Sector (AAY-D) in Military Area

Level by Piotr Klonowski (Pedros) (October, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] This level is painful to play because you cannot save and restore if you die. This fact is not mentioned in the author's notes but was noted by all the reviewers. You have to play the entire game without saving or you will be trapped and cannot finish the game. Of course, after the Nth try, you should know where all the death traps are located. [End note]

Start by sliding down a slope and drop into a tunnel in a military complex. There are two directions to go so you immediately think that there will be a lot of back tracking. And you would be correct.

Go south and into the crawl space. Follow to drop at the end into the south room to kill a guard. Pick up a key card that does not have a picture that shows in the inventory. Also notice how you got here in an air duct so you know where to go when you have to go back. In the south-west and north-east corners are doorways guarded by deadly green lasers. Behind the box at the west wall are red shotgun shells. That is all you can do here, so back into the air duct and go back and then into the north crawl space. Drop into the north room and hop onto a wooden box for the shotgun. Go north to see two tunnels and take the north one. Follow to a room with four doorways guarded by deadly green lasers. Kill the two guards and pull the switch at the back east wall. Then return to the north room and go into the west tunnel and go down a ramp to kill a dog. Pick up two Uzi ammo beside the ramp.

Enter the open door and kill two guards. You get a flyby of the area ending with an item that you have to get. Go into the north tunnel and follow past a closed door into a red-lit room. Kill the guard and go to the north-east corner for Uzi ammo. Notice the map of sector 4 next to the big ERROR sign on the east console. On the west console is a map of sector 3. I never found sector 3. Enter the doorway in the west wall. Follow to a ladder and climb up to a tunnel. Follow to enter a room and kill a guard. Sprint down the south corridor as fires start behind you. At the end go right to pull a switch. Carefully make you way back through the fires. Get down the ladder and go back to the room with the central column.

Go to the south side of the central column and use the key card to open the door in the south wall. Enter and jump up to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing over the deadly floor and drop to a safe tile. Had you been here earlier, a gap in the monkey swing would have stopped you. Enter the north tunnel and go left to push a button. Return and go to the right and enter another tunnel. At the first branch, go left and kill a guard. Enter a purple-lit room and pick up pistols, which you already have, and pull a switch on the west wall. Exit and continue north down the tunnel. At a T-junction, to the right is the room with the central column and the red lasers are gone. Go left and follow the tunnel to climb some boxes. This will be called the box room for later reference. Pick up three Uzi ammo from the top of some boxes. Drop into hole at an east door for Uzi ammo. Finally get into the south-west corner for another tunnel. Kill a guard, pick up pistols and pull a switch on the west wall. Exit and back to the room with the central column. Go back up the ramp to the north room and the entrance crawl space. Crawl back to the south room with two green laser doorways in the corners. The green lasers are off.

First go to the south-west doorway. Follow the tunnel to a room to pick up blue shotgun shells, flares, and two Uzi ammo. Then go to north-east doorway and enter the tunnel. See the sign above the door for sector 4. Enter and just follow the tunnel. At the end, safety drop into a very wide tunnel. In the diagram below, E is where you enter the tunnels, S is red shotgun shells, and X is the exit you have to find.

As you approach the exit door it opens for you. Enter and the next door opens as well. Kill a guard in an alcove and go into the alcove. Press the three buttons and exit. Enter the open door at the bottom and go up the stairs inside. At the end you drop into sector 4 but now it is flooded. You drop in at X as well so swim back to entrance and pull up. Go back to the entrance of sector 4. If you go north you come to a green laser. So forget about it for now and go back into the air duct crawl space. Crawl back to the north room. Enter the section with the four green lasers and one of them is gone. Enter opening #2 and go up the ramp to press the button. The red lasers are deadly.

Exit back to the north room and go west down the ramp, through the room with the central column and into the west door. Return to the box room and go to the north-west corner. The door is open so enter a tunnel. Go up the ramp and at the top, kill a guard and take his disk. Press the button on the wall and a gate opens behind you. Go inside to use the disk in the receptacle in the north-east corner. Pull the switch on the south wall before you leave. Return through the crawl space back to the south room. Now go back to the green lasers near section 4. They should be off. If not, you have already lost, so exit the game and start again.

Climb the west structure for red shotgun shells. On the box to the north-west is Uzi ammo. On a box at the east wall is Uzi ammo. Go down the ramp in the north-east and kill a guard. Pick up his key. Press the button on the wall just besides the entrance. Pull a switch that is behind a box at the west wall. Go to the south-east corner and pick up the Uzi's. Beside the Uzi's is a tunnel in the east wall. Do not enter it, as it is a death trap. Go to the tunnel on the north-east and get a flyby of the area at the bottom of the tunnel. Go down the tunnel and kill two dogs. Pick up red shotgun shells from a box. Kill three guards and a dog near the bottom. Kill a guard shooting at you from high on the west wall. Pick up Uzi ammo from a box and two Uzi ammo from a console. Enter the west doorway to pick up two Uzi ammo, two blue shotgun shells, Uzi's and a large medipack. Go to the west side of the console and use the key. Hop onto the console and jump to the column in the north-west corner. Jump south and pick up the disk from the guard that you shot up there. Jump back to the receptacle on the column in the corner and use the disk.

A door opens at the floor level. Drop to the floor and enter the door. Follow the tunnel to a room. Use the three floor levers and exit. Enter the next open door and follow the tunnel. A door opens for you and you enter a laser-lined tunnel. At the end, a trap door opens so climb into another tunnel. Follow the tunnel past a sentry gun. At the end press three buttons and the door opens besides you. Enter the room that you left earlier. The green lasers are down in the east doorway. Go east to pick up two Uzi ammo, three blue shotgun shells and a small medipack. Exit here and go back to the room with the green lasers that should be still off. Enter an open door in the west wall. Follow the tunnel to a room with a door and a sign stating sector 5. Approach the door and it opens. Go north and look up at the ceiling for a map of sector 5. I have seen this room before in the Power from Mind. Jump the safe tiles and climb the ladder at the back of the column. At the top back flip into another tunnel. In the diagram below, red squares are deadly, green squares are safe, and the black square is the column with the ladder.

Follow the tunnel to a door that opens before you. Pick up two Uzi ammo and flares from the floor. Pull the switch and the trap door drops open. Get down and exit the room back to the air duct and crawl back to the north room again. Go into the room with the four green lasers and two of them are off. I never found the way to turn off opening #1. Go up the ramp in opening #3 to press a button. The red lasers are deady. Exit and go into opening #4 to press a button and the door to the right opens up. Enter and press two buttons to hear a door open. There are two Uzi ammo on the wall in front of you. Go north and through the open door into water. Swim to the bottom and swim west. You can swim up for air and go west into a corridor. Follow it to a room to kill a dog and two guards. There are red shotgun shells on the floor and a large medipack on a box. Go to the south-west corner to pull a switch. Now return to the water and swim south. Enter the small underwater tunnel in the south-west bottom corner. At the end swim up and pull up into a known corridor. Go left through the central column room and back to the box room. Crawl over the boxes to the open door in the west wall.

Follow the tunnel and kill a dog. Go east down a ramp. At the bottom, pull up and see a closed trap door to the south. Go north to press a button and the trap door opens. Go there and dive into the water. Swim down and follow the underwater tunnel. Pull up and climb into a corridor. Turn south and kill a guard. Go north and enter a room to kill two dogs and a guard. Pick up two disks from the ledge at the south wall. The go a north-west ledge for another two disks. Use the four disks in the receptacles. Exit and go south to see your prize and an open door. Do not pick it up yet, as it is deadly.

Enter the open door and follow it past a closed door and over a closed trap door. Kill a dog and a guard and pick up Uzi ammo. Look over the console and you can see a key lock. Go south and the door opens for you. Enter a room to pick up a key and Uzi's. An earthquake also starts so exit and use the key in the lock to hear the trap door drop. Get into the trap door tunnel to press a button. You hear a door open, so climb out and go west to the open door. Enter the corridor to kill a guard in the corner. Follow the corridor to pick up Uzi ammo and kill a dog. At the end, kill a guard and go left for blue shotgun ammo. Go east and pass a large complex map. Follow the corridor past a closed door and go up the ramps to a button. Press the button and go back to the door. Enter it and you are back in the room with the prize. The east door is now open. If you look into the south door, you can see that the tunnel has collapsed. The center tile is now safe so pick up the Hand of Sirius from the center of the room. Go east and follow the tunnel to a door that opens for you. Kill a guard and continue south-east. There is nothing at the red lasers. Step onto an elevator shaft and the level ends.