Anubis: Death Pyramid

Level by James McCormick (Kiopo) (October, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Start with a flyby of the pyramid. If you go to the north-west jeep, you have to kill a blue ninja. If you go the south-west jeep, you have to kill a blue ninja. Go straight west down the slope. At the bottom, kill a red ninja and the door opens for you. At the end of the hallway, the next door opens for you. Go down the steps and kill two blue ninjas at the back of the dark room. Notice a closed gate at the back of the room. Go up the south ramp and jump to the side to avoid a rolling spike ball. Go back up the ramp to the end and pick up the shotgun. Go up the north ramp and jump to the side to avoid a rolling spike ball. Go back up the ramp to the end and pick up the red shotgun shells.  Go the statue to the left side of the closed gate. Push it aside to reveal a tunnel with steps going down. Go down the steps into some water to pick up the Hand of Sirius. Go back and use it in the receptacle to the right of the closed gate.  The gate opens so enter the tunnel and kill a red ninja. Go to the end and use a floor lever. You get a flyby back outside and around to the back of the pyramid showing some steps.

As you return to the outside, kill a blue ninja and a red ninja. Go to the back of the pyramid. Get to the second step, turn around, and jump and grab the west wall. Slide down the other side into the pool area. Dive into the pool and enter the opening in the west wall. It is very long swim but at least it is linear and there is no maze. Emerge in a large flooded room. Pull up to the east and go south into a tunnel. The gate opens before you. Pick up a small medipack. Use the two ropes to get to the other side over the fire. Pick up the Eye Piece and the gate behind you closes. Get into the crawl space in the south wall. At the end stand jump with grab to land on a platform in the fire. Jump and grab the crevice in the south wall. Shimmy to the right until you get a ladder texture. Get to the right side of it and get into the climbing position. Climb down a little, back flip, roll, and when you land on a slope, jump again with a left curve. You should end up on a flat block instead of in the fire. Run and jump over a slope to the east. Grab a sloped column, pull up, slide and jump to a flat column. Go east and climb a block. Turn around and pull up to a high ledge. Go west and use a monkey swing to get to the south ledge, although you could probably jump over to it. Go east and enter a doorway. Go down the tunnel and the view changes. Light a flare or use the binoculars and when the darts start, go back a little and pull up into a room. Pick up secret #1, grenade normal ammo, and the grenade gun. Get down and continue down the tunnel it the end. At the end, drop back into the room where you started.

Notice that two blocks have risen in the room. Climb to the north block and monkey swing straight across to a tunnel in the west wall. Go to the end and the tunnel widens. Kill the two mummies and pick up red shotgun shells. Continue west and climb a ladder. Back flip to a ledge and go east to get an Eye Piece. Return back through the tunnel and drop into the water. Swim east and pull up. Make the Eye of Horus and use it to open the circular doorway. Go down the passageway and enter a maze. If you go around the maze there are scorpions and mummies to kill.

Go forward, right, right, left to a wall. Continue east with a few offsets to the corner. Go north with a few offsets to reach a floor lever. Pull it and hear a door open. Then return to the start. Go left, right, right, and left. At the four-way junction, follow left to a wall. Turn right and follow to the open gate. Inside the gate, go right and left until you see a ladder. There are four ladders but take the north-west one. Climb up into a room. You hear a spike ball falling into the other ladder hole. Go south and the double doors open for you. Across the water are some closed doors. Flares are useless now but push the movable statues from beside the door to the marked tiles on the east and west walls and the back doors open. Dive into the water and go underneath the sarcophagus to pick up the Ba Cartouche. Climb back up, avoid the mummies, and go to the open south door. Go to the end and turn right. Follow the steps and the tunnel to a hole. Pull up and kill a blue ninja. Pick up the jeep keys from the body.

Get into the jeep and drive through the open doorway. Go left and you can drive over six blue ninjas. There is some crossbow ammo on the plateau but I could not pick it up. Drive down the slope and to the west. Go over a few hills and run over a red ninja. Drive into the building, run over a red ninja, and park the jeep beside the water at the building exit. Dive into the water and swim down the hole in the floor. Swim through the tunnel and pull up into a dark room. Go south and slide down the tunnel as the level ends by crashing to the desktop.