by Sheevah
Walkthrough written by eRIC.


(The walkthrough does not mention all the enemies and the single pickups.)

When the level begins, you are at the bottom of a very high room with 3 more levels up.
There is a metallic tower in the middle of a pool.


Go in front of the window, you can see a scroll in a little room, that's your goal. Turn back and make a long running jump to grab the tower. Climb and pull the jump switch which opens a door. Let drop and go out of the water and enter the opened door. In this new room, kill the ninja. Here, there are several pushable boxes; pull one of them on the different tile of the floor, a camera shows the opening of one of the two metallic gates in the underwater corridor of the pool.

Under one of the boxes, pick up the first HALF of the CARTOUCHE. Also notice a switch in one corner, a block must be raised later
to use it. Dive in the pool and into the underwater corridor. You will be soon in a
little room with movable blocks (a bit useless) and a floor lever.

Push the lever, a block will raise in the other room you have already visited. Return there, you can now pull the switch in the corner: the last door of the lower level opens. Go there, you are now in a room where you will have to use the 2 halves of the
cartouche. Kill a dog, push a couple of blocks and open the trapdoor hidden under one of them. Go down the ladder, in front of which is a switch that opens the second
underwater gate of the pool. There is a puzzle with movable blocks to solve here.

Kill a ninja and a dog, pick up the second HALF of the CARTOUCHE carried by the ninja.
Under the movable blocks you can find revolver ammo and SECRET#1 : the UZIS. Climb up the ladder and return to use the cartouche. Kill a dog in the corridor,
notice a vase and a closed gate on the left leading to the third secret, and a closed gate on the right. You need to find a hand of Sirius to open this gate and pick up the scroll. When you approach, a flyby camera shows where the Hand is, at the upper level!

Dive again in the pool. Notice the yellow/beige debris at the entrance of the maze, it is an important hint. There are two more of those debris in the maze to indicate you're to swim up and find two rooms, one with a trapdoor in the ceiling, and one with a lever that opens another trapdoor above the first one. You also have to find a RED GEM hidden in the maze (this maze is not that big).

In the room with the trapdoor, find the crawlspace to pick up SECRET #2: CROSSBOW + EXPLOSIVE AMMOS. Blow out the skeleton, climb the ladder between the two trapdoors, use the gem : You are now at the second level.

Notice the jump switch on the wall on your right, you can't reach it yet. There is also a switch in a corner, two doors, a metallic gate and the entrance of a corridor. Turn left, kill a flying beetle and go into the corridor, kill a dog, the metallic gate opens when you approach. Blow out a skeleton and go to the corner where the switch is. Save your game, the switch opens a timed door, hurry up! Congrats you've made it!

In the new room with hieroglyphs, kill a ninja, shoot the two vases to raise a block under the jump switch. Go out and pull the jump switch, a camera shows the opening of the gate leading to the third secret. You can go back for it now but that involves more backtracking or later (see at the end of this walkthrough).

In the room with hieroglyphs there is also a switch. Pulling it opens the last door of this second level. Hurry up, it's a timed door.

(Note : In the next room, I have encountered what I think is a bug : an invisible block just after the timed door prevented Lara to enter, but with perseverance to do swan jumps in diagonal, she succeeded.)

In this room, pull the floor lever, the trapdoor of the ceiling opens and a block is raised. Shoot the 2 vases, another trapdoor
above the first one is opened. Jump on the raised block and climb the ladder to arrive at the third level.

In this room, find a switch in a corner. Pulling it lowers a block revealing a new switch to pull. Do that several times,
until a flying beetle appears and a crawlspace is revealed. Crawl in and find a new room with a floor lever. When you pull it, the last block is lowered revealing a window. Come back to the previous room and shoot the window.

Go out on the ledges, kill a flying beetle and go right on the ledge (beware of spikes). Make a long running jump to the next ledge and enter the corridor. On your right is a crawlspace leading to some ammo, on your left another crawlspace.

Crawl in, in the next corridor there is a closed metallic gate on your right, a ledge between two blocks with spikes that pop up on your left, and a movable block in front of you. Pull it twice and backtrack to the outside ledge.

Make a running jump to the next ledge (where there is spikes that pop up on the blocks).
Jump other the spiked block when the spikes are up.

Behind where the movable block was, there is a corridor with a switch. Pull it and the metallic gate opens. Kill a dog in the new room and pull a switch : a camera shows the gate where the hand of Sirius is. You need to find a second switch to open this gate.
From the ledge between the two blocks with spikes, make a long running jump and grab the metalic tower. Climb until the top.

From the top of the tower make a long running jump to the highest block of the ledge in the South-East corner and pull the floor lever. It raises two blocks and lowers one.

Climb the new raised block and make a long running jump to grab the tower again. Climb until the top again.

(Note : I did not fully understand how this puzzle works because there is a rope trapped in the new raised block, I don't know what this rope was good for).

Never mind, make a long running jump to the second block that is raised (the one near the ladder and the gate).

Kill a flying beetle and go to the South-West corner. Pull a switch and the metallic door opens. Climb the ladder, pick up the HAND of SIRIUS and make a long long dive in the pool. Yaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, splaashhhh, fun isn't it?

Enter the room where you used the cartouche. Go on the left for the third secret. The room is trapped with boulders and burning tiles. Look at the mirror to know where the safe tiles are. Walk on the different tile (the one with the face of the Greek emperor) and the door opens for SECRET #3: the REVOLVER.

Come back in the corridor and open the last metallic gate with the hand of Sirius. Pick up the SCROLL, the exit door opens. Enter the blue cave, kill a mutant, and go to the Ritual. End of the level.


The walkthrough does not mention all the enemies and secrets (the shotgun is missing, I think it's SECRET #1).

At the end of the blue cave climb the ladder, continue and you reach an outside area. Go down the ladder, kill a wild boar.

You see a temple, you need a golden star to open the door. Go left and left again, you reach an area where you see a golden skull
on a pedestal. The skull is your goal but you can't pick it up yet because of the lava. The Pedestal is surrounded by eight burners that must be lighted. They are lighted when you will find and place 8 red gems.

Explore all this rocky outside area, you will soon find a little area where a block must be lowered. This area is opposite the area where the skull is. Next to it, is a bigger area with a ramp with some spikes and a boulder trap. On the left is another ramp with another boulder trap: here is the golden star. Climb up the first ramp until the end, enter the crawlspace to pick up the CROWBAR.

Notice the closed golden gate. Come back and pick up the GOLDEN STAR avoiding another boulder.

On the right of the first ramp you can climb a block and find another area with a closed gate and a ladder. There is not much things
to do here, pick up some ammo and come back to the beginning area.

Explore farther the outside area, you will also find 2 golden gates on the side of the temple and a blue/grey door in front of them.

Use the golden star and enter the temple. Ahead : a closed door, on each side : two blocks that must be lowered.
Shoot the right vase so that Lara can pull the floor lever. A camera shows that the block you saw earlier in the outside area
is lowered. Go there, it is approximately in front of where the golden skull is. Pick up the RED GEM. A camera shows the opening
of the door inside the main temple. So return there. The new room is the room where you will place all of the eight red gems.
Place the first one, a camera shows that a burner is lighted near the pedestal with skull. It will be the same with all 8 gems.
(It is better to not come back here each time you find a red gem to avoid a lot of backtracking).

Find also a switch at the end of this room to lower one of the two blocks in the previous room. Enter the crawlspace and go down the ladder. You are above an underwater lake with a shark. Dive and swim right in the North direction to find a section with underwater tunnels. In this swimming section , you will find three rooms, each with a hyeroglyph symbol. One with a bird symbol (flares), one with a "OA" symbol (pull a lever to lower the second block in the main temple), one with a scarab symbol (pick up the RED GEM).

Swim back to the underwater lake, and find a way out in the North-West corner to another outside area with a temple. Go left behind the temple, climb the ladder, go down : you see a burning Hand of Sirius on a pedestal. Continue, climb another ladder, go down and press the button : the fire on the pedestal is off. Climb the block, slide, kill a ninja and a flying beetle. Now you can quietly return behind the temple and pick up the HAND of SIRIUS. Come back at the door of the temple to use this artifact : the door opens. Enter, kill a dog, you see that there are many tiles wich are trapped with spikes.
Walk carefully and shoot all the vases that are in this big room with the pistols so that a block raises in a corner. For flares, you can also go in a little adjacent room and shoot another vase but you will have to deal with a ninja. Jump to the raised block.
Above, pull the globe onto the tile with the hieroglyph so that a change occurs and you can pick up the RED GEM.

Return to the underwater lake and climb back to the first temple.

When you come back into the temple, crawl in the other crawlspace ahead. Climb the ladder (a boulder will fall preventing Lara to come back this way). Up there, a pool with pillar and ledges on fire. On the ledges, two doors on the right, one ahead and a switch on the left. Dive into the water and pull the underwater lever at the base of the first central pillar (this lever is not easy to spot, it's not completely at the bottom, but just under the water level). Climb back by one of the two ladders.

Four ropes have appeared. Use the three first ones to finally land on the little ledge on the left where a switch is. Pull it and use the last rope to enter into the new opened door and pick the RED GEM. Jump to the next ledge and pull a switch : an underwater door is opened.

Dive and pull another underwater lever. Climb back again by the ladders, use the first rope again to enter by the first door
on the right which is now opened. In the corridor, pull the switch : a camera shows the opening of the first golden gate located at the side of the temple. Continue and go down a ladder : you are back at the beginning of the level in the blue cave. Return to the outside area and find the opened gate.

You enter in a deadly room with burning tiles, spiked tiles and boulders. Make your way carefully to the North-East corner. You will find here a switch and a climbable wall.
Pull the switch : a camera shows the opening of the other golden gate in the outside area. Climb up and make your way all around the room, with jumps and some shimmying action to the North-West corner.
Pick up the RED GEM. Go back outside.

Enter by the new opened gate. Notice the button behind the closed gate on the right. Continue until a room with a globe and two windows. One is shootable. Shoot it and go down in a room with three gates and two hieroglyphs scarab symbols on the floor.
There is different ways to solve this puzzle. Here is one way:

On the West wall, two switches. Pull the left one. That lowers a block and raises the other at the entrance. Then pull the right switch next to it : the other block is raised. Now you can push the globe on the two raised blocks as far as possible. Go down again and pull the right switch of
the West wall once again. The block with the globe is lowered again so you can push and move now the globe onto the two tiles with hieroglyph symbols. The three gates open. (Another way to solve this puzzle is to use the switches of the North and South walls).
In the niche of one of the opened gates: pick up the RED GEM. In the other is SECRET #2: The GRENADE GUN. And in the last one, a switch that opens the gate in the corridor.
Backtrack there and push the button: a camera shows the opening of the golden gate where you have found the crowbar earlier. Go there (you know the way).

Slide down the slope. Before going down lower, climb the ladder on your right and find SECRET #3: BIG MEDIPACK after some monkeyswing.

Come back the same way, and this time go down. Pull the switch to open a trapdoor and climb the ladder. Kill a dog and pick up the RED GEM in the new room.

Behind movable blocks, you will find the blue/grey door and a switch to open it. Come back outside and go into the temple to place all your RED GEMS.

Placing all seven gems lowers a block in this same room, revealing the eighth RED GEM. Place it and a camera will show a mutant coming. Go outside, kill it, and go pick up your reward, the GOLDEN SKULL.
End of the adventure.