Level By Volki

Walkthrough By Anya Marie McDonald

NOTE: I will not mention any of the pickup or secrets in this level unless the secret has a pick up (i.e., key or item needed) that is required to open a door or special item. The rest is up to the individual players of this level to discover on their own.

The level starts with Lara standing in a corner facing a pool, there are also four doors in this room. The doors on the north and south wall open from the other side, while the door on the east wall requires a star to open it, and the door on the west wall requires the pharaos knot to open it. In the southwest corner is a pole, so go and climb it and backflip onto the ledge. Now face the structure and jump/grab the crevice, then shimmy to the left, around the corner and drop to the ledge below. Next jump over to the ledge across from you and go to the right, then look back across to the structure, when you see a ledge with a floor lever jump over and use it.

Jump back across to the ledge along the wall, go left then jump/grab/pullup into the crawlspace on the structure. Next drop down to the room below and head through the passage to your left, follow the passage til it ends at a floor lever. Use the floor lever, watch the cut scene and head back to where you dropped down into this room, all the while avoiding a wraith which will be destroyed when you reach the statue in the room you entered before going down the passage.

Now head back down to the pool and go through the opening you saw in the cut scene. Once you are in the pool swim through the opening in the northeast corner of the pool and follow the underwater passage til you can surface and exit the water. You are now in a dimly lit room, there is a raised block, so climb it and jump/grab/pullup into the room above. In this dimly lit room go grab the pharaos knot in the southeast corner of the room. Once the pharaos knot is in your possession leave this room and go use the artifact to open the door on the west wall in the pool room.

After opening the door on the west wall, go through and turn right and get the lasersight from the shallow pit (which is also a secret). Once you have the lasersight head up the sloping passage while avoiding the spiked balls that will come rolling down to kill Lara. Now that you are safely past the spiked balls, go and pull up into the next room.

The first thing you need to do in this room is play the role of the pied piper and rid the room of some pesky beetles, by getting them to follow you back into the passage where you avoided the spiked balls (it may take one or two times to do this). After you have debugged the room head back there and start moving the columns around, but be careful because if the columns touch the beetle tiles then more beetles come and attack.

Okay, so start with the column to the right of the door and move it on to the off-textured tile next to the beetle tile. After all four columns are on the off-textured tiles next to the beetle tiles, watch the cut scene of a spiked ball rolling down the ramp in the back of the room. Now head back to the pool and through the opening in the southwest wall, swim in the underwater passage til you can surface and exit the water.

You are now in a room with a wooden floor, there is a rope hanging down from the ceiling over a wooden pit with spikes that pop up. This next series of maneuvers is tricky, but it can be done. Run/jump/grab the rope, then swing a couple of times then jump from the rope through the opening, then jump/slide/jump/grab the sloping block, then pullup/slide/jump/grab the rope, then turn so Lara is facing east (to her left), then swing a couple of times and jump/grab/climb the wall to the opening ( are safe now).

Now head down this little passage til you have to crawl. When you are able to stand jump up and grab the monkeyswing and follow it to its end, then drop. Next go to your fight and on the lower block is the crowbar, now use the monkeyswing again to head north, then west to get a star off the wall. Once you have the star, leave this area by dropping down to the floor of this room and heading back to the opening you began the monkeyswing at. Use the monkeyswing once more and head to the north, then the east to the opening high on the wall.

Once you have made it through the opening into the passage, go through the crawlspace and when you can stand use the button tile on the wall around the corner. Now go down the passage til the camera angle changes, then jump back quickly to avoid the spiked ball. After the spiked ball has rolled down the passage to the bottom, head down til you get to the spiketile, then jump and grab the monkeyswing and cross over the spiketile, then drop.

Time the next move or the spiked ball will kill Lara, then bolt out the door to the left and find yourself back in the pool room.

Go to your right and use the star to open the door on the east wall. Go through the door, turn right and run/jump through the opening to the ledge. Now jump to the next two ledges, then jump/grab the crevice and shimmy to the left around the corner and drop to the ledge below. Turn around and run/jump to the next ledge, then align Lara with the rope and run/jump/grab it, then swing/jump/grab the next rope.

Next turn so Lara is aligned with the ledge with the floor lever and go there. Use the floor lever, then align Lara with the next room run/jump/grab/swing to the next ledge. When you have made it to the ledge jump/grab/pullup into the crawlspace. Drop down into the next passage, turn left, deal with the mummies, notice the closed door. Now go through the crawlspace and use the floor lever to open the closed door, then head back and deal with the mummy.

Go through the now open door around the corner, then time your run through the next room to the sloping passage. Slid/jump to avoid the spike trap and continue on to the next room. Go through this room, turn right and go through the crawlspace and use the floor lever. Go back through the crawlspace and head west, turn left, deal with the mummy, turn left again and go to the open door. Now you have to stand on the pharao tile and turn right (west). There is an open door that is timed (there is only one way to go so I will not give directions on how to get to the timed door; it is tough, but makeable, good luck.) that you have to get to. When you make it to and through the door(sliding), turn right and use the floor lever, then go climb the ladder behind you into the next passage. Follow this passage til you are back out in the area you were perviously in.

Jump to the next block and use the ladder to climb down to the floor of this area, head north and look for a crawlspace. Go through the crawlspace, up the ladder and use the floor lever. Leave this area and back into the main room, then head over to the southeast corner and climb the blocks there to get to the open door. Go through the door back into the pool room, dive into the pool and go through the opening on the west wall of the pool. Swim through this underwater passage til the level ends.