Jurassic Park

Level by Christian Schleicher (SilentViper) (October, 2001)

[Note] I unzipped the files and renamed JPcoastal.tom to coastal.tom and built coastal.tr4. I used the regular script files to start Coastal Ruins as a new game. [End note]

Approach the closed door in the west and a guard appears behind you. Kill the guard and pick up the keys that he drops. Use the keys on the west side of the block and the west door opens. Go down the tunnel and drop onto a walkway around an open area. Go south to kill a guard. Slide down the pole into the pen and kill a raptor. The raptor head butts Lara instead of biting. Pull up onto the green block in the south-east to pick up a bronze key. Use the pole and get back out of the pen. Back flip to the east or west so you do not back flip to your death into the north pit by accident. Go west and use the bookshelves and the box to get down into the pit. Go east and dive into the water to get a large medipack, revolver ammo, and the revolver.

It is not obvious but go to the east side of the RX-TECH block and use the bronze key. Turn around and the door in the east wall has opened. Enter and run down the tunnel to a big tunnel with railway tracks. Go to the south wall to use the keys. Then go to the north end and look west for an open gate. Enter the tunnel and exit to an open area. The mercenaries will kill the raptor for you. If you kill the mercenaries, you can pick up two revolver ammo and a Guardian Key. Do not go to the north area or you will fall into a water hole that you cannot escape. Now exit and go back to the pit. Pull the switch on the north side of the RX-TECH block and see the door open on the high walkway. Go back to the box and bookshelves to get back to the walkway.

Enter and go to the south-west corner and use the keys. You can look out the windows at a mercenary patrolling the outside area. Exit and go back down into the pit. Go to west wall and pull up into a crawl space. Go to the end and pick up a blue key. Exit and kill the two guards waiting for you. Go to the south-west corner to use the blue key to open the gate. Go down the tunnel and go past and area with fences. On the right side are mercenaries killing raptors. On the left side are two big scorpions that can get you but you cannot shoot them. Continue south and enter a room. Go to the south-west corner to pull a switch to open a door in the east wall. Cross the wire bridge and use the keys to open the door. Kill a guard and pick up MP5 normal ammo. Go down the tunnel and open the door. Exit into an outside area and kill two guards. It is possible to drop from the wire bridge to find a tunnel and ladder and brings you to the same area, but very high up. Go south to shoot boxes and pick up three Uzi ammo.

Go east and climb the rusty wall. Climb up the blocks and go down the corridor to climb a green wall. At the top, turn around and kill the guard who was shooting you in the back. Jump to where he was and pick up a small medipack. Climb the boxes and near the top drop into a hole. Pick up a small medipack, ten MP5 normal ammo and the MP5. Get out and go east to kill a guard beside you. Kill a guard and two tigers on the far east ledge. The jump over there and climb the boxes to the east. At the top, turn and slide down into a pit. Climb to structure in the center of the pit and kill the herd of five raptors. If they go inside the structure, you may have to jump down to the ground to lure them out. Get into the structure and pull the switch on the inner east wall. Exit and go east to the open door. Use the keys and the trap door drops open.

Drop inside and follow the tunnel to the north and reach a sloped tunnel. At about half way down the sloped tunnel, a flyby starts and does not stop until you reach the bottom. Use sprint and at the bottom go left to stand behind the mercenaries. Stand beside the opening in a fence and you can see a raptor tiptoeing between the mercenaries and coming towards you. When you start to shoot the raptor, they run away towards the sloped tunnel (cowards). Enter the fence opening and kill a tiger and four guards. Pick up four MP5 normal ammo afterwards. Go into a short corridor and go east towards a closed door and the level ends by crashing to the desktop.