Level by Igor

Walkthrogh by Yoav

Start by sliding down a snowy slope. Kill the dogs and come to a deep pool with shallow water. Climb down the north wall and pick up a large medipack, then head to the middle of the pool and get the flares. Now if you look up to the sky you'll see the location of an invisible bridge. Climb back and find the right place to cross the bridge over a snowy valley. On the other side, climb the south block and drop into a hole for a small medipack. Climb out and deal with two dogs, then head toward a tunnel and reach the other valley, and you have to deal with three dogs. Head north over the blocks and climb to the top, jump up, grab the stone ledge and monkey swing across the valley and land onto a block with a lever. Pull the lever and go back the first valley, keep north and look for a raising block next to the closed gate. Climb into a room, get the revolevr ammo and a large medipack, then pull the lever and the gate outside is open.

Follow to a Tibetan place with high columns. Get revolver ammo next to the north climbable column. Climb up the column and backflip/land onto the one from behind. Keep jumping the next columns reach the other climbable column and climb up to the snowy ledge. Go east and climb the window, enter the Tibetan building, climb the short block for a large medipack, then reach the hole. Grab the wall and climb down, at the bottom a gate will open for you. Enter a room with four statues and notice each one has an object apart of one. Look for a closed gate at the west and a receptacle in the north wall. Head east and look for a closed gate on both sides of the passage.

Enter the next room and watch the marked tile. Simply jump over a safe tile and reach the other side room. Enter the west alcove, get the Eye Piece and the gate opens for you. Pull the lever and follow the passage, pick up a small medipack. Head over the closed gate but first enter a room before. Pick up set of large medipack, two small medipacks and 14 revolver ammo!!! Go to the gate (it will open automatically) and follow out to a courtyard. Before you'll be able to pull the lever you have to kill 32 dogs. As soon as you finish with these dogs, pull the lever to open the south gate. Go over there and get The Timeless Sands.

Go back to the statues room and stand in front of the south-west statue. Bring the missing timeless sands and the west gate opens. Follow to a shallow water pool. Head south and crawl into a crawlspace, pick up the flares and run down the slope, get the small medipack and keep running down the next slope, at the end climb the wall. Go north-west and pull the lever to open the gate next to you. Enter a dark alcove and pull another lever, it will open two gates, one at the east wall and another one in the shallow pool. Safety drop down to the bottom of the pool, go east and climb the west wall into an alcove, get the second Eye Piece.

Climb up the ladder and once again you're back in the statues room. Combine the pieces and get the Eye of Horus. Place it on the north wall receptacle and the wall opens. Run up the ramp and pull the lever to open the last gate. Enter into the dark passage and the level ends.