Lost City of Menouthis
By Will Gell
Walkthrough downloaded from the author's site

Secrets: 3

Puzzle Items: 5

Pick ups: 21

The level begins with Lara falling into a small square room partially filled with water. There is a closed door ahead of her and an open exit behind. Climb into the open exit and walk carefully down the passage and stop at the end. Be careful. If Lara over steps here she will fall into the huge pit ahead. At the end of the passage the safest thing to do is to do a safety drop to the ledge below. Pick up the flares on the left and look over carefully into the big drop. There are no ledges, no other exits. If you look very carefully down into the darkness you can just make out a tiny square of water in the middle of the floor of the pit. Yep! It`s time to do a big long swallow dive! Stand at the edge of the ledge directly in front of the entrance. Make sure Lara is positioned centrally to the entrance. Do a swallow dive or take a single forward jump and Lara will plummet down and into the water below. While underwater notice the closed door and then surface and climb out. There are some broken columns and artifacts, etc. lying about. There are two tall blocks but only one is low enough to pull up on. Do so and shoot the vase on the other one revealing the Revolver. Jump over and pick it up. This action activates the door underwater to open so swim back down and through.

Swim through the open door and immediately swim up through a hole in the roof of the tunnel to surface in a small square room. Pick up the Revolver ammo and the small medi pack. Dive back in the water and swim on down the tunnel and take the second left opening and again look for an opening above leading up into another small square room to find the laser sight and more revolver ammo. Back in the water head back down the tunnel and take the left turning where the four tunnels meet and again look for an opening above, surface and find more revolver ammo. Back in the water continue down the tunnel and take the second opening on the left and again immediately look up to surface in another room with more revolver ammo and a lever switch.

Pulling the lever causes an earthquake and also the door, in the first room where Lara started the level, to open. Swim back out to the area under the deep pit where Lara dived down and you`ll find it is now full of water enabling her to swim back up and into the first room of the level where the door ahead is now open.

Lara is now in a small room with a flaming block in the middle and two tall blocks either side of the entrance with jars on top of each. There are closed doors left and right and one straight ahead. Combine the Revolver and laser sight and shoot each jar and the door to the right of the entrance will open revealing a dead end tunnel. Run down it anyway to the end and note the different floor texture at the end. This is a timed pressure pad for the doorway opposite this tunnel on the other side of the flaming block. So sprint back up the passage and right up to the flaming block which goes out as you approach it. But only for so long so beware! Quickly climb over the block and into the open passage ahead before the door shuts. Again at the end of this passage there is a timed pressure pad which will open the third door in the room with the block. Again sprint down but do not be tempted to cut the corner and through the open door. You won`t make it. Lara HAS to go over the flaming block as before so sprint right up to the block, which again goes out. Then climb on, turn left and jump off and through the open door. Phew!

Lara is now in a featureless room with an opening in the floor. Drop through onto a tall block above a pool of water in another small room. Dive into the water and find yourself in a large underwater cavern with some ruins. There isn`t anything here but the exit is a little hidden. Go to the far end and look between the two pillars. At the bottom between the two pillars there is a low crack like opening Lara can swim into. Swim straight through and immediately look for the opening on the left that leads to a small maze like area. Ignore the opening straight ahead, which is a dead end and the one to the right which leads to a closed door.

Enter the underwater maze. Don`t panic. This is simpler than it looks. Take the first right and follow the passage to find a small area you can surface and find Secret No. 1 Pick up the crossbow ammo and get back in the water. Follow the passage, take a right and another and keep going to exit into a large underwater area with ruins.

This is the main underwater area of the level. “The Lost City”. There are ruined structures either side of a line of ruined columns, etc. with a closed double door at the far end. You`ll probably be needing air so look to the right for a temple like structure and swim through between the pillars and surface inside. Ahead is a kind of shrine with a passage leading off to the left with a small statue thing on a little pole. To the right is a closed door. On either side of the water you can find some shotgun ammo and the shotgun itself. Time to explore! Dive back into the water and out and go left. Enter the first ruin and look carefully. There are no exits but there is a blue gem or “Jewel Key”. Pick this up. Exit the ruin and swim to the opposite side and look for an opening with two face textures either side. Make a mental note of those faces!! Swim through the opening and look down and to the left for another opening that will lead along and then up. Surface in a long hallway with a raised central platform with two pillars on top. Look around carefully but don`t do anything yet. It`s a good idea to explore the whole of the main underwater area fully first. So head back out and then swim further down the main area till you near the double doors. Look to your left for a small opening in the walls which leads to a closed door. Don`t waste time in there but remember the door. Exit and look for a similar opening to the right of the double doors. Again leading to a closed door. Between this opening and the Temple like structure there is yet another opening leading from the main area along and then up surfacing in another long hallway with columns and vases. Don`t do anything here yet. Just remember it.

Now exit and head back across the main underwater area to the opening with the two faces. Again make a note of them! Swim through, along and up the hallway with the two pillars on the central platform and a closed door at the far end. When you surface turn around and find the large square pushable wall switch. Press it. This opens the small door in the Temple containing the Crossbow. Don`t go for it yet! In this hallway there are shootable vases. Three contain goodies and one contains a nasty and very deadly Wraith!! The small one to the left of the wall switch contains the Wraith the other some shotgun ammo. Once set free the Wraith will attack Lara persistantly. If you have played Tomb Raider 4 you will know how to deal with these little pests. Look for a little statue thing on a pole. There was one in the Temple remember? So when you release the Wraith head straight out and across to the Temple and run down the passage and crouch down next to the little statue. The Wraith will follow Lara and attack her. Keep crouched next to the statue and when the Wraith eventually hits the statue it explodes!! Now that he is out of the way you can head back to the long hallway from where you just came and solve the puzzle in peace.

Once back in the hallway climb up onto the central block. Don`t worry about the funny camera angle. It actually helps you. Both the pillars are pushable objects. If you look you`ll see face like textures on the ceiling and on the sides of the central block. What you need to do is to move each pillar till it is on and under each of the two faces that you saw either side of the entrance from the main area. Once each pillar is in the correct position the door at the end of the hall will open. Either side of the door there is a vase that you can shoot to reveal a big medi pack and some explosive crossbow ammo. Head down the now open passage.

Lara should now be overlooking a large room with water in the bottom and two ropes. Away on the far side you`ll can spot an exit. You have to swing from one rope to the other and then to the exit. If you have trouble with, this keep at it. Make sure Lara is lowered right to the very bottom of the first rope. Make sure you swing as high as you can and jump from the very top of the swing. Align Lara so her feet are either side of the second rope. It`s an idea to save while on the first rope. Just remember to hold down ctrl when reloading!! Once over follow the passage round and into a big room with lots of columns and a nasty looking arrangement of flames at the far end.

If you look carefully you`ll see that the flames surround a central pillar on top of which lies the Pharos Pillar. You have to get to this somehow. Don`t go too near the flames. The surrounding area is a fire trap. Notice the row of blocks leading up the flames. Go right back to the beginning of these and notice the first one is textured differently. Stand on it and notice that the central flame ahead has gone out. But only for so long. Yup! It`s a timed run. And a nasty one at that! Leave it for now and explore a bit more. Between the columns either side there are vases and jars. Some are shootable One contains some shotgun ammo and another a small medi pack. In the far corner to the left of the flames you see some vases and note the blue glow. Shoot the vases to reveal the second Jewel Key. Pick it up and now return to the first block for the timed flame.

This might take a few goes so save your game on the first block which is the pressure pad. Run and jump to each block. Once onto the block surrounding the Pharos Pillar immediately do a standing jump and grab to the central pillar and pull up. Pick up the Pharos Pillar and you should get a shot of a door opening. This is the door you saw earlier accessed from the far righthand opening in the main underwater area. Also picking up the Pharos Pillar will trigger a couple of skeletons to enter the room but that isn`t your problem right now. Your problem is how to get off the pillar which is now surrounded by flames again! Look carefully to the walls to your left and right. There are small openings each containing small white jars that can be shot using the revolver and laser sight. The one to your left as you face down the room will put out the middle flame again. The one to your right will release another Wraith!! If you release him you have to make your way as quickly as possible back to the Temple to the little statue again to destroy him. You also have those two skeletons to deal with. If you realeased the Wraith then jump off the pillar and back down the blocks and get out of there as quickly as possible ignoring the skeletons. Don`t bother with the ropes just jump into the water below and swim over and then climb out up the ladder leading up to the entrance. If you didn`t release the Wraith then jump over onto the blocks and from there you can have some fun as the skeletons can`t get you. You can either blow them up with the explosive crossbow ammo or pick them off by shooting their heads off with the laser sight and revolver. Bear in mind you will need this later so don`t waste the revolver ammo.

Exit the room and head back to the main underwater area. Ignore the ropes on the way back as described above. From the main underwater area you now have a choice to either enter the now open door to the right of the two main and still closed doors or to enter the opening to the left of the temple leading to the other long hallway with the vases. Head to the far right opening and through the newly opened door for now to have a look. Surfacing in this room you will find yourself in a large room with three large recesses either side of a central pit. You can climb in and out of this pit but there isn`t anything to do there yet. Note the two openings that you cannot access. In each of the three areas leading off there is a large face fountain. By each you can find a receptacle for each Jewel Key. But at the moment you only have two. From each fountain a shallow channel leads to the central pit. It doesn`t take a genius to work out what should happen here but you have to get that third Jewel Key. So exit this area and back into the main underwater area and head for the opening to the left of the Temple leading along and up to the hallway with the vases you visited earlier.

When you surface in this room look behind you. There are two vases to shoot containing some shotgun ammo and some crossbow ammo. Half way up the hall there are vases either side that can be shot. Shoot them both and the door ahead will open. The next two vases either side can also be shot but will trigger a skeleton to appear and stand guard at the open door. Blow him away with the crossbow and explosive bolts. Go through the open door and if you didn`t trigger the skeleton to appear before he will appear now and chase you. So look out behind and blow him away. Lara is now in a small network of passages. If you take a right you stumble on a mummy. Like the skeletons you can blow him up with the explosive crossbow bolts. From here follow the passage back and to the right and right again and look for a ladder. It`s pretty dark so use flares. Climb up to find a lever switch. Pulling this switch opens a door leading from the network of passages into the nine doors with switches puzzle we`ll come to shortly. Drop back down the ladder and head back out along the passage and turn right and then take the left opening and then left again. Look up to your right and you should see a crawl space. Climb up and into this to find Secret No.2 Pick up the big medi pack and the shotgun ammo. Climb back out and follow the passage keeping to the left until you come to a crossroads with a dead end ahead. Go right here and follow the passage to another dead end and a skeleton appears. Blow him up! Turn around and head back to the crossroads and go straight on and continue till you go through the doorway that opened when you pulled the lever and into the nine doors with switches puzzle. Save the game.

This puzzle is not as bad as it seems at first. I`m not going to explain it in great detail as simply random pulling of the levers and running from room to room will get you out. There are nine rooms each with doors and a lever switch. Each lever switch will open different doors but some levers will close doors you have just opened and vice versa. The rooms are laid out in a square pattern and the exit room is the far top right one with a face texture in the middle of the floor. All I will say is the two important switches are the one in the middle room and the one in the far top left. Also some of the rooms have skeletons so be wary. Other than that, good luck!!

Once you finally get through this puzzle Lara is now at the entrance of a large room with ledges, blocks and a nasty looking drop at the bottom. Look at the far wall to see a ledge with a push switch with an exit above. At the bottom right you`ll see another exit. From the ledge Lara is on Lara cannot reach the ledge straight ahead which will let her reach the final exit of this room currently barred by a closed door even if she could reach it. What Lara has to do in this room is to open the door but also make it reachable. Here`s how. Jump to the ledge on her left and walk to the end. Jump and drop to the lowest of the three blocks below the ledge. Align Lara in the middle of this square and walk to the edge and look over. Below is a series of blocks. Do a running jump down to the tall sloping block below. Lara will slide on landing so be ready to jump to the smaller block in front of this one that slopes to the left. Again Lara will slide so jump to the next block sloping downwards towards the pit and then jump to the level block ahead. From this block Lara can jump to the next two blocks on the same side of the pit and so reach the bottom exit. Go through this exit and enter a small room with a pushable switch. When you push this switch several things happen. Flames will appear either side of Lara and quickly roll towards her so get out of the way quick. Scarab Beetles will pour out of the walls just inside the room and chase Lara. Also far above where Lara first entered the big room a small ledge comes out of the wall which will let her reach the exit door. Exit the small room quickly to escape the flames and beetles and jump to the first block ahead and then to the block on your right. Some beetles may still be at Lara`s heels so quickly do a jump and grab over the pit to the lowest of the three blocks there and then climb up onto the taller one against the wall. You`re safe now.

Look above you and jump, grab and pull up onto the ledge above. Then jump over to the ledge leading into the alcove, which contains another push switch which will open the door above. Head back down to the block below and then jump to the block between you and the ladder ahead. From this block do a running jump and grab onto the ladder and climb up. Climb over the three blocks and onto the ledge and then jump over onto the first ledge by the entrance. You can now see the new ledge that has appeared allowing Lara to reach the exit door by doing jump and grabs from ledge to ledge and finally out through the door.

Lara is now in a hallway with two circular pattern floor textures. Step on each to open the door ahead. As you approach the door look for shootable vases either side. The right one contains some shotgun ammo and the left one Jewel Key No. 3. Pick them up and exit to the next room.

This next room contains the Pharos Knot. But it`s tricky to get! Watch out for mummies appearing slowly from either side as you enter this room. Blow them up. Check out the large structure in the middle of the room. Stand on the low block and look carefully through the flame blocking the entranceway. You should see alcoves with jars in each and a doorway in the middle. Use the Revolver with the laser sight to shoot the jars and the door in the middle will open and the flame will go out. Inside you`ll see a tall block standing in a pool of water. Jump onto this block and then into the open passage ahead. At the end of the passage there is nothing but a Wraith busting statue thing. Remember it!

Head back out into the main room and look either side of the entrance. There is a ladder either side you can climb up to the upper level. Up here again there is a flame blocking your way and beyond it inside the structure there lies the Pharos Knot. How do you put out the flame? Like the puzzle to get the Pharos Pillar it is timed. The trigger point is that block standing in the water in the room below. From the upper level you can drop down if you are careful into the lower level and onto the trigger block. Once on the block save your game. Turn and face the entrance. You have about 32 seconds to get from this block, up one of the ladders, across the bridge and through the upper entrance before the flame turns back on. From the block do a standing jump and run quickly to the lefthand ladder and climb up. Run and jump across onto the bridge cutting the corner and then jump over and through the entrance with the extinguished flame. Save your game! Go and pick up the Pharos Knot lying ahead. This opens the door to the left of the closed doors in the main underwater area. When you pick up the Knot a Wraith is released so watch out and get down to the statue thing in the passage in the lower level you opened earlier quickly. Crouch down by the statue and the Wraith will explode on contact as before.

Now you have everything you need to complete the level. Exit the passage and drop down in front of the block in the water and find the push switch. In the water there is an underwater passage. Push the switch and it will open a doorway blocking the long underwater passage that leads back to the area just before the little maze leading to the main underwater area. Remember that closed door?

Swim all the way back to the main underwater area. Swim into and surface in the Temple to get air. Swim down towards the two large closed doors. To the left and right there are the openings you need to swim through to place the Knot and The Pillar. The Knot is placed in the left and the Pillar on the right. Let`s take the right one first but it doesn`t matter.

Swim through the open door and surface in the large series of rooms with the three face fountains and the central pit you visited earlier. This time though you have all the Jewel Keys. Place each one in turn into the receptacles and water will flow from each filling the central pit with water. Dive in and Lara can now access the two passages halfway up the pit. One is a dead end and the other leads to a tomb like room. In this room climb up to the receptacle for the Pharos Pillar and place it. You get a shot of the double doors in the main underwater area but they don`t open until you have placed both the Pillar and the Knot. Lara cannot exit the way she came so turn around facing the pool and spot the doorway to your right and the push switch to your left. Push the switch that then opens the door and exit to the room with the fountains again. Then exit this room back to the main underwater area and across to the opening to the left of the double doors. Swim through and surface in a room with face textured platforms and a closed door.

Step on each platform to open the door and walk through. Lara is now in a large deep room with a central walkway with a gap in the middle. Doorways can be seen in the walls left and right and ahead there is a closed door. Looking up you`ll see that there appears to be a monkey swing but Lara cannot reach it. Yet! Do a running jump and grab over the gap to the far side of the walkway. Look to your left and notice the long dark line running along the wall to the opening. This is actually a ledge that Lara can grab. Jump and grab to this ledge and shimmy along and climb up into the opening. Enter a small square room with low blocks in each corner and a switch in the middle. Pull the switch, which will open the door back on the main walkway exiting the main large room. But Lara can`t get back to the walkway!! Light a flare and look up. There is a dark opening hidden in one corner of ceiling of this small room leading to a dark passage. Climb up into the passage and walk along. Look carefully up as about halfway along there is another opening in the roof of the passage. Find it and climb up into a small space to find Secret No. 3 Pick up the shotgun ammo and the big medi pack. Drop back down to the passage and continue to the end and then drop down into another small square room. This is the room on the opposite side of the walkway. From the rear wall of this room jump up and grab the monkey swing. Monkey swing out of the room and right out and over to the walkway turning right at the junction. Drop to the walkway in front of the open door.
Walk through.

Lara is now in the final puzzle room of the level. There is a structure ahead which has the receptacle for the Pharos Knot. Either side of you, there are blocks leading up like stairs and between them is a single tall inaccessible flaming block. Deep pits cross the floor in front of you. At the bottom of each stairway there is a trigger that will put out the flame on the tall block for a little while. But you cannot jump from the top of the stairs on the block yet! Jump over the pits. Watch out! Skeletons!!! Blow them up! Get rid of any skeletons that appear and then look to the back of the stairways. The one to the right (facing the entrance) has a push switch. Push it and blocks come out from the walls at the top of each stair. This gives Lara the little extra height she needs to jump onto the tall block. So jump back over the pits and to the bottom of either one of the stairs. This will put out the flame so quickly make your way up the stairs and onto the top block. Turn and do a running jump onto the tall block and then turn and do a running jump onto the ornate structure housing the Pharos Knot receptacle. Place the Knot. You should now get a shot of the double doors in the main underwater area opening. Jump down and exit making your way back to the main underwater area and through the now open double doors.

Surface. Straight ahead there is a dead end. If you surface to the right there are a couple of mummies to deal with and another dead end. Surface to the left and there are a couple of skeletons to destroy (or ignore) and then a stairway in the dark.
Head up this stairway and end the level.