Temple of Sobek
By Will Gell
Walkthrough downloaded from the author's site

Secrets 3

Pick ups 20

Puzzle items 4

The level begins with a door opening in a dim hallway revealing Lara. Walk forward. There is a vase to her right. Shoot it and pick up the flares. Walk forward again until the camera view returns to normal. There is another vase and a doorway. Shoot the vase and the door opens.

Enter the next room which is a large spooky cellar-like room. There are three exiting tunnels either side and at the far end there are three alcoves with vases in each. On walking down the entrance steps Lara will look to her left at the first of these openings. Walk down the room being careful not to touch those flames. If you explore all of the exits they are all dead ends. The last one on the left has a closed door as do the last two on the right side. Head down to the alcoves with the vases. Climb up into the leftmost alcove and shoot the vase to reveal a reach in the wall type switch. Operate it and a fly by camera sequence kicks in over an earthquake to reveal wall collapse in the first exit on your left as you entered the room. The one Lara looked at when she walked down the stairs. If you head back to this opening your way is still blocked by a closed door.

Jump back down into the main hall and up into the two remaining alcoves. Shoot the vases and operate the switches. Each of these opens a door in the last openings on the left and right of the main hall as Lara originally walked down. The left one also lets out two crocs so beware. Kill the crocs and enter the now open door to find Secret No. 1 Pick up the goodies and head back out and across to the other open door in the opposite opening. The door will close behind you. Half way down this small passage there is a push switch. Push it and a small earthquake begins and the exit door opens. Exit back out to the main hall and note that the centre area has collapsed revealing a pit with another push switch. Pushing this switch opens the closed door behind the collapsed wall in the first opening. Climb out and head for the collapsed wall. Watch out for some black Scorpions that will now be crawling about.

Head up the stairway. About half way up a croc will appear behind you. It`s best to keep going up the stair till you come to the long straight passage and then turn and wait for him to appear at the top of the stairs. You`ll hear him coming. Kill him by shooting while back flipping along the passage. Once he`s dealt with enter the next room. This room has four flames and four statues looking toward a recess with a closed door.

Approaching any of the flames will put them out. Jump over any one to the base of the statues. The flame will re-ignite. In front of each statue there is a trigger for the door and for the flame in front of that particular statue. The triggers are timed so you only have so long to get from the front of the statue, over the flame, up into the recess and through the door before it closes. Only one statue has a trigger in front of it that will give you enough time. Trial and error will tell you but look again at the statues. There is an odd one out. That`s the one to go for!

Once through the door Shoot the vase to pick up the med pack and then jump in the water. Swim down to the underwater door. Position Lara so she is right in front of the door and then press action to open. Swim through and then up. Watch out for the crocodile. Surface in a long hallway with recesses. There are two statues at one end and a closed gate at the other. In between there are some scorpions to watch out for. This gate is timed. Standing between the two statues will open the door. Sprint and get through easily into a large room with a pool. Look behind you as there should be some scorpions coming from the hallway if you didn`t get them earlier.

Jump in the pool and note the three doors. The ones to the left and right can be opened but the third at the near end of the pool cannot yet. Open the right door and swim through to surface in hall with three pedestals. At the far end is a push switch on the wall which is hard to see. Push this and turn around to see flames lit on the pedestals and an opening has appeared in the floor. Drop down this hole to push another switch which opens the middle door in the pool. Climb out of the hole but be careful as you do. You must keep to one side of the ladder or Lara will burn as she climbs out at the top. Exit back in to the water and back to the pool. Swim into the now open middle door and pick up the Golden Alveus. Surface for air and then swim to and open the right door. Swim along and surface in a small room with a block behind you and and an opening in the wall opposite. Stand on the block and jump and grab the opening. Crawl along and enter another small room with a ledge above and a sloping block. In the corner there is a ladder. Climb the ladder to very near the top and back flip onto the sloping block then immediately jump and grab the ledge and pull up. (If Lara fails to back flip from the ladder, then you are using the original wad files from the editor. You need to download and install the revised wads from Eidos at: ftp://ftp.eidos.com/pub/othermedia/tomb_raider_5/revised_wads0110.zip to correct this. On the ledge place the Golden Alveus and you should get a shot of the doors opening in the main hall with the pool.

Head back to the main hall and enter the newly opened doors into a large room filled with shallow water and with pillars. Straight ahead there is a platform with a push switch on the wall. There are crocs in this room that will appear as you approach this platform and some will appear only after you push the switch. But it is possible to run in and out of the room and push the switch without too much trouble. However, on the right hand side of the room behind the pillars there is an opening high in the wall in the dark containing Secret No. 2.

Pushing the switch lowers the cages in the main room allowing access to a ladder on one side to the upper level. Look around on this level and you`ll see some vases in each corner, two statues at the far end, an opening at the other and two cages blocking your access to this opening. Make your way round to the opposite side where there is a vase. Shoot it and see the push switch. This will drop the cages allowing access to the opening leading up to a closed gate. This gate is timed from the pressure pad between the two statues. Go back and shoot all the vases and pick up the goods then head to the space between the two statues. You should get a shot of the gates opening to the next area. This isn`t a hard timed run. All you need to do is cut the corners a bit and you`ll make it no bother.

Once through you are now in the main temple area. There is a long narrow pit in the middle of the room and statues either side with pipes leading down. The far end end has a tall pillar. The statues each have a space where Canopic Jars can be placed. You need to get these jars to exit the temple. In the pit there is an opening. If you climb down you`ll find you cannot get to it. You will later. Either side of the pit there is an opening. From the entrance take the left one for now and find Lara looking out along a large cavernous room with tall blocks running down the centre.

These blocks are a bit of a red herring. You can see the Canopic Jar placed on a pedestal on the far end of the room but the blocks are not the route to them. However, they are the route to secret no. 3. From the entrance drop down to the ledge below and then do a running jump over to the first block. Look to your right and you should see stepped blocks in the slope below the far wall. You need to do a running jump at an angle then climb up onto these blocks. Walk up to the wall and then jump up and grab onto it. The wall here is climbable. Climb about half way up then shimmy left. Keep going until Lara can go no further and then drop down into a small space in front of an opening. Enter this opening to collect Secret No 3.

Head back out and simply slide down to the floor of the large area and then head back and climb up to the entrance. Again face down the room and then look carefully to the left. Just in front of the wall there is a flat area Lara can jump to. From here she can make here way along the top of the slope on the left of the room until she comes to a climbable part of the wall. Jump up, grab and shimmy around. You should get a far camera shot of Lara climbing round the wall at this point. Drop down when she can go no further and head on along and up the slope to find a pit and an opening in the wall. This leads to a passage leading around and up to an exit above the Canopic Jar. Be careful not to drop out of this exit as you may fall back down to the floor and you will need to go back to the entrance again. So do a safety drop down to the Canopic Jar and pick it up. Doing so releases some scorpions on the floor below so watch out. Drop down, shoot the scorpions and head back out to the main temple area.

Head through to the other passage leading from the temple area and come to a bridge spanning a deep dark chasm. Go over the bridge and see the second Canopic Jar on a block ahead of you. Go and pick it up. That was easy wasn’t it? Uh oh…..An earthquake then destroys the bridge and your seemingly easy exit. Darn it! For some weird technical reason that I couldn`t resolve Lara will not fall over into the chasm where the bridge was. But neither can she cross it. Look to the right of where the Jar was and make your way over to the far right edge of the chasm. Below you should see a section of climbable wall leading down into the dark. Climb down till Lara is on her feet again. Light a flare. Look down and slightly to your left to see a flat area right on the edge. Carefully ump forward down onto this area. Then jump up and to your right to another flat area and then down again. Keep lighting flares to see what`s what. Lara should now be on the edge of the chasm on the other side of the bridge but well below the surface. Another climbable wall leads down from this point so drop over and climb down to a ledge below. Now Lara must do a running jump over to the other side of the chasm. It`s dark so keep a flare lit. Once over climb up the climbable wall and then climb up another block and up a long section of climbable wall leading to the surface and the other side of the chasm from the Jar. Head back out to the main temple area.

Place both Canopic Jars in the recepticles behind both statues. Water will flow filling the pit and you will now be able to enter the opening in the pit you couldn`t reach before. Jump in and swim into this opening and surface in a small room with a switch. Push it and a fly by camera sequence kicks in to show the long tall pillar in the temple lowering and fires lighting. Exit the room and swim back out to the temple.

Behind where the tall pillar was you should now see the exit but it`s blocked by fire in front and to the sides. How do you get past? Go back to between the two statues at the other end of the pit. There is a pressure pad there. It`s a different tiled floor pattern than elsewhere. Standing on this extinguishes the flame in front of the exit. But only for so long. From the pad jump at angle to one side of the pit and run along the side until just before the flames. Take a running jump into the shallow water in front of the exit and then jump over the extinguished fire. Then do a pull up into the exit tunnel. Timed right it`s pretty easy.

Now run up and the door to the outside will open on approach to a burst of daylight and music. Watch out though there`s Ninja`s about! In this first outdoor area is a Ninja to deal with although you can simply run past him if you wish. There is an opening to the far left that leads to a tunnel leading down to a second outdoor area. Here there are another two Ninja`s so if you didn`t deal with the other one you`ll have three! Ahead of you there is a hole on the ground with along dark tunnel. As you go down this tunnel another Ninja appears from the darkness ahead of you. This is the important one. You must kill this Ninja as he holds the key to the final door of the level. Where he falls you should find this key. Climb out of the tunnel to a large area with pillars and an Obelisk. Another Ninja is creeping about so be vigilant. There are some pick ups among the ruins. There is a double gate where the obelisk is and the keyhole is to the left side. Place the key, head through the gate, down the corridor and slide down into the darkness to end the level.