Gateway to Menouthis
By Will Gell
Walkthrough downloaded from the author's site

After finding her way out of The Caves of Amun, Lara falls into an underground pool. From there she must find an exit to the coast, explore a small town and find her way to the Gateway leading to the lost sunken city of Menouthis.

Secrets 2

Pick ups 30

Puzzle Items 5

The level begins with Lara falling into water in an underground cavern. There is nothing here to do or pick up. Look to the right underwater for a hidden exit that leads out into a smaller area. Immediately to your left as you enter this area find and pick up the crowbar. Now swim up, surface and climb out.

Lara is now in a kind of shaft leading up. Stand up against the tall pillar facing it and back flip onto the sloping block behind you immediately jumping and grabbing the taller pillar. Jump and pull up to the next room. Face the far sloping block to the left at an angle and jump holding down the jump key. Lara will keep jumping until she lands on one of the flat blocks. Find the opening and jump and pull up to the next room. Climb the pillar and then jump and pull up to find the exit tunnel and a closed gate. Use the crowbar to open the gate and exit to the coast scene.

Time for another swim. There`s nothing on the little island or around it so just head to your left and through the big rock arch. You can take a look at the gate tower if you like. Swim up the channel in the corner opposite the gate tower and keep going until Lara comes to a shallow part at a corner with a building to your right and another closed gate. Watch out for two crocs here! Dive into the water again and swim to the far left corner and look for a tunnel below leading along. Swim down and along the tunnel to be immediately met by another croc. You can ignore it or swim past it or turn around and deal with it. Swim right along the tunnel and surface in an underground cavern with an island in the middle with a pillar and a gold star Lara uses the crowbar to remove. Again watch for crocs here. On the left as you face the entrance you can find the crossbow across the water. Exit through the tunnel but look up halfway along to find another tunnel. Time for Secret No. 1. Swim up and along and surface. Climb out and up to what looks like an area of ruins and excavations. You get an odd camera view here which is a little clue to the location of the torch item. Explore the area to find the rope suspended rock and a little fire. The torch is found in a corner located just from where the camera viewed from where you entered this area. Find the torch and then light it at the little fire. Burn the rope (stay out of the rock's way!) and the rock falls allowing Lara to climb up and into a little room to find Secret No. 1 some crossbow, shotgun and pistol ammo.

Exit back down the underwater tunnels to the water area with the building and the closed gate straight ahead. Climb out and open the gate with the crowbar and enter the building. Go left and up some stairs into hall with skylights and two gates. Open the first one and enter and pick up the crossbow and shotgun ammo. Open the gate in this room into a smaller room with a central block. Climb on the block and pick up the keys. You`ll get a shot of the Gate Tower which the keys will let you enter. Now go back out to the hall with the skylights and open the second gate and pick up more crossbow and shotgun ammo and the shotgun. Now head back down the stairs and enter the first room on your left. Pick up the two packs of shotgun ammo. Exit and then enter the next room on your left. Pick up the flares and small medi pack on the low blocks and then go straight on to the room ahead to be scared by the silly mummy! Exit back to the corridor and go left to the far end to the room with the two arches. Pick up the crossbow ammo, shotgun ammo and pistol ammo and the laser sight in this room and find the drop down into the water in the far left corner. Swim along and surface in a kind of courtyard area.

Explore the town. There are a couple of bits where you can climb up to places I didn`t mean Lara to be able to get too. But well….nobody`s perfect! Anyway first off leave the courtyard and head left then first right. Keep going on down the pathway until a wild pig comes at you! Kill it and then find the small med pack, crossbow ammo and shotgun ammo. Head back the way you came and look for a small grey building with four palm trees behind it. Look for a small building with stairs leading up and a barricaded doorway you can shoot open. Go in and pick up the large med pack and the crossbow ammo.

Head back past the grey building and look for another stairway leading up to "Todds caf". Now before we go in let`s get Secret No. 2 From the top of the steps face the low tiled roofed building that stretches the length of the wall behind the buildings. Take a run and jump and grab onto the edge of the roof and shimmy left. Keep shimmying all the way till Lara can go no further. Then pull up and immediately do a back flip to land behind a small out building and pick up the Revolver. Climb out over the building behind you and go back round to the café and up the stairs. Shoot the barricade and enter a deserted building. Find the hole leading down in the floor and climb down. Once down the atmosphere changes. All is now dark and spooky!

You should see the receptacle for the Gold Star you got earlier in the crocodile cave. Look around also for a torch. Place the star in the receptacle and the gate opens. Pick up the torch and light it at the fire then head down the open passage. Lara is now in a series of underground vaults. Go easy here. Start at the left vault. Enter and walk slowly down. On your right here there are some flares. There are pits with spikes so be very careful. This first vault has an opening on the right at it`s end. Go through but watch out here comes a skeleton! Blow him up with the crossbow and explosive ammo. Now go on and watch again for another pit. Ahead you should see a fire and also the crossbow if you haven`t already got it. Some shotgun ammo and another torch just in case you dropped yours in a pit. Pick up the goodies and head back keep to your left as you exit and you should find more crossbow ammo. Head back to the stairs. The second vault has nothing so don`t bother looking and neither does the third one. Go to the last one and walk carefully down. Stop when you come to the first pit. A skeleton stirs so deal with him. Straight ahead over the pit there are some flares. Jump back over the pits and look for an opening on the left of the L-shaped pit. Jump over and through this opening. Over a couple more pits there are more flares and on the far left a stair leading down. Head down the stair into a dark passage.

Save your game at this point. Ahead there is a slide. At the bottom of the slide there is a trapdoor over a pit of spikes. The trapdoor will only stay up for a couple of seconds so immediately jump off into the opening in front of you and slide again down to a set of two trapdoors over another pit of death. Again immediately jump from one to the other and down another slide. It`s a good idea to try to slide down the right hand side of the slide at this point as below there are two more trapdoors and a pit but this time the second trapdoor is off set to the right so you need to turn when you jump to it. By sliding down the right of the slide it makes this easier.

You should now be in a room with a fire in the centre, two gates, a torch (in case you lost your other one) and an alcove with a Jewel Key. Pick up the Jewel Key and the gates open. One leads up and out and another leads along to a dead end. A skeleton will surprise you along this passage so be ready. Follow the passage leading up and keep on until you come to a drop in the floor. This is just above where you first started the series of slides and trapdoors so don`t fall down or you need to go through them all again! Jump over instead and follow another passage leading down till you come to another room with a gate and a slope leading to another larger spiked pit. Save your game.

This pit has six trapdoors along the near and left sides. All timed to drop after a couple of seconds. This looks harder than it seems. Slide down and immediately do a left flip from the first trapdoor to the next one and the same again to the corner one then immediately jump from one to the other till you are on the other side of the pit with the flame and another torch (again in case you`ve lost yours) and a closed gate. Another passage lies straight ahead with more trapdoors. You know the drill now. Jump from one to the other quickly and get the second Jewel Key. Then head back to the large pit area and through the now open gate on your left. Head up the passage and watch for the skeleton. Blow him up and head on till you find your self back at the top of the slide above the large pit. Be careful you don`t slide down again!

Lara now has the two Jewel Keys she needs. Time to get out and back to the Gate Tower back in the bay. Head up the passage and drop down the hole and go right back into the vaults. Find your way back to the stair and up to the room below the derelict café. Drop the torch now and jump, grab and climb up back into the sunlight. Head back to the courtyard area and the water and swim back to the inside of the prison like building. Exit to the little lagoon and back out to the shore and swim out to the Gate Tower. Open the tower with the key you found in the prison and drop down into the water inside. Swim down and along and surface in a small room with a single exit. Follow this passage into a room with two fires, two closed gates, two key holes for the Jewel Keys and two skeletons that will appear as you enter! Blow them up!

Place the two Jewel Keys in the key holes and the two gates open. But wait! Not over yet! You gotta get that hanging boulder down. Go to the right hand fire and jump over it to the little space behind it and find a torch. Light it and burn the rope to drop the boulder remembering to stay out of the way! Climb up and into a passage and end the level.