Hostage Ship

Level by Erin Windross (March, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] The author stated in his readme that some monkey swings and climbable walls do not work. Hence, he suggests that you use the fly cheat in some areas. [End note]

You start in a dark room. The two white bell jars are empty. Go south into a room to kill a guard. Enter the north room to pick up flares, large medipack, blue shotgun shells, red shotgun shells, and the shotgun. Enter the crawl space in the north-west corner. Crawl in a general north-west direction to stand up in a room where the camera view changes. The other branches of the crawl space are empty. Shoot the white bell jars for Uzi ammo and a small medipack. Kill two guards that enter the room from the east doorway. Enter the east doorway and kill five guards that attack you. Go through the doorway and enter a corridor. Do not go south as there is a sentry gun and a closed gate at the end. Go north and face a large elevator shaft.

Make a running jump into the north-east corner of the shaft. You fall screaming and land safely in a water pit. Pull up into the bottom of the shaft and go to the north-west corner. Climb the west multi-colored wall and back flip to a block. You get secret #1 and pick up three Uzi ammo and the Uzi's. Get back to the water and follow the underwater tunnel to a flooded room. Pull up to a platform and kill two bats. Here is an example of a monkey swing that does not seem to work. Use the fly cheat to enter the opening in the south wall. Enter the tunnel and go east to pull a jump switch. Then go west to the follow the tunnel into a room with a large pit surrounded by railings. Go north and kill a guard. Jump through an opening in the railing and land on a platform to pick up a crowbar. Slide down to the bottom and go south to pick up two red shotgun shells and a large medipack. Go north and climb the ladder. Pull up to kill a guard.

Enter the door in the east wall. Follow the tunnel to enter a room with another pit with railings. Go north and up a ramp to enter a room with large boxes. Hop up to the west side of the ramp to get red shotgun shells. Go north and turn to the west to go between large boxes. Kill a guard and continue west past a north branch. Enter a south branch to kill a guard and pick up a small medipack. Then take the north branch to kill a guard. At a T-junction go east to pick up red shotgun shells. Then take a north branch and follow to the left for a large medipack. Kill a guard that appears and return to the T-junction. Go west to kill a guard and notice a purple box in front of you that is shorter than the others. Climb the purple box and you attract two guards. Jump the top of the boxes to go in the south direction. Drop into a hole at the south wall and pull a jump switch. Climb back up and go to the north wall. Drop into another hole and pick up the Left Gauntlet from an open alcove. Climb the east wall and go east to another purple column. There is trap door above you. But first, continue east and get into another hole.
Get secret #2, three Uzi ammo, large medipack and a small medipack. Climb back up and go to the trap door.

Jump up and pull the trap door down to open it. Pull up into a room and go west to kick open a door. Enter a junction and go south. Follow the corridor to the east to another junction. Go north and open the door. In the room, pick up a small medipack and grenade normal ammo. Return and continue east to another junction. Go north to open a door. Enter the room to kill a guard and pick up grenade flash ammo, grenade super ammo, and a small medipack. Exit and open the south door. Enter and kill a guard and pick up grenade flash ammo and the grenade gun. Exit and go back to the first junction. Go south to open the door. Enter the room to kill a guard. Pick up two grenade normal ammo from the beds. Go to the south-east corner and pull back a dead guard. Get into the crawl space and follow it to the end and climb a wall. At the top shimmy to the left.

Follow a crawl space to the east into a room. Kick open a door and enter a corridor. Follow the corridor to the north and west to enter a room with a pool. Go to the dark south-east corner and pull down a jump switch. There is nothing in the pool. Go west to enter a room with fires. Go to the south-west corner and pull down a trap door. Pull up to the north and into the air duct. Follow the simple maze in a generally north direction to emerge into a room. Go to the north wall to pull a jump switch. Return back to the room with the fires and notice that the west wall has disappeared. Go west and jump, slide, jump and grab the edge of a slope. Shimmy to the left, pull up, back flip, roll and grab an crevice. Shimmy to the right, pull up and back flip to a flat tile. Stand on the north side of the tile and stand jump to the south-west. You should land in the opening after a few tries and adjustments. Follow the corridor back to the elevator shaft.

This is the climbing wall problem area that the author mentions. Use the fly cheat to get into the south corridor where you started the level. Sprint south past the sentry gun. You will get shot and catch fire. However, continue south and you should run straight into some water to extinguish the flames. Kill two guards on the upper ledges. Enter the west doorway and kill two guards. Follow the corridor to the south. The view changes to show that you are on a ship. Drop and grab the edge of the ship. Shimmy to the right and pull up into a crawl space. Follow the crawl space to drop into a hole. Climb the ladder and at the top, shimmy to the right into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel and pull up onto the deck of the ship. Go to the north-east and mount the motorcycle. Drive forward a little and secret #3 is registered. However, if you look at the secrets count, it is very high. I did not find any end level trigger. Just drive up the ramp and crash into the water and die to end the level.