The Trench

By Will Gell
Walkthrough previously downloaded from author's site

The Trench walkthrough.

This level is my first effort using the Tomb Raider Level Editor. It is fairly short and relatively simple. It is not without a few texture errors and other little anomalies but is simply meant as an introduction to the next level.

A large trench has been dug by archaeologists looking for a secret lost tomb that has been thought to exist in the area. They have found tunnels and doors but have been scared off by some supernatural goings on within them. Only one person is capable of dealing with this. Lara Croft.

Object: Open the main large door in the middle of the trench.

Secrets: 2. Pick ups: 32 Puzzle items: 1

Level begins with Lara at the end of the trench. There`s nothing to do here. Walk on to the blocks blocking your way and go around them. A camera shot from above looks down on Lara as she goes past. On your left you will find a large door in an opening. This is your objective. You have to get this door open. Climb up and over the next set of blocks and find the first pick up to your left. Flares. Walk on and you`ll find an opening to your right. Looks a bit dark and spooky. You can go on in if you want but let`s explore the trench area a bit more first.

Go back to the blocky part you just climbed over and jump up onto the upper part of the trench on the same side as the opening. Head in the direction of that dark opening and you`ll see there is a lower ledge you can drop down to. Go to the end of this ledge and onto the last protruding ledge. The camera view will switch to looking at Lara from ahead. Walk to the edge of the ledge facing the opposite side of the trench and take a single jump back. Then take a running jump and grab over the trench to the other side and you`ll find secret number 1. Pick up the shotgun ammo and do a similar running jump and grab back over to the other side of the trench again. Get back up onto the higher ledge and head in the opposite direction.

You should come to two pits. The first on your left is small and deep. If you go down you`ll see a gate and what appears to be some kind of keyhole. The second larger pit seems to only have some more flares. Jump or climb down into the pit and pick up the flares. Watch out though. When you go to pick up the second set of flares two scorpions appear that need to be dealt with. Shoot the scorpions and watch for the shotgun ammo that appears when one of the scorpions is killed. (An error that I left in)

Nothing else to do now but climb out of the pit and head back down to the scary dark tunnel at the opposite end of the trench. Head into the tunnel and light a flare as it`s very dark. Follow the tunnel until you come to a T junction. Go right. Follow the tunnel till you come to a single room. Go down onto the block below in this room and down onto the floor. Eeek! A Mummy!!! Don`t panic! He`s trapped behind that gate. Light a flare and look around on the floor. There are a few pick ups. One of these pick ups will release the mummy so watch out. As soon as he`s out climb up onto the block and go back along the tunnel. Follow this tunnel past the opening where you entered and on to the larger room that is lit by torches on the walls. Note there are a series of blocks leading to an opening high on the wall to the left. Look closely at the floor in the middle of this room and spot the large medi pack and crossbow ammo. Drop down onto the floor to get them but as soon as you step off the flagstones at the edges of the room five scorpions will attack. See them off by jumping up onto the low block at the bottom of the first block at the entrance and shooting them from there or simply do a bit of running and jumping and shooting until they`re gone. Get the pick ups and also the ammo on the low step at the far end of the room. Jump up onto the lowest of the series of blocks and jump and grab your way up onto the highest one and enter the opening.

This is the first "point of no return" in the level. Once you slide down into this room you can`t go back. You have to go on to get back outside. At the bottom of the slide you`ll find yourself in a small dark room with a gate. Turn around and go to the left of the ramp. Light a flare and find the shotgun. Now go to the other side of the ramp and step on the raised goldish step. This is the trigger for the gate but it is timed. While on the step face the gate and sprint. You need to turn a little and Lara should get through. Once through the gate go down the ramp to a dark crawl space.

Crawl through and stand up. You are now in a small room with three other exits. In the middle note the grate. Do not stand on this. Lara will burn to death! Take the left tunnel and walk carefully down and light a flare. Find the shotgun ammo but that drop is simply that. A death drop! Go back and go left. There seems to be a pit with a ramp on the other side. Jump over this pit. Do not land in it or Lara gets spiked. Go up the ramp and find secret number 2 Crossbow ammo, Uzi ammo and a small medi pack. Go back down and again jump over the pit. Go left into the next exit and into a long hallway with stairs leading up.

At the top of these stairs you`ll find "The Hand of Orion" on the pedestal. Pick it up. If you were quick you may have noticed the gate ahead was open but has shut again. How do you open it?

Again it is timed. You need to back to the entrance of the hall and get back up and over the pedestal as quickly as possible to get through the open gate. There are two ways. From the depressed area at the entrance run and jump your way up and over the pedestal. Or you can sprint up and then jump over but this needs to be timed carefully. Running and jumping is easier. Once through the gate then enter the next room.

What`s that scary noise? Yup it`s a mummy and he`s loose and coming to get ya! Fortunately he`s also very slow so quickly find and pick up the two crossbow ammo items and get up on the low block and face the rope. Jump out and grab the rope. Swing to the left hand pillar and jump onto it to get the small medi pack then do a running jump and grab to the next pillar and climb up into the crawl space. You are now in a kind of small maze with little dropped areas. These contain either pick ups or scorpions so watch it. There are four pick ups. 2 sets of crossbow ammo, pistol ammo and a big medi pack. The exit is another crawl space leading out to a huge and very high room with an exit beyond a little bridge.

From the entrance drop down to the ledge and you`ll see two other ledges below. One almost immediately below and another lower sort of "L" shaped one beyond and below that. Below these there is a pool of water. Jump down onto the first ledge and pick up the small medi pack. Take a running jump onto the next ledge and pick up another small medi pack. If you look below on the poolside you`ll see some Uzi ammo on the ledge below. Drop down and get it then take a plunge into the water. At the bottom of the pool there are three sets of Uzi ammo. Find them and notice the closed gate underwater. You guessed it. It`s another timed gate! Surface and swim to the ledge above the gate and climb out. Notice the climbable ladder in the corner. Climb up and about half way up do a backflip onto the ledge behind you. This is the trigger for the gate and you should get a camera shot of the gate opening. The gate closes very quickly once you step off the trigger. To get through do the following. While standing on the gate trigger face the ladder if you aren`t already. Jump down by simply pressing forward then immediately do a side flip into the water. Dive down and through the gate. Easy!

Swim along and up and surface. Climb out onto the dark ledge. Light a flare and climb the ladder. You`ll need to a little shimmy left and then up again before shimmying left again and off the ladder. Walk out onto the bridge and jump to the exit. Climb out and Lara finds herself back where she began in the trench. Watch out though there`s a couple of nasty enemies that ambush Lara at this point. Shoot them! Once you have dealt with them make your way to the blocks past the big door and jump and grab the ledge as before. Head to the small pit with the gate and the keyhole. Climb down and put the Hand of Orion into the keyhole. The gate opens so enter and walk up to the drop.

Here you`ll see two other gates. One in front and one to your right. That`s right. Another timed gate!

Climb down the ladder into the pit and at the bottom turn around. Climb up and over the block into a samll ornate room and spot the trigger point! Stand on the gold step and turn around. Sprint to the block, climb up and immediately do a running jump and grab onto the ladder. Climb up and run through the open gate.

Lara is now in a very ornate room with two big statues and a tall pillar in the middle. The central area of this room around this pillar leads nowhere so go past the statues and around the wall to the back. There is a low block here so climb up and up again and find the pole. Climb up the pole and back flip into the small room. This room is a ledge above the pillar. Drop down and hang and position Lara so she is above the raised part below. Drop down and find the switch. Throw the switch and you should get a camera shot of the big door in the trench opening. So Lara has opened the door but how does she get out? Climb back up to the area at the top of the pole and find the crawl space. Crawl through and climb down the ladder. The next gate simply opens as Lara approaches. Jump over the pit and climb out back into the trench and head for the door. Go through and another door opens as Lara approaches. Keep going and end the level.