The Caves of the Sphinx (I Sotterraneu della Sfinge)

Level by Luca (November, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

up two Uzi's and three Uzi ammo from the starting platform. There is a receptacle for an item in the west wall. Go south of the platform and pick up the crowbar off the floor. Go north to the door and the door opens as you approach. Enter and the second door opens. Enter a large empty room. Go to the north-west corner and pull down a jump switch. The door opens in the west wall. Enter the room and see a lava pit among the pillars. Go to the closed door in the south-west. You get a cut scene showing you the wall back in the previous room that has changed. Go to that east wall and climb up through the open double circle shape.


Safety drop into a room. Climb down the ladder and into the tunnel. Follow the tunnel to the east and the double doors open. Enter the next section of tunnel and kill two demigods. Continue east to a room with platforms over lava. Jump to the south-east column and you see where the spike traps are located. Jump to the platform where the spikes come from the top. Then run and jump to the east and onto a safe tile by the wall. Jump the next safe tiles to get to the north-east corner. Run up the east tunnel and be careful of the scissors trap at the top. You are on a ledge above a lava pit.


Jump the columns to the north-east to work your way around the central column. At the east wall, pull down the jump switch. Run, jump, and grab the column at the south wall but do not pull up. The top of that column is a spike trap. Shimmy to the right to the opposite side and release. Pull up to the west column and jump back to the entrance column. Go back down the entrance tunnel to the lava room. Jump over the platforms to the tunnel. Climb the ladder at the end and go through the wall opening to the earlier room. Go west through the open door again. The south-west door is open so enter the alcove. The black device opens and you can pick up the Horseman's Gem. Exit and go to the lava pit among the pillars. The lava is a fake. Drop in and pry a Black Beetle off the north wall. Climb up before the beetles get you.


Return to the starting room. Go to the west wall and use the Horseman's Gem to open the door. Enter the door and you are attacked by a demigod and two skeletons. I exit back to the starting room and hopped onto the platform. This way I could shoot the demigod and still keep out of the way of the skeletons. Stay there and wait for a second demigod to appear. Run through the doorway and go left. At the end, turn the corner and go to the north-west until wall darts hit you. Then turn to the south-west and you will find a wall ladder. Climb up out of the reach of the skeletons.


Look to the south and you see a skeleton running around. There is a pit in the middle of the room. Go east and pick up grenade normal ammo and a grenade gun. Destroy the three skeletons and pick up grenade super ammo as you follow the ledge. Enter the opening in the south-west corner and go down the ramp into a room. Place the Black Beetle in the receptacle and the door opens in the east wall. Go down the tunnel and enter a room with a lava pit. This lava is also a fake so dive into the red water. Swim south and pull up into another room. Run down the east corridor to a room of pillars. Enter a corridor in the north wall and emerge into a room with lava in the middle of the floor. Run down the east corridor and enter a room with plants on a central structure. Run around the structure to find three revolvers and four revolver ammo on the floor. Run down the south corridor and into a dark room.


Go to the south-west corner and pull down the jump switch on the east wall. Run up the stairs at the east and follow the stairs. Kill the two demigods on the top ledge. Run down the tunnel in the south wall. You enter a room with seven jump switches. Start at the east wall and number the switches one to seven. Go to the east wall and a harpy starts to attack.


Jump switch #1 - Left east wall triggers a harpy.

Jump switch #2 - Right east wall does nothing

Jump switch #3 - Left south wall triggers a skeleton

Jump switch #4 - Right south wall triggers a skeleton

Jump switch #5 - West wall does nothing

Jump switch #6 - Left north wall floods the room

Jump switch #7 - Right north wall triggers a demigod


Just pull jump switch #6 in the north-west corner to flood the room. Or pull everything and then pull jump switch #6 at the end and see what happens. When the room is flooded, swim up to the ceiling and into the next room. Pull up to the south ledge. Run to the door in the north-west corner and the level ends.