Return to Jazimiya
by Verner (Miya)

This is an unauthorised walkthrough by Monika Pietsch.
This walkthrough is meant as a guideline to get you to the end of the level, even so there might be other ways too.

5 Golden Skulls
4 Secrets


You drop into a spiral of rays. Look for a switch and go over and push it.
A hole in the floor opens up. Slide down. Watch a fly-by seeing von Croy running to an opening. When you finished sliding down go to the right side and in a niche you find the Lasersight.
Follow von Croy. When you want to go the way he took a door will drop just in front of your nose. So just let him wave for you and climb up the steps.
You enter an area with a pool, a closed door on the right and a central block.
Go into the water. Climb from the right side to the block and collect some explosive arrows. Turn to the south side and with a running jump go over to a niche. There is a pedestal with a Golden Skull on it. Taking the skull opens a brown door. Go to the far end of the pool and climb out. In the middle of this back part you will find the Crossbow.

Go to the left side of the walkway/bridge. The dark part in the wall is a movable block. Pull / push it out of the way. To the right side is a spike trap.
When you go to the left an invisible warrior appears. You can shoot him with pistols. Go through the open door. Watch out for poisonous darts in the middle.
You see golden doors on both sides. Maybe you should get your Crossbow combined with the Lasersight now. When you go forward a white wraith appears. The floor with the black circle is a firetrap. Go over it with a running jump. Run to the left side. Use the Crossbow and shoot a swinging blue ball. Turn and run to the other side (always being followed by the white wraith) and over breakable wooden boards. Near the end jump to the right. Then jump up and grab the monkey bar. Swing over to the other side. The door opens when you approach. Push the switch and you see the door near the beginning of the pool opening. Jump over the switch and run around the corner. On the left side is a niche switch. Use it and it will stop the spikes around a ceiling underwater switch. Now a second white wraith has come out. Get as fast as you can back and jump into the water.

Climb out and make your way to the open door.
Swim in and right to the end.
Pull the ceiling underwater switch. This triggers the spikes around a skeleton. Turn and swim up. Collect some flares and a small medi-pack.
Crawl in where the skeleton is. Crawl to the left, left and right. Slide down and go left, left and right till you see big round door. Go to the left side of the door and behind a tree you will find a large medi-pack and a high wall switch. Pull it and it opens a high up brown door. Jump over to a tree trunk and climb up. Slide a little and with a forward jump grab the edge. Pull up and go on and drop into water.
The current will pull you to where you can get out. Jump over to a breakable bridge and from there to the left. You enter a big area with a central structure and a turning artefact on a pedestal guarded by red rays.
On the right side are spikes, so go to the left side and in the southeast corner climb onto a block with a fountain. Grab the edge of the next block and from there jump into a dark cave. You will find a Golden Skull and a Secret there.
Go over to the north side and enter between the spikes. Behind you some spikes will pop up and block the exit. Kill an invisible warrior. Climb up and jump into the water. Most openings are closed, but you can get air there. Near a golden door is a room.
Climb up and push a switch. This opens the golden door. Swim to the left and climb out.
Push one block forward. Then push the block to your right to another room. There push a block and then this one next to it, so it is out of the way. Both blocks should be on a square with circles.
Go back and push the 2. and 4.block forward. Then the 3.block to the side and behind it is a niche switch. Use it and a block will be lowered.
Go to the next room and through a crawlspace. Run over a breakable bridge. Pull a high wall switch. This lowers a second block. Pick up a small medi-pack. Go to the opening. Inside pick up some grenadegun ammo and push a switch. Go back outside. The 2 golden doors are open.
Jump to the upper opening with a standing jump. Collect a Golden Skull and a Secret.
Drop into the water and swim through the other door.
The second turn on the right brings you to spikes and a closed door.
Swim to the left side. On the left side you see a high closed door. Go straight ahead. Jump to the ledge with the black circle on it. Turn left and jump over to a ledge there.
With a standing jump grab the climbable surface. Go up just a little over the lower part. Back flip, slide and jump forward to grab the stone bridge. Drop and look for the crevice. Use it to go around the corner till you reach a climbable surface. From there back flip into an opening. Push the switch there. This stops the fire around a skeleton. Drop into the water and climb out at the ledge with the black circle. Make your way up to the stone bridge once more. Jump over to where the skeleton is. Grab the crevice and transverse to the left. Climb up and use the climbable surface to get to a high wall switch. Pull it.
Then use the crevice again to get back to the ledge with the skeleton. From there do a standing jump over to the stone bridge. Go left and climb into the open door.
Collect a Golden Skull and a Secret.
Fall into the water and climb out at the entrance. Go now to the right side door. Watch a fly-by. There are beetles coming out. Pick up a large medi-pack on the left side and in the room behind the door a small medi-pack on the left side. Jump into the waterhole to leave the beetles. A current will pull you along. Once you can get out you have to deal with an invisible warrior.
This is a very colourful area. There is a closed door on the north side with 2 lions on the sides. Go over to the south side. On the right side is a block. Climb up and jump forward to grab a climbable wall. Transverse around the corner and drop and grab to pull a high wall switch.
This opens the door and turns the lava into water. Go back to the block and use the climbable wall to reach the opening of the door.
Inside the room jump into the waterhole. When you climb out turn and jump over to the ladder. Climb up and push a switch. This will stop the red rays around the artefact. With a running jump pull the high wall switch on the opposite wall. Go into the hole and forward. A golden door opens automatically. You are back in the room with the stone bridge. Go out and on till you reach the water. Swim to the left and right. You come to the room with the spikes and the door is open now. Before you go through the door go to the right side and run through the spikes. Behind the tree you find a Golden Skull and a Secret. Run back through the spikes. You will loose a little bit of health.
Watch out for poisonous darts and breakable wooden boards. When you come to the steps turn round and pull a high wall switch. This will raise a block on the bridge. You will be in a room with a pool. There is nothing you can get here.
Go over the bridge and the exit door closes. Climb onto the block, turn left and jump over to grab the edge. Pull up and go on. Drop down.
Hint: stepping on to the square with the circles closes the door. So if you jump into the water and swim to the end of the bridge and climb out the door will stay open and you donít have to bother with the block.
Then you should have full health before attempting the next drop. You are back in the room where the exit was blocked by spikes. If you walk towards them, they will disappear.
When you are outside go to the right and use a yellow block and from there go up to the artefact. Before taking it, go to the other side to collect a small medi-pack from a pedestal. Watch out for firetraps on both sides. Go back and take the Iride. An earthquake starts. Go back onto the yellow block and from there use a running jump to get over to the ledge. The spikes have disappeared. Go to the open door.
Just pass through the room and notice a closed door. In the room with the fountain, go to the far right corner. You see a high wall switch. Use the climbable wall and twist jump to pull the switch. This lowers a block in the left corner. Go there and push a switch.
Now the door you just passed is open. When you go through the door the earthquake will stop. Go along the right side. Pass through the next room and when you go around the corner (near the puddle) you have to eliminate an invisible warrior.
Climb onto the wall and jump to the block on the left side.
With a running jump grab the high wall switch. This opens the door at the end of the room. Donít go down. There is a firetrap.
Go back up and jump over the gaps. When you go on watch out for poisonous darts.
Once you are at the top of the stairs and enter the room 2 Ahmets appear. Kill them, but preferably from the outside.
You can climb the transparent block just for the fun of it.
The next room is a mirror room. Look for the hidden firetraps.
Take one step forward, turn and jump up to grab the ledge. You will find a small medi-pack up there. You have to find a slope to leave. It is hidden underneath the square in front and to the right of the skeleton. Slide down and jump forward just in time to grab the ladder. Climb up and look for another ladder to climb down. There is a waterhole. Jump in and look for a room where you can climb out. You see 4 niche switches. Be careful, because 3 are firetraps. If you use the dark red one the golden door down below will open.
Go there and a current will pull you along and you will drop into an area with a round door. Push the switch there and the door will open. Go there and you will enter a light tunnel. This is the end.