Level by Bjorn (Formel 16)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Ice World - Part One

Begin with Lara standing on ice flat place. Go toward the switch in front of you when angle camera gives you new looking way to throw it, then head toward the snow path past the gate you just opened. Proceed onto the ice bridge, you stuck in front of movable ice block. Take standing jump toward the small place right side of the ice block, from there you can see the stone tile and the closed gate. Move the ice block one step forward to open the gate and clear your way, then jump over the tile past the gate. Follow the invisible passageway, pass the next open gate out to hallway, shortly you reach an open snowy area with hut and Jeep in the front.

Throw the switch, it opens the hut door nearby, and get inside. As you can see the hut is empty and not much to do here. Climb up toward the second floor and throw the switch get the screenie showing you some trapdoor open outside the hut. Draw the pistols and kill the first soldier when you get down, there's another soldier outside the hut that you can kill on your way to the open trapdoor. When you reach the opening drop down into a short passage and get the Ignition Key. Meantime flyby shows you there are few I guess it's invisible scorpions running around the area nearby the Jeep. Climb out from the passage and deal
with them, then take place in the Jeep and drive around the hut.

Start driving up the sharp slope and when you reach the top you get the flyby showing you the whole area ahead. Take driving along the bridge and care of two scorpions coming over to you, keep on driving down the next slope, turn left you'll be onto flat ice place.
Drive toward the closed large gate and there stop and get out of the Jeep. Go to the climbable snow wall and climb up, then backflip, you land onto the ice flat place, head toward the opening from the right enter the room with two switches. Throw the right switch to open the large gate, then throw the left switch, it show you rolling ball hit the flat ice place.

Get out from the room back to the wall, jump into the water below and swim to other side. Climb out from the water and take place in the Jeep. Pass the gate, drive forward then left, follow along the metal passageway, turn right and down the slope to load the next ice world level.

Ice World - Part Two

You are still seated in the Jeep waiting in a dark passage. Drive forward toward the large snowy area with many scorpions around, lucky you are in the Jeep now! so they not be able to hurt you, finish with them and drive toward the short hallway, get out of the Jeep. Climb up on the wall and backflip to small place behind, then climb up the next wall and again backflip you land in small place behind.

Go to the black fence and crawl through the opening, stand and from the left spikes ice show up. Climb up the wall to to the top and pull Lara into a small place. Throw the switch to open some long trapdoor in the other side, then climb up to the place above. In front of you there are two artefact objects, the one from the right is guarded with spikes, so pick up only the the left artefact and finish the level.