Tomb Raider on Mars

Level by Solar Angel

Walkthrough by DJ Full

GENERAL WARNING: The most annoying thing in this level is the wraiths. The further you advance in game, the more of them wake up. You can't get rid of them, because there is no liquid water anywhere. Obviously, this is to resemble the real situation on Mars' surface. Wraiths are probably some ghosts of extinct Alien civilisation...

Get out of the pit and grab a medi. There are also some explosive arrows in this room. And a pack of revolver ammo on the other side of the central structure (probably an alien technology device). Climb it to the very top and jump E through the permeable glass to land on the block outside. Locate a triangular fragment of the structure on your left. Jump onto it and then onto the rocky stairs in front of you. DON'T descend to the bottom of the structure pit because there's no way out of there. Instead of it, go around the pit and collect normal shells from its E edge. While going S, kill an SAS. Run through the plain in the same direction and reach the container. Pick up some revolver ammo from the top of it. Now go E to the other side of the level until you reach the external rocks (they seem to be the walls of a crater, I think). Find a place with several burning fields and locate some flat rocks farther on the E. You can climb them to reach the neighbouring crater full of flames. Watch out for them and descend to the very bottom (a wraith is chasing you, so do it quick) to find a cave. Duck and lower yourself into it. Go through the door on the W (opening automatically) and downstairs to pick up the uzis and some ammo for them from behind the pillar. Standing on the square containing the items opens the door below the pillar and you can go downstairs, killing 3 SASes and still watching out for the wraith on your way into the Martian base. Get on the bike (any) and drive N through the door to get outside. If you are lucky, run over one of two SASes guarding the exit. If you are EXTREMELY lucky, run over both of them. Shoot the SAS(es) you didn't run over. Use the bike to drive towards the rock on the SW. Pick up some wideshot shells from next to it. Now drive SW to the other side of the level and up the external rocks near the container. Get out of the vehicle and jump onto the first green pillar. Continue jumping to the E, in the meantime collecting some revolver ammo and the revolver itself, until you can safety drop off to the grey roof. Collect the medipacks as fast as you can, because of the sentry shooting at you, and get down into the base again. Kill 2 SASes and go through the right passage ont the W. You are in the maze. Don't enter its NE part - there's a sentry you don't wanna meet. Actually, you won't get lost in there, as it is just a single route connected with the central room in several points. Collect a large medi from its NW corner, a small medi from the NE one, another small medi from the S part and when you see the the SAS, it's the right way - kill him and follow the passage behind him. When the path splits in two, proceed through the left one till you reach the door guarded by another sentry. Sprint through it to avoid the bullets. You are in the base again. Climb the right side of the crystal structure, collecting a small medi in the meantime. On the top, there's the Mine Detonator Body to pick up. Jump to the other side of the structure to get a large medi from there. Run/jump/grab/pull up onto a block on the S, do the same things to get to the block on the W, jump over the gap and then climb the stairs. Kill an SAS and exit this location by going downstairs. There is another green structure in front of you, but first get to the lever on the SW. You don't need to pull it, the door opens when you stand on the square containing the switch. Go around the green crystal and collect a crossbow and normal arrows from behind it. Now get beneath the pillar and don't miss the crowbar and the Car-Jack placed on the crystals on your left and right. The door opens, as well as the gate in the motorbike section you just returned to.

WARNING! Getting on the bike crashed the game in my case.

Go through the open portal. There should be the end, and it probably is, as the passage leads to the icy wall at its end. You can't go through it, so leave it alone. Finito.