Tomb Raider Resurrection 3:
Burial Chambers/Hall of Demetrius
by Dirk Arnicke

Walkthrough written by Cher and posted here with her permission.

Slide down, jump into the water, and notice a large gated area ahead, and a closed gate to the right, swim through the passage on the left.
Surface and climb the ladder, back flip onto the ledge and go around and crawl into the next room, go to the right and pick up some revolver ammo. Continue around once more and into yet another room, on the right this time pick up some flares. Instead of going on to the next room, jump into the water, come out and pull a block out, causing an earthquake. Jump back into the water and swim all the way through (the gate is now open) to the ladder and go back up and all the way through the rooms again.

At the last room, go down the stairs, through the wreckage and down some more stairs, jump into the water and grab the "Sands of Time". Head back up the stairs and go back to the last room (the one with the ladder), either by way of the ledges, or jumping in the water and swimming through. A gate has opened.

At the end of the passage, across the way on the left you see where you have to go but no way of getting there, the water level is too low. Jump into the water and find a water passage to swim through and out to a floor lever, this completely drains the area. Climb on some blocks to get to another opening above where the water passage was and find another lever. This re-fills the area but to a higher level than previously so you can swim over to the exit hallway on the WEST wall.

Get ready for an awesome flyby of this new area. Hope over to the next ledge, turn left and jump/grab over again. Walk carefully up to an opening, turn around and climb down a ladder. Find a small pool of water to swim into, notice a floor lever you cannot use yet, there is also a ceiling switch to pull. Swim back out. Climb all the way back up the ladder, turn around and jump over the opening towards an area with 3 gates, go to the left and a giant bee attacks, kill it and continue over left. Go down some steps, turn/drop/grab, and let go and grab again (a shimmy crack), shimmy around left. Go into the room, avoid the multicolored squares, pick up the revolver. Pull the switch, the door closes behind you, head over to a slope and slide down backwards, grab the edge and shimmy right to exit.

Now the hole you were swimming in before has been drained, go down the ladder and push the floor lever, a gate to the right of the large ladder opens.

Pull the center block out onto the multicolored square, climb up and drop into the center for a secret. Climb back onto the blocks and on the back wall, pull a block out 2 squares, a gate in the wall to the left opens. Pull a switch and a block rises, pull a block out onto the raised one and pull the switch again. Push the block over into the corner towards the entrance. Now, push the block once that you pulled out from the back wall, the other gate opens, do the same thing. The 3 gates behind the ladder open. Before you leave this room, take note of the area in the ceiling you cannot get to yet.

Go back up the ladder to the 3 gates. Behind these gates are levers that fill, partially fill, and drain the area. Go to the one with the 3 marks on the floor. This is to fill the area. Pull the lever, the door closes, the room fills up, pull it again to open the door. Swim back to the room where you moved all the blocks and up into the ceiling, here you can place your Timeless Sands. Before leaving, look around a little to find the Uzis and some ammo, swim back into the main area. The grate over the large pool in the floor is opened, you can pick up some ammo. Head for a ledge in the NE corner to pull up onto and go into the room.

Grab the ladder and shimmy around all the way right, back flip to land on a ledge. Climb on the block and monkey-swing over the spikes and hop down to push a lever. A gate leading out of the area in the water is opened, swim through there and back to the water switches. This time, pull the switch with the 2 marks on the floor to partially drain the area. Swim back to the gate you just came out of and pull up onto the ledge. Go in and pull a switch opening the gates to the right. Pull out 2 blocks onto the blue and tan squares. The block in the left opening has a secret behind it. The doors at the top where you pushed the floor lever are now open, go back and flood the area again and do the ladder, shimmy, back flip, monkey-swing again. Go in and push the switch, the spikes you went over have retracted, go there and push that switch, a door across the way at the top of a ladder opens but you need to partially drain the area again. Climb up the ladder and in the room, grab half of the eye piece. You get a cut scene of an electrically charged room.

Go back and flood the area again and head to the ledge in the NW corner. Watch for poison darts in this area, swim across the way to the ledge where beetle is on the wall, and pull 2 wall switches, opening another door to this area on a lower level. Partially drain the area and return by way of the lower entrance. Swim over to the ledge you can pull out onto and you are faced with a timed spike run. This is not nearly as bad as it looks. The tile with the skull stops the spikes for enough time. The trick is starting behind the tile, hitting it as the spikes go down and jumping BEFORE the end as to have enough room to run/jump to the next block, aiming your landing so as to have room to run/jump again, etc. Pull the switch and go in to take the 2nd eye piece and the laser sight. Swim back to the other side, climb out and then swim out into the main area.

There is a gate thatís opened behind the ladder, first go up and this time completely drain the area using the switch with one mark. Enter the new area, this one is very dark. To the left as you enter, jump up a slope for the crowbar, continue back behind the building and look up on the rear wall for a crawl space. Pick up a Ra Cartouche and pull a switch, you hear some slicing blades somewhere, climb out and continue around the building. The shotgun is lying on the ground and near, thereís a hole to jump into for a secret, a large medi. Continue around to the front of the building, there are some bats in this area, go inside and up the steps, thereís some revolver ammo on the upper ledge. Notice the hole above, go back and flood the area again.

Return to the cave area and swim up into the hole in the ceiling, pull out and continue through the passage. Youíll see the revolving, slicer dicer and a ladder across. Timed just right you have enough time right after it passes to run/jump for the ladder and climb up quickly. You may want to consider saving first (lol). Part way up, back flip into an opening and push a floor lever. You get a cut scene of the electrified room and a block lowers to access the room, across from the 3 water switch area. Grab the ladder again and continue upwards, you reach another area where the blades can get you, make sure you are at full health and as soon as the pass, start climbing again, youíll lose a little health (at least I did). Enter another cave like passage, follow it, and slide watching out for a spike pit.

This is a nasty little timed gate through fire blowers run. Stepping on the skull tile opens the door . . . . . good luck! Once through, drop through the opening into the main area and head for the new opening.

Take a look at the electric area if you wish but thereís nothing to be done there yet. Instead, head into an area to the side and into some water, emerge into a blue/tan block area, and climb up into an opening. This is a multi moving block area. Of the 4 blue/tan blocks up here, 2 are movable. Pull them both out and over to the side. Enter the room as you are facing NORTH, jump over to the right for some ammo. Jump to the center and down to the ledge behind. The purpose in this area is to move the blocks farthest from the entrance to gain access to the 2 nearest the entrance and push them onto the colored squares. When this is accomplished, a door on the ground level opens in the center structure, pull a switch which opens a door on the ledge under the entrance to this area. As you take the Sun Disk, 2 giant bees attack, kill them and return to the top where some blocks have reason allowing your exit from the area.

Now go to the second opening you made and straight back and to the left, push a block in once. Turn around and to the left is another block, push it to cover the doorway, go around to the right and push it out of the area and over to a side. Now maneuver the first block you pushed out of the room also. Go back in, to the right and find a switch to pull and a door near the entrance opens. In here, pull a block out to find some crossbow ammo, push it back in, another block gets pulled out to reveal a switch, then push it back. Find another open door to the left of the entrance this time. Push/pull a couple of blocks on the sides of a step. Another block, pull out and push towards the entrance to reveal some more crossbow ammo and the crossbow, put the block back. Go further in to a larger open area with 3 moveable blocks. Move the first 2 blocks out and over to the left to go in farther and move 2 blocks to rest on patterned squares. A door opens, go in and pick up the Sun Goddess.

Go back out and drop back through the opening, into the water and swim back to go into the electrified room. Walk up to the glowing pillar, combine the Sun Goddess with the Sun Disk to make the Sun Talisman and place it. The Talisman floats above and conducts the electricity from conductor to conductor, de-activating the mines on the one area youíve not gone to yet. Leave this area, jump into the water and swim over to the ledge on the right, as you enter the building, part 2 loads, "Hall of Demetrius".

Take care of the dog that attacks, go to the right and pick up some revolver ammo, then turn around for the double rope swing. Pick up the 2nd Ra Cartouche and swing back where a demigod awaits. As you approach the half wall, it raises, as you enter 2 more dogs attack. Step on a ledge on the right and then pull up onto a higher one. Jump across to the center and then over to a ledge on the opposite wall and push the floor lever, a block raises on the center ledge. Use the block to climb higher and place one of your cartouche pieces, walk around to the front of the center area and run/jump across to place the other cartouche piece.

Turn to the left and run/jump/grab over to the ledge under the monkey swing, when you get there, turn and take care of the demigod who appears where you just were, then monkeyswing over to the far ledge. Turn to run/jump/grab across to the highest level of the center structure, you see a demigod waiting, take care of him when you get over. Move the objects on to their respective colored squares. A door opens across from where the last demigod was standing, jump over there and into the open doorway and pull the switch, return to the corner ledge and back again to the center.

Two ropes have dropped out of the ceiling, from the 2nd rope, you are swinging to a ledge on the right. Pull the switch and jump back over to on top of where you placed the cartouche. Rope swing again and this time from the second rope, swing into an opening you just created with the switch. Grab and SAVE, this is a double slide/jump/grab. Flip a switch and a door opens, when you go in, you will have an extremely long and (if you donít understand German) boring flyby. IMHO this was the only bad part of this double level. You see the burial chamber open opposite the center structure and the door under the monkey swing area rolls open. You exit this room, drop down to ground level. You can go into the burial chamber if you like but it serves no purpose. Continue through the open door between the 2 statues. As you approach the Eye of Horus door, a demigod attacks, kill him, use the eye and exit the level.

NOTE: Iíve read in help threads that there was a golden star. But after playing this level 3 times, I never found it, never used my crowbar and never needed a star.