Nightmares and Dreamscapes

Level created by Nigel Redfield.

Walkthrough by Jez, transcribed by Karen.

This walkthrough does not include every pickup. Instead, it directs the player through the level. Some areas are quite large, so the player should feel free to look around.

The level starts in a courtyard with three doorways. The one to the west is, presumably, opened later. The one to the north leads to a river which Lara cannot cross yet. Therefore, we need to go through the door to the south.

As soon as we enter the next room, Lara is attacked by a bat. With no guns at hand the only option is to keep moving. Head for the far right hand corner, where there is an innocent-looking corridor. Do not stop, as spiked boulders come crashing down.

The corridor comes out in a courtyard filled with tall pillars. Starting with the low pillar which is directly in front of Lara, make your way to the far end of the courtyard and jump into a hole in the wall. Slide down a slope and at the end of a short passageway Lara is confronted with another steep slope. As Lara starts to slide down, the camera angle changes to reveal that Lara needs to do a double jump to a rope swing. Swing on the rope and jump off to grab the wall directly ahead. Climb down and drop into an opening in the wall.

Go down a couple of steps and step onto a platform. On the room’s central structure can be seen a lever which needs to be pulled. Turn left and hop across the platforms to the end. On Lara’s left is a hole in the wall, which doesn’t seem to contain anything other than more bats. Instead, turn right and make a running jump/grab and climb up, then make your way to the lever and push it. The big round door, which we saw at the beginning, is opened to reveal a jeep.

Turn to the east and locate the platforms on the outside of the central structure and use them to jump down to ground. Run around until you come to the opening in the north wall. When you go into the opening be sure to step only on the circular floor tiles or Lara is toast. Continue on up the stairs and in the little room at the top head into the southwest corner where Lara can pull up into a torch lit room. As Lara approaches the wall on the right a door above opens. Climb up and through the door to find yourself back in the courtyard with the pillars.

Now it is time to find the keys for the jeep. Cross the room and go through a small corridor in the west wall, where Lara is rejoined by her friendly bat. Carefully walk to the end of the corridor. The climbable wall ahead is not reachable and doesn’t lead anywhere anyway. By jumping and turning make your way to the other end of the small ravine and climb the climbable wall there. At the top shimmy right and pull up.

Above are three pathways. Approach the blocks in the northeast corner and use the sloped blocks to slide/jump/turn to a small alcove in the west wall. Turn and jump to the first pathway and make your way to the top where Lara can pick up the jeep keys. When she does so spike traps appear so Lara will have to avoid these by shimmying and dropping to get back down to the ground. When back at ground level retrace your steps and return to the room where the level began and go through the now open door to the jeep.

Now Lara can use the jeep to jump across the river she saw earlier. After clearing the river Lara will not need the jeep to finish the level but there is one enemy that needs to be run over and the jeep is more fun anyway. When you have cleared the river turn right and drive over two ridges, then turn right again. A spike maze appears. Carefully drive through it and follow the road around, up a slope, through a courtyard, and over a bridge.

At the end get out of the jeep. In the west wall there are two gaps. Run through either one of them into a new courtyard. In front of Lara is a stone building. Turn right and follow it around until you find a doorway on Lara’s left. Enter the building and push another lever. The ground shakes. Return to the jeep and cross the courtyard to find a crawl space.

Follow the crawl space, turning left wherever Lara can. At the end pull up into a room. Exit the room and run around to the right where Lara will find a block that she can stand on. Climb up again and jump across to a roof-like structure and drop down on the other side. Turn to the north and run up the slope. At the top of the slope Lara looks left down a corridor with spiked boulders on either side. Sprint past the first pair of boulders and then stop. Approach the next three boulders and, as they start to fall, jump back. When they have finished rolling run past them and sprint past the next pair. Continue running forward and push the lever at the end. A flyby shows some gates near where Lara left the jeep are now open. Return to the jeep and drive through the gates.

Drive down the slope at the end and across a jump and carefully make your way across this maze and up some slopes and you will come out by a large waterfall. Dive or drop down into the pool at the base of the waterfall. One of the squares is green in colour and Lara can swim through this square. Pull up and out of the water at the end. Run through this corridor and out to a high ledge with another lever at its end. As Lara approaches the lever she looks into the darkness below at some evil entity hiding there. When lara pushes the lever the level ends with, arguably, one of the spookiest flybys seen in a custom level where the evil entity is awakened.

It was the author’s original idea to build another level where Lara would defeat this entity……