jump back as there is another boulder. Now you can jump back and pick it up safely. Keep on hopping from tile to tile and climb the ladder at the end. Climb up and you are in another cave with a lava lake.

Go down onto the ledge in the corner where you are and keep going W, to a grey pillar, climb up L and follow the rocks to find SECRET #1, uzi ammo and arrows almost at the end.

Go back a bit, look down and see that walkway (N) slide down backwards and at the end shimmy till you are above the walkway and you can drop on it.

Walk over the walkway, shooting the scorpions and take a right and halfway, a running jump to a column N and another one to get some arrows. Jump back to the first and turn to E. Jump to that block there. Get on that walkway, as in the S is a lever, and a scorpion (camera shot of the pool and the gate there that opened). Go back to the N side of the lower walkway, get on the block there and turn S, runjump onto the upper walkway and go to the centre pillar of the cave, a long runjmp grab will get you back to that S ledge, runjump grab back to the ledge in the SE corner and runjmp grab to the ledge N of that on E wall, walk to the end and go into the path R, climb to the top and head N, then left to find an opening there.

Drop down in the shaft and follow the red tunnel past a gate R and a tunnel down (you come back through that later for the secret) go around a corner to the R and get the ammo on the floor, find a very convenient air pocket in the next corner. Go to the end of the tunnel and just past the narrow gap is a hole up to a dark room where I couldnít climb up normally because of a *bug*, but you can get up!

If you try one time the normal way, youíll see Lara falling underwater and then up the edge again, exactly that moment you have to hit jump and forward and she will hop into that room.

Go SW for the Uzis, E for a MP and SE for the lever to open the gate W (screenshot of ninjas in the pool area). Go out that gate ,itís the one you saw closed before and head NW, jump into the pool and quickly get out to shoot the ninjas. Enter the gate to shoot the ninjaand a vase L for some arrows and enter the next room where you can place the BA CARTOUCHE to open the door next to it, go into a room with 3 gates, that will open on approach, one leading down, one up and the L one to a ground floor passage.

The 2 right hand gates ate traps!

L gate: Glass Labyrinth-

Go straight through the main passage, past the centre passage in the windows to the back and a U-turn left, shoot the ninja (he can hurt you)and return to the corner, back to main passage and R into centre passage, not into the 1st opening left, but the walkthrough wall left just after that, get the ammo and go straight, around left U-turn and left in centre passage, just before that back room left and right for some ammo, roll and out right, follow into a solid Star passage, shoot the ninja and go back for the MP, get the ammo in the corner and follow the passage past several windows, then R until you come to an opening right. Take that and you are back at the beginning again of this glass maze. Now go S, take the first right and next right, shoot the ninja and follow this passage all the way through, picking up some shotgun ammo and at the end use the lever (opens a door in the maze, but also gives access to 2 Secrets). Go back and where you get back in the passage heading E, with left a star wall and right glass, you can go straight through the panel in front, go left to find the corridor with the glass doors again, go right to the last one, which you can walkthrough. Thatís SECRET # 2, you only have to follow this corridor all the way to the end (W) and climb the wall there.

In the next room is an opening filled with water, jump in, swim down and up (youíre back into the red tunnel near that gate), go right and get the flares and medipack.

Swim W into a corridor and if you are in need of some air, swim up, this is a breathing hole. So get down again and follow through (E) around a corner and you can get some air at the end.

You can get out at the room where you can use the same trick to get into the room and go out to the cave again. Drop down to the sandy floor and in the pool (NW corner) is an opening with SECRET #3, shotgun ammoand the SHOTGUN.

Get out off the pool and enter the door in the N wall again and follow through till you are back at the glass maze. Keep going all the way E (main passage) and then take a left (where you shot the ninja), second left, keep going and you end up at an opening for a golden room. You see you need a Cartouche, but there is none in the backpack. So get into the water and climb out in the E.

In this room are four statues and in the NE corner grenade ammo and on the S wall are some arrows.

Statue Puzzle room

Push 3 statues into the SW, NW and NE corner and enter the door E and get the CARTOUCHE piece 1 (camera shot). Shoot the vase NW and climb in, the S wall is climbable, SECRET # 4, arrows, shotgun and uzi ammo.

Get out (the other vase hides nothing) and get into the water to find that gate you saw opening in the camera shot.

Swim in and up and at the end of this water is a see through tile. Stand on it and look E and take an angled jump with grab to that lower ridge on E wall and shimmy right all the way till you can climb up again. Walk W and jump with a grab (to land under the pillar) into the opening down and enter this room.


The left and middle corridors have some goodies like a small medipack and arrows. The right corridor however keep the wall always on your right and you end up in a room with a lever (see camera shot). Going back keep the wall on your left and jump into the water.

You can pick up the arrows and the medipack and get some air before diving into the opening S all the way at the bottom. Swim through and climb out and grab the CARTOUCHE piece 2.

Get in the water and swim out and up and climb out N. Climb the blocks and once at the top, get into the water and swim back to the room where you can place the Cartouche.
Shoot the ninjaís and place the Cartouche.

Lava room.

Ninjas are shooting and jump to the pole and climb it. At the end do a back flip and get the EYE PIECE.

When the wall torches starting to burn, the flare bug kicks in, canít use Binoculars too, the game crashes!!

Go back to the pole first and down, a part of the floor turned into stone, go into the room in the NE corner to get SECRET # 5, crossbow, flares and medipack. Go back to the EYE PIECE room.

Get into the open door and watch the fly by.
At the end is the receptacle for the Eye of Horus, but we need the second piece of the Eye. Drop down on the block just past the first right hand pillar and to the floor below, N under the bridge is a lever. The door in the SW corner is open now and the only thing you can do is jump to the side and keep on jumping till the end. The gate opens when you approach and on the pedestal grab the other EYE PIECE. Now you have to go all the way back again (boring) and outside there are mummies roaming a round.

Around the floor you can find arrows and revolver ammo and go under the bridge (where the lever is to) the other side, go right and to that block you can climb to get on the bridge.

Combine the Eye Pieces and place the EYE OF HORUS and here the levels ends.

2 Ė Throne Room.

Familiar territory!

Watch the flyby and turn around to get the flares, there is nothing else to do than walk forward. There is a ramp on the S wall and on top, some shotgun ammo. Next to it, on the floor is a medipack, guarded by a scorpion. There are some dogs roaming around, so keep your eyes open. Keep going to the W and there will be a fly by. Hop back and take the opening N, jump over the pit and find a block on your right. Climb on it and jump to the next (N) for SECRET #1, small medipack. Jump down and keep going, on a ramp (W) is a medipack. On the right of this gate you see in front of you, you can grab a small medipack.

Go into the building and you get to a hall, with a closed gate on the right and an opening straight forwards and also another opening left.

Take the opening on the left and arrive at a room with a lever. Save here. Look at the ceiling, because there is an indication which tiles are save and which not. Jump diagonally to the lever and keep some medipacks handy as Lara gets scorched a bit (sidestep slowly to get in position for the lever and wait a bit for the scorpion and dog to come into the room, so they donít attack when you are trying to get out, thereís some ammo in the corner you can get as the tiles there are safe, again jump diagonally). There is a cut scene, so go back and now go straight (W), pick the grenade ammo, and you see that there are three reach-in holes and only one block is up. Climb the block and reach in the first opening. The gate outside this room opens. Dogs alert!

Climb the stairs and you are in a big room with a couple of pillars and in every corner a tile. Step on every tile in the corners and go W and swim to the other end, the gate is open. In the room is a lever, and get into the water again. Once you are back in the canal, get out as in the N a wall has revealed an opening. In this room is another reach-in hole (cut scene) and suddenly some bats appear.

Swim back and jump on the second block to use the reach-in hole. A gate in the NE corner in this room opens.

Save before entering and again the solution to get through this room is at the ceiling (side jumps will do the trick!). Get the flares and oops, in the SW is some texture missing. Climb the pole (or just climb up) and use the lever there plus get the medipack. There is another cur scene so go back (watch the burning floor) and reach-in the last hole.

Watch the flyby, and go to the door that just opened in the NW corner of this room. On the left, before the wall torch are some arrows.

There is a flyby and go to the left and you get in the room you just saw in the flyby.

Near the first wall torch right, you can get down and pick up some arrows. In the NW is also a block you can lower yourself to and with a running jump get to the other side. (watch out as the other blocks have spikes popping up) Drop down another time and find SECRET #2, GRENADE LAUNCHER and grenade ammo. Climb back up and get on the golden walkway. Get to the other side and get down. In that area find in the NE corner arrows and in the NW corner you can climb down. Near that place (N) is a reach-in hole, which opens a gate W.
The flare bug will be present from this point on.

Follow through and use the lever in that room. The corridor is now full of water so swim back and once out off the corridor up and climb into the room, use the lever to open the big black block on the bridge and go to the door again, in front and a bit R is a ledge jump there and climb up the big pillar, turn left and jump to the ledge at the bridge.

Climb up, shoot the dog that is howling and get back on the golden walkway.

W is an opening and in the next room you can find shotgun ammo and THE TIMELESS SANDS. The gate in the corner opens and pass the four statueís, be careful for a spiked boulder though (better stay on the left side).

Climb on the black tile (S) and get the uzi ammo on the right. Keep an eye out for dogs and follow through and find the opening SW.

You end up in a lava room. Lots of jumping to do and there are some places you can save. (short cut, after the standjump to the 2nd flat pillar do a run jump to the sloped ledge SE at the wall, the one leading into (what looks like lava, but isnít) and slide backwards holding grab to hang on the end of the slope, pull up and backflip into the dark room with SECRET#3, you have to light flare and throw them to get some light in there, pick up [/b]grenades, arrows[/b] and shotgun ammo. Then drop from the room into the pool below.

On the bottom are flares and uzi ammoand by climbing out off the water S a flyby starts.

First go W and climb up, at the end in the corner N is an opening in the floor and you enter a MAZE.

Tip: you need to find reach-in switches and use them twice so if by accident you get to the same reach-in hole, it wont work, so you know you have done that one.

Keep going straight (N) all the way to the end, then be sure to keep the wall on your left side, pick up some arrows and after a bit you find a closed gate. Keep going and pick up some shotgun ammo. Go back, still keep the wall to your left and find the first reach-in hole. A dog comes snooping around. Keep going (W) and keep the wall to your left, find the second reach-in hole with the SHOTGUN next to it. Another dog appears, and if you keep going left you get back to the start of this maze. Go now N again and still keep the wall on your left and find the gate now as that is open.

Another mazeÖ.

In this one I went always to the right till I found the third reach-in hole and another dog comes sniffing around. Now go back, so keep the walls to your left and find the gate. Once through keep to the right till you van get out of this maze and back to the room with the pool (S).

A running jump (S) and back to the other side. Go al he way (E) and climb the ladder there. A gate is open and in this room find the statue and place The TIMELESS SANDS (cut scene) so back down the ladder and enter that door.

Pick up the uzi ammo and enter the corridor.

Go right (has more goodies and the last secret) and follow through till you come to a lava room with a bridge. Halfway on the bridge use a flare and throw it to the right, there is a crawlspace there.
At the end get SECRET #4, flares, medipack and LASER SIGHT. Crawl back and jump to the bridge. Go up some stairs and climb the wall (E). Once up, get the revolver ammo on the right and use the lever.

In the new cave, shoot the dog and watch the flyby. Go E and find the revolver ammo. There is more on the corner of that building, a running jump will do the trick and look at the tile you are standing on. There is more revolver ammo and a small medipack to get all around the building and also two more tiles. Watch out for a dog and scorpions.

In the NW is also a gate but that slams shut the minute you try to get in, that is the exit if you took a left instead of a right after placing the SANDS.

After triggering all the tiles go inside the pyramid, follow through and pick up some grenade ammo and a bit further you see you need a Cartouche.

Go into the opening next to it and shoot the dogs and get the BA CARTOUCHE from the pedestal. Return and get the flares (left) and place the Cartouche.

Enter and see the flyby, go right and take the left gate, which opens up when you approach. Slide down and the level ends.

3 Ė The Chase.

CS=crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, MP= med-pack, Jmp= jump.

Names in red are for reference as youíll visit back later.

Inside the Ship.

Youíre in a Ctrl room, go R and drop down the hole to the 2nd Ctrl room, shoot the 2 Guards and head E. SE is a trapdoor closed, NE a hatch in the ceiling, open it and climb up to a Ctrl room, head out to the next and climb up in the corner (the ladder doesnít work), just grab up and get some Ammo there, go through that white Save thing and shoot the Guard in the dining room, get the Ammo R and L and notice that blue door youíll be returning from later (to get back to the trapdoor in the 2nd Ctrl room). Go on and see a trapdoor in the end of the next passage, go into the R hand room and throw the Jmpswitch to open that trapdoor, get the MP and drop in the hole, crawl and go L, a Flyby will show the decks of the ship, Guards on patrol.

The upper decks.

Climb up and go L, shoot the Guard on the front deck and proceed to the NE corner where youíll find Ammo and a door in the lower passage (later) go R and onto that brown block, itís a timed run to the back of the ship, a lot of time because if you do runjmps and over a crate from time to time, you will have time to spare.

Here is the route: Do a runjmp in the direction of the NW back of the ship, run and jmp over all the crates past the R side of the bridge structure, jmp on the lower crates just past that and onto a brown Timed block to the W behind them, runjmp to the Jmpswitch and pull to open that trapdoor in Ctrl room 2. Could be you saw those 2 Guards in the run. Take care of them now. Go to the S side of the bridge and to that blue door. See the Rat, scared stiff!!! Go in and up the L block, turn around and jmp/grab up to the upper floor, go into the bridge and throw the lever (opens a door that will give access to 2 Secrets) Donít take the Ammo at the windows, you canít get off that panel anymore.

Climb to the roof of the bridge and shoot another Guard, get Uzis and Ammo S and return to the deck of the ship by dropping backwards of the centre front of the bridge. Youíll slide into a hole with a MP, hop out and go to the NE front of the ship, in the lower passage with the door, it will slowly open for you. Inside go R and follow the path back to the 2nd Ctrl room. Into that trapdoor L and go L at the crossing, through the passage (screen of Guard) and crawl to where you can stand (on a trapdoor), climb to one of the decks and get Ammo L, throw the lever in the room to the W to open the trapdoor.

Take the Goodies before you go back, (want to see Lara do funny tricks, save and jmp into the S sea) go down the passage you came from and the trapdoor is open, drop into the room with Secret #1, the Revolver and Ammo, youíll have to shoot a Guard for it. Go back to the dining room, remember? That 1st route you took and straight to the trapdoor and CS from which you came out to the deck 1st time, the R hand tunnel is now open and holds Secret #2, all kinds of Goodies.

Head back up to the deck and to the front (E) of the ship, there's that grey walled structure and you can climb it from the crates., inside is a bike, get on and drive it to the door then leave it there as the door won't open. Go over the wall again, shoot a couple of Guards and go to the back of the ship, the yellow wall near that Jmpswitch is now lowered, get the Ammo L and go in, the upper decks seems empty, so go down the centre passage down and shoot the Guard, get some Ammo and spot the closed door. Go down the SE hole and follow L to a MP, go on to the W and find the lower burning room.

Go in L onto the grey blocks and to a Jmpswitch that will open the door in the room above, so head out and E, up into that door, follow to a hole down in the back, get some Ammo there and drop in, follow to the lever that will make another lever accessible in the burning room. Go back and to the lower level, into the burning room on S side and hop over the grey blocks to the lever SE. Throw that to open the door S. Back over the blocks and into the S passage (crawl to get in) and get the Ammo E before you go into the new door.

Down the steps and a flyby will show a heavily guarded room with 3 levers and the bottom of the ship. Go into L onto the walkway around the room with the Guards and take them out with the Lasersight (before they even fire a single round). Go over to get the MP and Ammo that was dropped. Throw the S lever (others bring out only Guards) and an UW door opens, go down into the water and get the Goodies, (also behind those crates E) then swim it that open door, follow to the Personnel quarters, shoot a Guard and explore the rooms before you go into the N passage to the upper level, go either way, shoot a Guard and come to a large room with Goodies, another door will open where you came into this place, go in and up to 3 more levers.

R hand lever: youíll drop back to the bottom of the ship.

Centre lever: Instant death.

L lever: Lower passage back to the steps up to the burning room, so better take that one and go to the W passage at the burning room, then N and find another door opened, problem is, itís opened the wrong way, or was it to mislead Lara. You can in fact sidejmp over that door into the passage leading up to a grey corridor. Go R and past a passage R to the next corner, sprint to the end, set ablaze by a Sentry-gun and run R into the pool. Youíve just found Secret #3, Ammo, Revolver and Lasersight. Getting out is a different story, stay close to the L wall and just do a jmp over that alcove and at the right moment, youíll pass the Sentry-gun before he knows youíre gone.

Go into that room you passed earlier, L and to the next room, shoot the Guard and see 3 passages and 3 grey trigger tiles in the corners. Go stand on the SW one and face the N passage (ends up in the same room as the others, but has the Secret), runjmp to it and sprint in, wait on the block to be lifted up and go L into a room with Secret #4, Shotgun, MP and Ammo, go back to the block and you can now go up another passage, the next block lowers and you can, for this time only, pass through the glass in the room there is a hole up to an upper passage in the NW.

Go to a room with a green pool and several Balls to shoot, past 3 blue doors. Shoot the Balls and return to the first room R to get the Ammo and shoot the Ball, donít put that gun away just yet as a Guard came out of the next room. Wait for him and take care of him, look up and wonder how this bedroom will look like on a stormy night at seaÖ Go back out R and to the next open room, shoot the Ball and get the Ĺ MP, shoot the Guard and go to the room near the green pool, get MP and Flares. Climb up the hole in the corner and come to a cargo bay. Go to the w side to pick up some Ammo on the crates and then look for the MP on the Tile S, turn E and go over the grey wall and drop into the passage R of the next grey wall, wait in front of the door for it to open and get the Bike out.

Drive it to that Tile S (where you got the MP) and a brown block N will lower Timed though, so be sure to be in the right position to get there fast, running over a bunch of Guards. Inside go L and down the passage to run over some Guards, on the outside you have to hit the brakes!! Jmp down to the pier and the level ends.

4 Ė The Docks.

Watch the flyby and Lara is on a bridge overlooking some green water. Dive in and swim to the SE corner. Climb out and shoot the guard there. On the boxes are goodies. In the S is an opening and in the fly by we saw a trapdoor. Open it and climb in. Get the revolver ammo and medipack under the prayer wheels and flip that switch. (Cut scene of the door on the jetty). Make your way to the jetty and enter the door. Watch out for a dog and a guard. Once in there jump into the water and find an opening W to swim in and swim down, get that medipack and follow through and all the way up.

Take the N corridor and in the next room in the SE corner is a jump switch, this opens a trapdoor, lowers the wall behind a curtain in the E corridor and triggers a guard in there. For now go E and through that curtain at the end. SECRET #1, revolver-and grenade ammo and arrows. Now back into the water and climb out onto the jetty, go around the corner (in the water there is revolver ammo) and in the NW is a ladder and a running jump get you there. Crawl into the crawlspace and lower yourself in the now open trapdoor.


Go right, pick up the uzi ammo, follow through and flip the lever. A guard will be waiting when you run back. Go S now and around the corner you can choose which way you want to go.

Straight (W) leads to a closed door.
Right (N) and immediately go left you can pick up some arrows at the end.
Second left, leads to the same door if you went straight. And the third to the left leads to a ladder. Donít go there yet, have a look at that rat in the water, is it pointing with his snout to something? Yes it is a swim-through crawlspace. Swim in and right and at the end climb out. At the end of that corridor there is a cut scene, go on and shoot the guard. Enter where he came from and get that small medipack on the left in the water. The door will open when you approach and climb the ladder, halfway up, jump/roll and grab to another ladder. Keep climbing and once up, flip the lever and pick up the revolver ammo.
Get down the ladder again by jump/roll and grab to the other ladder. Swim back and through the swim-through crawlspace and up, as the rat might be in the way a bit.
Now you can go to the ladder and climb down. You are in another part of the sewer, so follow through and find another ladder (W). In the small room at the top, this is the ladder you saw in the cut scene. In the room at the top is a lever, use it and climb all the way down, and up the other and with a back flip you are back at the first sewers. Now go and find that door in the 1st passage right after the swim.

Room with poisonous gas.

Take a running jump to the first tile, than a running jump to the wall SW, you wont make it, but the gas isnít poisonous there. There is an opening beside the block there, pick up some shotgun ammo and flares. Around the corner you can get up and use the lever. See a cut scene (that door is in the water at the start of the level). Go into the water and follow through and you are back at the beginning. Swim to the S as there is the door from the cut scene and climb out.

The Docks.

There are guards here and lot of crates and in the water some goodies are scattered here and there, you can shoot the barriers, but I donít think they trigger anything. Some guards drop ammo and some donít.

Go to that single pier W with the 2 guards on it, shoot them and get the ammo, then throw the lever to open a door E, more guards come out, deal with them and enter the door you opened, follow to a small door you can open, pick up some ammo in the prayer wheels and come to a closed door, head back out and L on the pier. Into the open room L after you picked up the ammo, inside is a Jump switch for that closed door, but also a Timed trigger tile. The texture is the same as over that E door.

So after the Jump switch you have to step on the tile, sprint out and R, over those crates and R into the door, through that small door, follow the passage to the now open door and the raised block and climb up fast. Follow through and while you are picking up the grenade ammo Lara gets shot in the back, so kill the guard and use the lever. Watch the fly by and the gate is all the way on the other side (SW). Drop down the hole at the timed block and get the uzi- and shotgun ammo. Go out of here and swim SW on that small pier with the fences you saw in the flyby is some ammo if you didnít get it yet, then go into the open gate.

Once you are in the opening, dive in the water again and find the uzi ammo and arrows. Climb out at the right side, watch out as there are quite a few guards around. You might want to jump across and take care of them there, but you can do that later as well. Pick up the medipack, go further and go right, the door opens and climb up left.

Get down at the other side and better save here. Walk into the room and when Lara stops do a running jump to the SE corner, which stops the burning floor and then a standing jump to the lever. Use the lever and stand looking W and go down of that side of the ledge. Below is SECRET #2, small medipack and arrows, grab and pull up and a running jump to the other side again and leave this place.

Go N and Lara gets shot at, kill the guard and climb up (E), to get the uzi ammo. Get back again and look W, remember this as that is where you have to go later with the bike. Go back (S) and left and jump to the other side of the canal. On the wall S on the left side you can climb up, pick up SECRET #3, revolver ammo and arrows. Get down and enter the open door W. Climb into the crawlspace SW, get the small medipack and use the lever. Back out again, draw your guns as a guard is there, and after taking care of him enter the other door, up the stairs, and find the uzi ammo and use the lever. The trapdoor in the same room is open so descend the ladder and get the NITOUS OXIDE FEEDER.

Get back and jump the canal (N) and around the corner going N the door there is open now and put the Feeder on the bike.

Go right and left and you have to jump a pit, the right place is the second barrier from the left or right (both do the job) and use the sprint key to boost the bike.
Once at the other side, get off and use the lever and by entering the level ends.

5 ĖZazarís Library.

Lara starts in a small corridor, the gate opens when she approaches. A flyby starts, and the need of a scroll is apparent. Go into the room where you need the scroll for and find scattered around, the LASER SIGHT, revolver ammo and in the other corner the CROWBAR. There are 3 globes in this room.

Pull the yellow globe once (to the W) the block in the 1st room is gone, so go there and climb the ladder. Take a running jump to the ledge with the pole and climb the pole, get off with a back flip (or just grab up to the upper floor). Get the small medipack and arrows and behind the globe in this room is a walkthrough bookcase.

Down the ramp pick up the revolver ammo and open the trapdoor W. Jump in the water and swim N. Another room with globes. Get the medipack, and push the blue globe (NW) to the white tile near it. That raises a block in the other room. Climb up and use the chain (cut scene). Jump down and swim back to the room with the swinging chains (watch out as a certain tile in this room might trigger two balls) and find the GOLDEN STAR NE. Leave this room and drop as you can see, through a walkthrough ceiling.

Back in the room, place the Golden Star on the S side of the column and the gate behind is open now (cut scene). Go in and slay the horseman on his horse. The pick ups are scattered around the room like a medipack, a REVOLVER and revolver ammo. Use the three dragon levers and climb onto the raised blocks. Pick up uzi ammo and medipack and enter the blue doors.

The next room is another library, get down, find shotgun-, revolver- and uzi ammo. Stand in the middle of the room and face S and up, shoot the ball, that makes the cogwheel turn. There is even a REVOLVER and SIGHT on the block next to it.

Next to the cogwheel is an opening, get the medipack inside, stand facing W and open the trapdoor in the middle of the room.
Swim to the E and take the right tunnel, find the shotgun ammo, and a bit further down SECRET #1, revolver- and shotgun ammo and a medipack. You better get back for this, cause you wonít have enough air.

Now go E left and find the arrows and the HORSEMANíS GEM. (this opens a gate in the N tunnel)

Now swim N, follow through, down and up and climb out, see flyby.

In the pool find the grenade ammo, and climb in the opening N. In this room is another batch of grenade ammo and the minute you step on the stairs some 3 wraiths will pester Lara, so run out side and dive into the pool.

Go back and climb the stairs and stand to the W wall, next to the burning pedestal. The ceiling is walkthrough and hides a jump lever.

Go to the other gate next to the pool outside, crawl in and on the right is a medipack, crawl back and now head straight and left. Save here. When you are all the way up the stairs, more fire wraiths come out and the only thing to do is get out as fast as you can pumping medipacs when set ablaze, through the (not fair) crawlspace and to the pool. Get back in again and follow (Save here), run up another staircase, the gate opens and you are back on familiar ground.

This time insert the Gem in its receptacle, N side of the pillar and a door behind you opens. To the left is a medipack and all the way to the other end when you go left past the ladder, some uzi ammo. Go to the ladder and climb it and halfway back flip onto a ledge (see fly by). There is a horseman roaming around downstairs. Lower to the floor and take care of him. You can get a medipack near the E wall, and that triggers another horseman. In the corners find another medipack and uzi ammo. Now push the door E open. Left on a pedestal is MUSIC SCROLL and right a block that is still up.

Back to the room and go through the red curtain and in the pool get the small medipack and the 1st (of 3) HORSEMANíS GEM. Behind the white pillar SE is a climbable bookcase and once up youíll see a pole. On this first level is another red curtain (SE), walk through and get a flyby of a nasty room with sloped pillars. Drop back from the edge and grab, go L and pull up to the ledge, jump to the SW ledge and go in that room to get the S 2nd HORSEMANíS GEM, the other (N) one is a trap, go out and to the S side of the ledge, runjmp to the pillar E and grab, slide down and jmp to grab the pillar E of the slope, drop from the other side and get Secret #2, goodies. Go up the ladder in the room to drop back at the red curtain and to the pole to go up to the top room, past the Saw blade.

Get down the stairs, and you come to a room with a globe and also you see that you need 3 Gems to open up the gates. Go to the S wall and shoot the vase left for some flares. Around the corner is another vase with grenade ammo. Go further S and take a running jump into the water. Swim through the opening and climb out and run immediately to the middle of this room as there is an indentation, you can hide from 4 rolling balls. Climb out and enter the room under the ladder for your 3rd HORSEMANíS GEM.

Climb the ladder and once on top shoot the vase for revolver ammo. The room on the right has nothing, so go straight, a fly by starts and a fire wraith is chasing Lara. Watch out because around the corner is a fall-through floor with a deadly trap in it, it is the fourth tile so a running jump will get you over the trap and at the end you fall through the ceiling and run to the pool to get rid of that nasty wraith.

The way it was intended:

Open all the gates and stand behind the yellow globe (facing E) and push once, this opens the opening N. Blocks have to be raised there in order to cross that room. Go to the NE globe and pull it to the 2nd brown tile straight out of its room (1st block up in the chain room). The NW one goes straight out to the 3rd brown tile (2nd block up) The S one goes straight out and to the 3rd white tile, all blocks are up in the chain room N. Now you can run past the chains into the passage with another globe. This Globe pushing could be short cutted by just run jumping past the chains and a grab to catch the edge. Pull out the globe and walk past the fake wall to find Secret #3, goodies.


Go to the N. Take a running jump (when the chains cross) to the other side with grab. Go left and standing jump to the pole, slide down (the floor is safe) and aim to the next pole, donít stand to close to the edge of that tile or Lara will burn when she jumps. Grab the other pole with a standing jump and slide down again. In the next room jump the stairs (who forgot to put the stairs in?) and crawl in, and pull the chain once. This lowers the block W in the previous room. Climb in go right, through the doors and climb the bookcase R of the alcove in W wall towards the ladder. Descend the ladder and go N and through the door. Place the Scroll and watch the fly by when you enter.

In the room there are three horsemen running around, Jump down and take care of them. Scattered around find the medipacks, uzi ammo and arrows (under a vase). In the SE corner is a trapdoor but before you get down better go to the other corner of this big room and entice the fire wraith to follow you to the water under the trapdoor. Swim through and up and pull the chain (cut scene). Climb up as the gate is open as well and get the revolver ammo and exit (arenít you glad you triggered that wraith earlier LOL). Now climb the block and get to the ledge. Run up the stairs, the gates open and the level ends.

6 ĖZazarís Hideout.

Names in
red are for reference as youíll visit back later.

A Nice flyby shows the Amulet youíre after, but itís guarded by Crocs.
In the
1st room is a closed door to the L in the corner and a passage L, behind the bowl and follow to a room with Darts, get the Ammo L and then use the reach-in switch to open a door further in the level. Go back and shoot the Ninja as you come out of the passage, go E and in the next (2nd room) room are several pickups, like Shotgun and Ammo, 2 closed gates N and S and the door youíve just opened to the E. Go E and come a room with a trap floor, be sure not to stand on (or too close to) the dark tiles after the 1st row.

Do a runjmp straight over the red grating to the one in front and then 2 standjmps to the other side, sprint through the Dart hall, taking minor injury and arrive in that big Hall with the Amulet cage, thereís a gate in the NW and in the NE is some Ammo, shoot the Ninja and he will drop his Uzi, go back along the front of the cage (W) and see a red structure L, thereís a gate in it and a pit in front. Runjmp straight over the pit to the carpet tile in front of the gate and roll, runjmp back while you get a cutscene of the N gate opening up in the 2nd room. head back and donít forget to go easy at the trap floor, shoot the Scorps and go into the open gate (stupid camera!) Runjmp/grab the rope and swing to the 2nd, into the opposite passage and follow to the Scissor pit.

The Tile L around the corner will lower the cage in the corner after the Scissors, better save on it and run to the corner, jmp the corners to cut off some track and I just sprinted through, most were sill in the open position, so I took little injury. Into the gate you can run through the window and go pick up the 1st Golden Vraeus, see the gate NW gate (big hall) opening up. Go back, shoot the Scorp and past the 1st Scissor you can shimmy the edge and go back over the ropes to the big Hall. Go L and shoot the Ninja coming out of the open NW gate, in the back is a hole you can climb up in and go to the deep pit, donít go N, you will not get out again!

Stand straight opposite the vase in the opening across the pit (look at the ceiling) and runjmp to the 1st invisible ledge, stand far R and aim for the R hand opening in the opposite wall, standjmp to the next ledge, walk up to the far L side an aim straight for the L opening and standjmp, then a runjmp and youíre over. Get the Ammo from the vase and go push the button between the bowls and go over the ledges in the other pit and drop to the lower path there, to get Secret #1, inside is some Ammo L and R and then get the Revolver from the back, go back up on the ledges and immediately make use of the Ammo you just collected to shoot the Ninjas. Go back over those invisible ledges (look L in the other pit, for their position) and to the big Hall, SW corner passage.

Get the Ammofrom the 1st vase R and head to the grated room in the end, there are 3 safe gratings (the ones with the steam). Use them to get into the L passage and R into the side room of this red place, push the button and roll, shoot the Ninja thatís sneaking up from behind, go for the MP, but duck when you do, now head E and into a new passage youíve opened. Get some Ammo R from the vase and then push a button in the back (opens S gate in 2nd room). Head back to the big Hall and then to 2nd room. L into the open gate and into the pool, swim through the tunnel to a cave and get a MP S of the pool, go NW and find the Ammo near a CS in the corner. Go in to get Secret #2, Crossbow and Ammo. Head out and straight to the pool with the Crocs, shoot the critters and swim into the NW tunnel, follow to a red corridor.

Ammo R and ladders in the back, leading up to the same place, so pick one and climb to the upper room, go over a walkway and run off to the R hand ledge, shoot the 2 Ninjas from here and go get the 2nd Golden Vraeus. Follow the passage that will lead you back to the 1st room. Go to the big hall and into that now open cage S to place both the Golden Vraeus. A fly by shows the pool inside the Amulet cage filling with water, the hole in front of the room youíre in leads to it. A Ninja will be hacking into you as you regain control, so shoot him and hop into the hole in front of the room.

Swim to the cage, get some Ammo on the bottom of the pool there and shoot the Crocs. Finally pick up the Amulet of Horus and head back out as the NW door in the 1st room is now open. Go in and slide to the next placeÖ.

Epilog- The End.

Hop to the ledge and get the Crossbow, pick up the [b]Ammo and climb down go along the road, picking up a number of Skeletons and the fun is to first collect them all and team them up so you can use one arrow if possible to get them all :0). Max. was 2 arrows.

Go to the end of the street and dive into the pool, swim to the end of this Series.