Level by Yasin

Walkthroughs (both of them) by DJ Full

NOTE: It is one of the most original levels ever made. The author has invented a new kind of levelbuilding concept for this project, so I have no other choice than to invent a new kind of walkthru as well. However, I know some people prefer to read "normal" walkthrus, so I put such version below the official one. Thanks to this you can skip the whole first part of the text if you like to, and follow the instruction included in PART 2 the usual way.


epic novel by DJ Full
based on the level by Yasin

This day DJ Full woke up quite early, without any sign of power of will to do anything, and, honestly, with a feeling of being quite afraid of anything else than writing a walkthru for some underrated level. For several minutes he wondered what level should be chosen now from the infinite chain of the indescribed... Will it be indescribable indeed? He raised, slowly and heavily from his bed, turned on the PC and, after beating some connection problems, launched, not knowing what to do. Accidentally, he moved to the "Level listing" section and unintentionally let the sight of the recently added customs come through his eyes into the brain. Some foton woke up the remaining sleeping neuron, which send a message: "Sanus".
"-What Sanus?" - DJF thought and realised he's looking at "Forgotten City of Sanus" link. He definitely needed some motivation, no matter from what source, he wanted to hear any person talking anything to him. So he clicked "revievs" button and, after another glance, one line attracted his attention. "We'll miss you ! - Mugs (25-Sep-2010)" - he read.
"- What? Yasin is gone? Ouch. Shame" - a thought came to his mind, and, after it, a notification he didn't play any level by Yasin yet. That wasn't surprising. It just had to be like that, as for the last month DJF was playing only those levels that remained "unwalkthroughed", because writing guides on them was giving him a feeling of being on an important mission of saving the world. No matter it was only the world of, as long as it still was a world to save.

DJF felt ashamed of not even knowing the number of Sanus's projects released during his TRLE life. He checked author's profile and immediately noticed every custom by Sanus except the one at the very bottom of the level list already has a walkthru.
"- Rollercoaster!" - he remembered, smiling to himself. He once knew this project as one of the most original games ever made. So he decided to follow the tradition and make a walkthrough for it.

Lara was standing in front of a gap in some undefined, yellow space. She didn't remember how she has got here and this was making her feel rather unsafe, unsure about the situation she found herself in. She looked around and noticed she is actually standing in a quite large alcove near the precipice on the left of the switch. Rubbing her eyes out of the rests of the dream, she carefully walked to the edge and looked down.
" - Whoah! At least 80 clicks high" - she was a bit shocked, and she ducked. The sight caused just a slight vertigo, but she wanted to be careful anyway, as she didn't wake up completely yet.
" - Need to jump over it" - she thought and decided to pull the lever switch and see what happens first. Truly, she needed to prepare mentally to the jump she was about to perform soon, and checking everything in this alcove before trying to get across the gap should, as she assumed, give her enough time to get used to the soon death possibility... Or maybe she won't get hurt... In this moment of hanging between hope and despair, staring at the gap, while being wiped out of every rational feeling, she had a strange impression of lots of energy links appearing in her every single joint and connecting to some kind of the greater absolute...

"- I'm possessed again" - she thought and had unintentionally drawn her weapons. " - No " - she wanted to refuse, but it was helpless. Something was controlling her moves and in the next second she jumped right, hitting the wall.
- Sorry - someone said. - Controls misconfiguration.
"- WHAT?!"
- she wanted to shout, but her voice was also attached to some kind of external device, and somehow she knew she was supposed to say something only if the absolute wants her to do it and gives her a permission.
- Don't worry - she heard the voice again. - I've just launched the game. I'm gonna guide you through this gap, but let me prompt you to pull this switch first...
As soon as the phrase ended, Lara felt a sudden boost in her arms and hands. She was forced to do what she wanted to do by herself only a minute or less ago: grab the handle, lean forwards and move this piece of metal, and all these three things felt like separate orders. She couldn't have an idea someone once called them "animations".

She felt like her eyes left her body and watched completely different sight: a ramp, far in front of what she was now. She couldn't look in any other direction. Then, slowly, she started to move towards the ramp, reached its bottom and followed it up to the very top, foreseeing the whole path yet before it was executed. She didn't know why she knows the way already, but the farther she was going, the stronger she felt something shrinking inside her, like it was about to fade out when the transition ends. And, after turning in midair while passing some kind of arch, it really did. She returned to herself, still unable to move, even if she regained a part of her consciousness.


Something has threw her over the gap before she even managed to think about refusal. In the next moment, she was sprinting around the strange structures she flew over a few seconds ago. There was nothing there, a vast plain of emptiness, but she felt the absolute's need for exploration. She forgot about everything and let it guide her. Sometime later, she stopped, exhausted, breathing heavily. When she raised her sight he realized she is standing in front of the sloped passage, somewhere on the NE from the place she woke up. Then, the Voice spoke again, saying the words which were non-understandable for her:
- Can't go up.
" - Why?" - she asked inside herself. " - Just release me and I will climb this slope without a problem."
But the Voice wasn't listening to her.
- Why there is no option to climb any surface steeper than two clicks?
She didn't even have time to wonder what these mysterious "clicks" are and why there must not be more than two of them to climb something. For a split second her whole body shot up into the air.

- Nothing more to do in this level - she heard the Voice murmuring to itself.
" - Level of what?" - Lara imagined something like the "stress level". She has never heard anyone using the word "level" as a reference to the world she lived in. Some time later, the Voice spoke again and mentioned something what, according to its tone, was quite important:
- Probably the author forgot to place the second switch and the camera as well.
Again, Lara didn't understand most of the sentence, but she assumed the word "author" can't refer to anyone else than God himself. So she started to pray while flying up the ramp she was refused to climb. Again, she saw the strange structures similar to those noticed by her during the recent oblivion. And then, she heard something what ultimately scared her:
- Gotta kill Lara.

She didn't believe she was supposed to see all these weird things and experience so odd feelings just for being killed now. Something took her high above the ground, so high she were sucked into the ceiling, and her foot were sticking out of it only. Suddenly she realised all of this is true indeed.
" - WAIT A SECOND!" - she shouted in herself. No sound came out of her, but it seemed the Voice could hear her thoughts at last.
- Don't worry - it replied. - I just want to get out of this game with a sign of good style.
" - STYLE?!" - fear was replaced with indignation. " - HOW DARE YOU PLAY WITH MY LIFE?!"
- I always play - Lara heard another answer. - All this time you feel possessed. You may not remember some situations, because the PC takes some memory from your brain mesh every time a save is reloaded."
" - WHAT SAVE?" - Lara felt confused.
- You will resurrect soon - the Voice sounded convincing and Lara felt the force of inertia. For this one time, she knew she is allowed to say something, because everyone is allowed to say something before the death:
- AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! - she screamed, the walls accelerated upwards, the ground was speeding towards her... she thought everything is gonna go pitch black in seconds, darkness is gonna overwhelm her, darker than "Castle Cain - In the Dark", "Dark City - Part 1" and "City of the Dark" together. Images from all these places, just like images from every single place she visited in her life were flashing back through her mind... But she wasn't falling anymore, as she realized.

- Hi there again - she heard, standing in front of a gap in some undefined, yellow space again.
" - Hi" - she thought and tried to remember how she has got here. She couldn't do it and this was making her feel rather unsafe, unsure about the situation she found herself in. She looked around and noticed she is actually standing in a quite large alcove near the precipice on the left of the switch.
" - What... what happened?" - she stammered out.
- Nothing. I reloaded the game to finish the walkthru. Now I'm gonna leave you alive and close the program for you to be able to separate from the controller and live your own life again. Now you'll be able to do anything.
" - Anything?"
- Even to climb a slope steeper than 2 clicks.
- You won't see it if you leave me now."
- I know. But you can't do it at all if I remain connected. Unless someone creates the appropriate command and the animation. That's true, Lara. I can perform less things in game than you can do in your real life.
" - So why do you keep possessing me?"
- There are two reasons: the first is I want to help saving your world. That's about those walkthrus...
" - Whatever they are. And the second reason?"
The voice remained silent for several seconds. Finally, it answered:
- I just like you.
Lara felt the energy leave her joints: she was free again.

Lara still couldn't understand one thing: even if the Voice likes her, why is it necessary for it to possess her? Can't it just visit her in Lara's Home? Winston has stored some good drinks, and the assault course awaits visitors who want to try completing it. If the Voice wants to save her world, maybe she could help? Lara knew all this thoughts will remain in her mind until the next meeting.
Meanwhile, DJ Full pressed two keys together. They were named Alt and F4. He picked up a compass from the computer desk, stood up, turned around and got to the kitchen on the N. Then, he pressed Action and filled a glass with some water from the tap on the W. He returned to the main room, walked to the window on the E and, again, hit Action to water two cactuses - the plants which were also called Alt and F4.



Pull the lever.