Level by John Sutton

Walkthrough by Cher

This starts out very dark, light a flare and turn around, to the right pick ups ome Shotgun Normal Ammo, notice the locked door on the other side. Head towards the outside, kill a couple of wild boars. Before going outside, go left into a room, jump to the block in the middle of the pool, Lara looks up, jump to that block and pick up the Shotgun, in the water is some Normal Crossbow Ammo. Enter another roon on the North wall and jump up to grab a Large Medi, watch out for spikes, on the South wall, another room holds a skeleton, I blasted him into the pool, then picked up Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and some moreShotgun Normal Ammo.

Now head outside, and to the right, notice in a dark alcove, another closed door. At the far end of the room, right of the water is some more Shotgun Ammo Normal, in the pool a hole to swim into, follow the path to the bottom to grab your Crowbar use it on the door back where you began.

Watch the brief flyby, jump on the ledges to the extreme right corner to find some Flares, return to the entrance. Jump to grab the sloped block, back flip and roll to grab the block behind. Using the ledges, work your way around to see the star, jump to the slope in front of the star, back flip/roll onto the sloped block behind Lara, jump to the next and slide/grab. Pull up from that sloped block to back flip/roll and grab the corner, then jump across to take the Golden Star.

Head back outside and grab the edge of the roof and climb up, and again to the ledge above. Jump across and again to the ledge with the skeleton, blast him over the side and on to the 3rd ledge. Follow the passage to place the Star in the receptacle, the courtyard below now has a pool, I like diving in and seeing how many times I can flip Lara on the way down. In the pool, pick up a Gate Key, when you climb out, 2 skeletons attack, knock them into the water.

Use your Key on the door in the dark alcove, ahead are 2 openings, on the left side there appears to be a revolver to pick up but itís a trap, go into the right opening, pick up some Shotgun Normal Ammo and use your crowbar to open the door.

Watch the flyby as youíve entered ĎDeadmanís Keepí, a wild boar runs toward you, kill it. Enter a room on the left, in the corner, pick up some Shotgun Normal Ammo, in the pool, some Flares. Back outside, further to the left, pick up some Normal Crossbow Ammo, in a corner, ignore the ladder, itís a spike trap. On the other side of the green hill, in the doorway to the left, jump up on a ledge and then down in a room to find some Explosive Crossbow Ammo. Now in the center at the end of the green hill, jump onto a block to go down into another room. Climb a ladder into an opening, jump onto the ledge to grab the Laser Site and on another block above, a Small Medi. The skeleton that awakens poses no problem, just jump down and go back down the ladder. Now head back again to the area right of the green hill, all the way down, follow the path to the indoor pool. To the right pick up some Explosive Crossbow Ammo. You need to lure those crocodiles into the open, so dive in and swim across to the other side, turn and start shooting. You may have to do this a couple of times, once they are eliminated, pick up some Wideshot Shotgun Ammo under the entrance to the area, then swim into a hole in the South West corner of the pool, down and pick up some Flares on the right under an overhang, then up and left into a hold for a Small Medi, back out and left to surface in a dimly lit room.

Shoot the skeleton that attacks into the water, jump into a small pool and grab some Wideshot Shotgun Ammo. In an adjoining room, around the right you see that you need a Knot, around the left, on a block, pick up the Gate Keys.

Return to the main pool and back out of this area and on the rocky slopes, just before you entered the pool area, jump to grab a shimmy crack and go right, jump over a trap door and use the key.

Jump into a deep water filled pit, swim down, straight, left, right and left. Then straight, first right, right again and over left, right, left, another left and up into a room. Step on both patterned tiles to open the door, go in for a secret. Grab the Revolver 2 boxes of Revolver Ammo and Normal Crossbow Ammo.

Back into the water, go around right, right, left, over to the right and right again, left and up into another room. As you surface, you see a cut scene of your knot. Jump to grab the ladder behind you, climb and step right onto the ledge. You see what you need to do. Jump the slopes to land on the ledge for the Crossbow, then jump to the sloped block on the right and angle Lara to left to grab the Pharohís Knot, you get a cut scene of an underwater door opening.

Go back to the entrance, jump into the water, go down, straight, right, straight, left to the brownish passage, turn right, left, left again and follow around to the underwater door you saw open. Once through the door, turn left, left again and right to surface in a room. Blast a skeleton and pick up some Normal Crossbow Ammo.

Back into the water, swim down, left, left, right and towards the black door, go left, left, right, left, left, right, left to surface in another room. It appears that you must jump across the ledges to reach the opening on the other side, although this is a trap. Instead, hang drop from the ledge at the entrance to the patterned tile below, and down further again. Jump from tile to tile to reach the other side, go in and take another Pharohís Knot. Go through the door, watch the flyby and then turn left and find the ladder to climb. Jump to the center structure and knock the skeleton over the side. Slide down the center of the structure and jump to grab the pillar ahead. Turn right and jump over the ledge and climb the ladder there. Knock the skeleton off and make your way to the ledge on the West wall to pick up a Large Medi, donít waste time over there, because of the poison gas. Now jump back [I[East[/I] and over to the opening. Thereís a monkey swing here, I had a weird animation with Lara kind of gliding along the ceiling, but she got over anyway. Another skeleton attacks, dispose of him with your weapon of choice, I just enjoy knocking them off the ledges. Ahead to the left, climb up some blocks to return to the large outdoor pool area.

Once again, swim into the pool in the corner to the dimly lit room, place your Knot, when you come out, 2 more skeletons attack, get rid of them and enter the open door opposite. Start climbing, at the top, place your other Knot, the black gates open. Look across, you see several targets, attach your Laser Site to your Revolver and shoot them. Climb the ledge on the left and go through the open door, slide down. Grab the monkey swing, once again Lara ďglidesĒ across. Climb the ladder and step off on the ledge, left. Grab the block above and climb up, continue upwards, to the right jump to grab the monkey swing, shimmy over to stand. Turn and jump across, and once again to pick up some Revolver Ammo. Jump back to the ledge, and into the opening on the left, arm your crossbow and blast a couple of skeletons as you go in. Jump to the suspended ledge and left to the opening in the roof. Follow a dark passage to acquire a Horsemanís Gem and watch the cutscene of a door opening, jump back on the suspended ledge and softly jump down to the raised gray ledge below. Blast 2 more skeletons and head to the South East corner to find the open door.

Lara looks at the Uzis in the pool, but itís a spike trap, walk around to place the gem, go back outside and look up to the left, a wooden ledge has raised. Jump to the gray ledge jutting out from the East wall and higher to the right, continue up and over the roof, using ledges and the wooden ledge to the pink roof on the far side. Drop into an opening and drop again to a flat spot to pick up some Explosive Crossbow Ammo, drop once more into a pool, surface in a dark room. Go ahead and jump to the center ledge, and then across to the other side. Go in the passage around to the left, jump onto a gold block and down the other side, pick up the Gate Keys, return to the center ledge.

Jump now to the ledge on the right, make your way downwards using the blocks, use your key to open the door, follow the passage downwards. Blast 2 skeletons, jump on the gold ledge, pick up the Crowbar and take 2 Golden Stars, the other 2 are just for show. Go back to the center ledge disposing of another 2 skeletons along the way.

Jump across into the final opening, go up the slope on the right, a boulder falls from the left, turn and pull up higher, here 4 slopes come together over the center ledge. Jump across to the ledge around the right and go through the door. Jump onto the gold blocks and down the other side, carefully continue down. Slide down the slope backwards, hang/drop to the ledge below. Turn and hop over to the next ledge and climb the transparent pillar, jump across to the other side, pick up some Grenade Gun Ammo climb down and grab the Grenade Gun. Climb back up and jump over to the right to place one of the stars. Jump back to the column where you picked up the ammo, then back across, climb down, hop over to the start and right to leave the area. Head up the slope, hop on a block and down the other side for some more Grenade Gun Ammo, use the block to climb upwards and back to the starting point. A skeleton is waiting for you so try out your new gun.

At the center of the 4 slopes, straight across and into the door, go around to the left to a ladder. Climb up and near the top, back flip onto a ledge, continue on to another ladder and again, near the top, back flip onto a ledge. Follow the path and through an open door and you find your self high above the 4 slopes structure. Jump across to the ledge, and carefully using the ledges, around to the back to place your 2nd star, return the way you came.

Unfortunately, as I come to this point of the level and this walkthrough, I find through very few stuck threads that there is a bug preventing a climbable surface to appear to acquire a Golden Coin and end the level. This is where I end, sorry to say, I hope you donít get this bug.

[edit by Josť, March 2016]: Fortunately I didn't suffer that bug: once you get up to the 4 slopes structure, jump across to the ledge and a ladder magically appears in front of you; carefully use the ledges to go around to the back to place your 2nd star, return the way you came to the first ledge with the ladder, climb it and climb a second ladder too; run up the wide stairs and pick up the TOKEN at the top. Slide down the ramp to finish the level.