Level by Verner [Miya] (January, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Slide down the slope and jump over the gap ahead of you. Slide at the end and run forward to avoid two spike balls behind you. Run South and shoot two ninjas and a scorpion. Pick up the laser sight and go West for a large medipack. Beware of darts shooting from the walls. There is a closed gate to the North-East and an upper area to the North-West. To the South is a closed door. Go to the South-West column and climb a ladder. Back flip at the top and go South and kill a ninja. Continue and enter a room and pick up flares. Notice a closed door with one brazier burning. Return to the ledge and jump over the North gap to the building roof. Jump to the North-East ledge for poison crossbow ammo. Then jump to the last ledge and stare down an incline. Slide down and ignore the obvious grab area for now. At the bottom, avoid the spike balls rolling behind you and get into the crawl space. On the other side start climbing the ladder. When the wall textures on the right side changes, back flip, roll, and grab an opening. Run to the end for secret #1 and the crossbow. Jump back to the ladder and climb to the top.

Go down the corridor picking up two poison crossbow ammo and revolver ammo. Shoot the vase and pick up Uzi clips. Kill a ninja behind you. Slide down the North slopes and reach a crawl space. To the left is a closed gate so go to the right to pick up flares. Go East and enter a crawl space behind the column. Follow the crawl space until you reach a T-junction. Ignore the right, as it is obviously dead end. Go left and continue to another T-junction. Go left, pass the two right openings, and two more lefts to pick up flares. Return and take the first left, keep going left and to pick up flares. On the return go left and find a switch to push. On the return trip go straight for flares. Go back and go left and at the next split go left and left. Follow to a loop where you get flares and Uzi's. Now go straight and at the T-junction, turn left. The tunnel to the right is where you entered this maze. Go straight and emerge into a cave to kill a ninja or you can shoot him from the safety of the crawl space.

To the left is a closed door so go forward and keep to the right of the block. To the left is the ledge you ignored when sliding down the slope. The edge has spikes. Continue to kill a ninja and enter another crawl space at the West wall. Enter a room to pick up an Eye Piece and get a flyby back to the room with the burning brazier and the door opening. Go back and climb the right side of the blocks in front. Slide to the bottom, into the crawl space, and climb that long ladder again. Go left and slide down the North slopes again. Get back into the crawl space and go to the left. The gate is now open and you emerge into a room with a switch surrounded by fire. Push the switch and leave the room. Go straight and kill two ninjas and a scorpion. Go into the other crawl space and at the first major junction go to the right back to the slopes. The door there is now open so climb up the steps. At the top a gate opens and you pull up into the room where you started. Go to the South-West corner and climb the ladder again and back flip to the ledge. Go down the corridor and kill a ninja to get to the open door next to the burning brazier.

It looks deadly but drop into the shaft and fall into a water filled room. First try to find the air hole again in the ceiling before you drown. There is a closed gate to the North. Search the floor for revolver ammo, two Uzi clips, large medipack, and two small medipacks and swim South into a tunnel. Pull up and kill a ninja. Follow this cave to a room to pick up an Eye Piece. Back to the water and swim to the North gate as it opens for you. Swim into the tunnel and pass a closed door for later. At the end pull up and go down another tunnel. At the end, climb a blue ice wall and slide back to the starting room. Run to the South wall and the door is open. Enter and combine the Eye Pieces and use the Eye of Horus to open the big door. Step inside the tunnel a little ways. Now go back to climb the ladder to the room with the burning brazier. Fall into the water and swim into the North gate. Pull up and the door is now open. Enter for secret #2 and avoid the mummy. Shoot the vases for the revolver and revolver ammo. Pick up two large medipacks and exit back to the long blue ice wall and slide. At the bottom kill four ninjas. Go back to the Eye of Horus door and run down the tunnel. Just follow the tunnels to an open area with a jeep. Go West and run into a tunnel. I never found the actual end trigger but I guess this is the end of the level, as you can go no further.