Temple of Jazimiya

Level by Paolo Tognazzi (Verner) (February, 2002)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Start by sliding down a slope. Jump the slopes on the west aside and work your way back to the north corner. Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of a circular stone rolling to one side.  Get down and approach the doors to the south and they open for you. Continue south and notice that the east passageway is closed by a door. Go to the west passageway but before you enter, hop the slopes at the south wall. You get secret #1 and a small medipack. Go into the west passage to a T-junction. To the north you can see a closed gate and a suspicious looking floor.  So go south to find the stone door opening. Avoid the steaming circles in the depression in the floor. Go west to enter an area with a pool. You get a flyby of the area Get into the water, avoid the crocodile, and swim on the north side until a door opens for you. Swim north to the end and then swim back outside. You can pull up in the north-west corner. Go east to find a trench and go north into the now open door. Pick up secret #2 and a large medipack. Get back into the water and swim north through the tunnel again. At the end swim west and enter a pool.

Swim to the bottom for a large medipack. Pull up to the north side. Go to the north-west corner. Use the floor lever and the door at the south ledge opens. Use the two ropes to get to south ledge. Follow the corridor to a T-junction. Go left and follow to a slope. When you hear music, turn and run into the side branch to avoid a rolling spike ball. There is similar spike ball if you go to the right side but that route just leads back to the pool with the crocodile. Go east and climb the ladder to the top. Then slide down to the east and turn north to get on a ledge above the pool. Drop and grab the ledge. Shimmy to the left and pull up. Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of a wall. Shimmy back to the right and pull up. Run west and pull up into a crawl space. At the end of the crawl space, drop down onto a platform with a floor lever. Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of a door opening. Dive into the water and swim east. Avoid the crocodile and swim into the tunnel on the right or south side. Swim to the end and pull up. Follow the tunnel to drop back into the pool. Swim to the north-east or where ever the crocodile is not, and pull up. Climb the wall at the north-east and enter the room with the steamy circles. Exit by the circular doorway go into the east tunnel. Then enter the east passageway that was closed before. The door is now open.

Enter and follow the tunnel to an open door in front of a spiked floor. Enter the door and just the follow the twisting tunnel to the end. Use a floor lever and get a cut scene of the suspicious floor with the spikes. Exit this tunnel and enter the west tunnel. At the T-junction go to the north. Get around the spikes and enter the open gate in the north wall. Go down the north tunnel slowly and a spike ball falls in front of you. Grab the edge of the hole and climb down into a room. Enter a tunnel to the west and follow the tunnel to the south-east corner. Pick up secret #3 and a large medipack. Return to the room and climb the wall to the top tunnel. Continue north and enter a room with slopes leading down to a hole in the middle of a deep pit. Slide down and fall into the water. Follow the underwater tunnel and pull up to an outside area. Watch out for the wild pig. In the pit below the floor lever, you can pick up a small medipack. Stand jump the slopes on the east side to get to the top south-east block. Face south, jump and grab the edge of the wall. Shimmy to the right until you are over to a place where you can drop and grab a lower crevice. Shimmy to the right and around the corner and drop onto the ledge with the floor lever. Use the floor lever and the door opens. There is also a big earthquake noise. Enter the door and you are back at the starting room. Go south and enter the east passageway. Go back to the pool area and see that a lot has changed. Get down and go west to climb the blocks onto the ledge at the west wall. Pick up the Golden Skull and the door opens. Enter the door and run north and the level ends.