Cave Village 2

Matt Emery / TrueRaider

Walkthrough found on the author's website:

After the opening fly-by make your way to the end of the room and climb on top of the half pillar where the monkey bars are
above. Jump forward and grap. Climb up. Follow the path into the darkness. On the left there is a crawl space for some
goodies. Shoot the scorpions and continue onto the ledge. Run-jump-grap twice to get across. Press crawl and move
forward to get into the water, swim through.

At the other side be careful not to turn right as the current is fast flowing. Search the pool to find a canopic jar. Climb
out and go towards the furthest bridge where a passageway will be. Shoot the scorpion on the ground to your left and
climb onto the pillar and into a chamber in the ceiling. The lit square starts a times run. Once activated, immediately
turn round, run to the other side of the big chamber and down the whole past the gate for the second canopic jar.
Now make your way back to the room where you began the level and insert the jars into the wall. This will flood a room a
little further in the level.

Come back to the area with the timed run and go down the passageway to a spiked bridge. Look down to the right you
should see a button. Push this and climb back up, the spikes have gone. Run across the bridge, shoot the door and vase to
get items. Continue past the wild boars and through the waterfall. Here is a small puzzle. The fly-by shows which buttons to press.
Find these, go through the door into the water and swim to the end and climb out. Go forward to see another fly-by. Run-jump over to
the ledge and do a standing jump to the next.
To the right is a ladder. At the bottom jump backwards and you'll land on a ledge.
Climb down the ladders into the village, dont fall in!

Go to all of the huts and pull the swiches and collect some items. You will find a bird which opens up the coloured hut at the end
which has a ladder. Jump across the roofs to the furthest hut, by the river. Above is a hole with a ladder. Jump up while holding
grab and then climb upwards. Collect the item and go back up the ladders by the waterfall and through the passage with the fly-by
before. Put the keys into the slots and go through. Monkey swing into the hut and walk to the middle. You can jump into the river
now without dying, swim outside. Find the motorcycle in the hut and drive off to your left.

Written by Matt Emery