Level by Nadia Rubin (November, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Start in front of a closed door. Go to the right through a doorway and kill a dog. Go to the West and pull up to the back wall for the crossbow. While you are up here, follow the green wall to the East end and pick up explosive crossbow ammo. Return back to the West end of the wall and jump down. Go East at ground level and pick up shotgun shells from an opening in the North wall. Continue East and turn North to see a barricade. Shoot it and pick up the shotgun. Notice the receptacle for an item. Kill the scorpion that is probably after you by now. Continue North and notice that the first West left offset has nothing. Kill the two blue ninjas that you have attracted from the East. The second West offset has a closed door. The third West offset has a climbable wall. Climb up for two shotgun shells and notice a closed small double door. Get down and go East past another closed small double door to the North. At the end go South pass two lion statues. The first East offset has a closed door at the end. The second East offset has a closed door and an open doorway. The third East offset has an open doorway.

Enter the second East offset doorway but be careful of the scissor trap. Go to the North-East corner and climb the blocks. Jump the gap to the South and go to the right and kill a bat. Turn around and climb down there to pick up the winding key and secret #1. I do not know why it is a secret since it is essential to finish the game. Climb back up and you can jump the gap to trigger a falling spike ball but there is nothing to get there. Exit and go South to the third East offset. Go into the door and climb down. Go around the walls being careful of the flames and pull a switch. Get a cut scene of the small double doors on the North wall. Climb back up and exit this door. You come back later but first you have to collect some items. Exit and kill a scorpion and go North to the open doors. Jump to the island and kill a crocodile and two scorpions. In the water go the South-East to pick up Cartouche Piece 1 from a block.  Now swim into the hole in the North wall. Some gates have been raised so swim straight to the end and pull up. Turn around and kill the two crocodiles that are tailing you. You may to jump back into the water a few times to lure them closer.

When they are dead, search the water for flares and a large medipack. Climb back up and pick up explosive crossbow ammo. Pull the jump switch on the wall to the right and hear a gate opening. Go to the water entrance and jump to grab the West wall. Climb up through the gate and go to the right. Get a cut scene of the area showing you the second puzzle piece. Notice a ladder to the South behind you. Go East and kill a bat. Go West to pick up explosive crossbow ammo from a block and get rid of the mummy. Go to the South to get grenade shells. Go into the middle section where the chain is to kill a bat and find the revolver and a large medipack. Back out and jump the block beside the ladder. Jump to another block and then to the block with the chain. Turn West and jump to another block and follow the ledge to a room with a ladder. The floor is deadly so grab the ladder and climb up. Continue to go a crawl space. Climb a little way down a ladder and back flip to a ledge. Turn around and jump to the wall to kill a bat and pick up Cartouche Piece 2. Slide down and go back to the entrance. Climb the wall there and pull up to pick up a small medipack. Now go South and enter the corridor.

Kill a bat, follow the corridor and a door opens up for you. Just after the door turn right onto a pile of gold and right again to pick up the Mechanical Scarab. Continue South and kill a bat. Turn the corner and kill a blue ninja. Drop down a hole into a green area. In the South is a green wall with a closed door at the top. So go East and an earthquake starts. First keep making left turns until you pick up the grenade gun. Search the rest of this simple maze for revolver ammo and a switch. Use the switch to get a cut scene of the door at the green column opening. Exit the maze, get a large medipack from the South-East corner, and climb the wall. You are back in the beginning area at the first East offset. Go to the third East offset and go to the South-East corner. Make the Mechanical Scarab with Key and use it to eliminate the spikes. Go to the other side and pick it up again. Make the Ba Cartouche and us it and get a cut scene of the double short door opening at the third West offset. Go to the North-West, climb the wall and go into the doors. To the right of the tall closed door is a room with a motorcycle.

Mount the motorcycle and the tall doors open. Drive through the doors and follow the road. Keep to the left after the first turn to jump a gap. The right side has deadly fire. Continue and break through a wall. Drive over a blue ninja and pickup the small medipack that he drops. Eventually you hear some spikes pop up behind you. Drive up a small ramp to kill a blue ninja and stop as a door opens for you. The spikes are ahead and you are in a loop that returns you back here. Get off the motorcycle and look East towards a switch. This overlooks the island you visited earlier. Use the switch and get a cut scene of a door opening. Dive into the water, get to the island and kill a dog. Go to the South and climb the wall back to the beginning area. Go to the second West offset and enter the open door. Get rid of the mummy. Break the two urns and kill two bats. Use the switch and get into the water hole.

Swim down the tunnel and at a T-junction, loop right to pick up the Hand of Sirius. Reverse and go straight and take either left turn to surface and pull up onto a ledge. Climb the South wall over the water and enter a room with blocks leading to an upper doorway. Climb the blocks and the door open for you. Exit into the second East offset. Go to the receptacle to the South-West. Kill a bat and use the Hand of Sirius. The doors that you started in front of, have opened. Go North and turn left into the first West opening and enter those doors. As you run towards the fountain, e level ends.