Not So Dark Jungle

Level by M Gardiner (Verios)

Walkthrough by akci

Installation: Unzip, copy english.dat, script.dat and strings.h to the TRLE main folder, copy Catacomb.tom to graphics/wads folder. (Make sure the rest of the Catacomb files are the originals.) Start tom2pc, add Catacomb.tom, then build all. Once done, start new game and choose Catacombs.

Review: Too bad this level hasn't been finished, it seems the author lost interest and left it as it is. There are untextured places, nowhere to use the few items we picked up, and there's not even an end trigger. It hasn't been bad though, the few existing tasks are quite okay, and the finished areas especially the lake with a tree in it look really good.


Turn right and go back along the green wall, where you hear the warning sound spiked balls roll down. Continue, don't fall into the covered pit in the middle behind the pool, although you can come back the long way around via the ladder. In front of the building turn right and go to the wall, behind the tree climb the ladder. Jump up the roof to the lever and push it, the door you see opening is behind the covered opening where the balls came down from. Jump in the water, and go there, drop down the pit and jump to through the opened door. You find the Uzi at the left, and flares at the right which is the secret. Come out and go over the bridge. Climb up the right side of the column in the back, jump to the lighter coloured platform at the opposite wall, and jump higher to pick up the Trident you have seen in the fly-by. Back to the ladder and climb higher up on the other ladder. At about the top jump, push the lever, get down and through the opened gate.

Crawl under the poisoned darts, in the lava room jump to the left to the lever, pull it to open the door on the other side. Go in there to reach another lava room, there's more than one solution here, this is the simpliest: jump to the column in front, from here to the lever on the left. Push it, then jump to the lowest platform in the middle, and immediately to the other side before the spiked ball falls down. Get the Grenade Gun from the column and the ammunition for it from next to the wall, and from there jump back to the entrance. Go back out, jump to the opened gate on the right, pick up the grenades and go in.

Blast the skeletons to pieces and pick up the Horseman's Gem. Go down the ramp and slide on its right side, from about halfway down jump with a right curve into the opening at the right. In the corner climb the ladder, you've reached the unfinished part, there's nothing to do here so turn left and from the top of the waterfall jump down into the lake.

Turn left and swim to the corner, don't climb the ladder as it leads back up, but jump into the opening on the right, inside you find the Gate Key. There's nothing in the lake, swim along the wall and climb the other ladder. Jump on the closest branch, you can jump around on them and... and that's all about it. Since there is no end trigger, when you've had enough sightseeing just exit the game.