Level by Sheevah.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.


Step off the slope and after sliding, sidejmp to the right, to escape from the boulder. Go down and around the corner, run past the block to the left and get behind it, for boulder 2 comes from behind. Go back where it came from and climb up the ladder, throw the switch up there and go back down, the Revolver stays there. Look for flares under the pillar to the left and go on down the slopes to the gate youíve opened, jmp over the pit and go up the ladder to go outside, run left and turn immediately to the right again, kill 3 Tigers and go around the corner at the boulders, go to the big Cave.


First Cave.

Jmp to the ledge on the right side of the icy bridge and standjmp to the lower pillar, drop to the floor and go along the North wall to a pushable block of ice, get the red Gem from under it and go to the small pillar in the South, climb on and turn, jmp to the higher one and so on till you can reach the high pillars along the South wall, get ammo and pull the switch on the last one (a gate in the North wall opens).

Go down the pillars again and go East along the South wall, at the dark spot, locate the push block and push it in till you can enter the passage to the right, get the Snowbike and head NW to the open gate. Drive up the slope and stop in the corner, to the right is a pit next to the slope, go in and past the spikes, get the flares and climb the slope in front of you. Climb the pillar in front and roll/runjmp to the jmpswitch and see how a block is raised at the spikes. Go back to the bike and proceed with speed.

Over the spikes and keep right at the next pit, down the steep slope hitting your brakes and to the right, stop in front of the gate, place the Gem and look for the alcove a little back, thereís a ladder leading to the 1st "Star", remember it, you need the Crowbar first! Go on to the icy bridge and over with the bike, stop after the jmp and go pull the lever, turn left and look over the edge.

Second Cave.

Run onto the pillar below and drop to the floor, get in tot the gate that opened and go right, in next cave look for the Crowbar in front of the gate and climb the pillars to get some ammo, down to the floor and back to 1st cave, go follow the passage you used with the bike to get the 1st "Star". Get it and return using the ladder next to the steep slope to climb up. In the passage to the 2nd cave, look on the wall to find and use the switch to open the door in the South passage.

Icy Labyrinth.

Turn as you enter to kill the 2 Dogs and proceed to push a block to the end, till you see another to your left and a passage to the right. Back up a bit and push in the other block to claim Secret #1, the Uzi. Enter the next passage. Shoot the invisible window at the end of the passage and youíll see a very ugly creature running towards you, pull out the Uziís and go right, when he comes into range, start shooting and backflipping into the passage.

You will just have enough ammo, enter the labyrinth, go left and to the end, pull a block in front of the entrance all the way out and go around to the other side to push another block in so you can enter. Go L/R/L, push the block in all the way and go R/L/L to the ladder, up and turn around, jmp to the ledge South and then to the slope left, shimmy right to the end, pull up, backflip/ roll/ grab and go left to hang on the spiketrap, pull up so you get on when the spikes are up and runjmp to the left slope in the South slide back to the ledge and go up the ladder, 5 slides and jmp to the whitish ledge in front, stand with your back to the slope in the North and backflip over it, grab the edge and hang, pull up/backflip/roll and grab the corner ledge, runjmp to the lever.

Go back to the corner ledge and jmp across to the ledge to go to the ropes and get your butt toasted, swing all the way to the other side, turn left and swing to the right side of the hanging point to grab the crack, shimmy right and drop on the ledge around the corner, turn climb the ladder and pull the jmpswitch to open the exit gate, jmp back to the crack and get the Key. Drop off the crack at the key and land on a slope, keep jmping till you reach the ledge with the spikes, climb the wall to the exit, this passage leads to Secret #2 (no doubt about that), the Revolver. Climb down the ladders and from the ledge you can safety drop onto the wall of the labyrinth, go back to the passage to go to the beginning of the level. Open the doors with the Key

Room with the Golden Key.

Kill the Dog and shoot 2 vases, get the medpack and the Lasersight, the 2nd "Star" and pull the vase to the right of the exit from the wall to find the torch, go to the other vase and look next to it in the corner, a trapdoor to open, throw the torch in after you lit it outside and follow down light 2 torches and climb the ladder, kill the Tiger and get the Key.

Down 1st cave again and up the ladder in 2nd cave, when you went to the gate there before, a Dog appeared behind it, when heís behind the gate looking out, run into him with the bike, great show Old Boy!.

Room with the Silver key.

Bit strange, but back up the bike inside and leave it at the entrance, go over to the left pool and get some ammo on the right hand ledge. Look back into the room and see the ugly beast standing there, run for the bike and hop on quick, as soon as he comes close, heís dead, without shooting once (great way to kill a bunch of Tigers too), back to the left pool and dive into the tunnel.

Underwater Labyrinth.

Go L straight through the small hole, left and keep left to reach Secret #3, the Crossbow. Back to the pool for air, in the tunnel again, go straight and at the sloped floor right, up at the crossing and donít swim straight up, lean a little forward, so Lara breaks the surface, turn West and get ammo and go into the tunnel to the right, go left and up left for Secret #4, the Shotgun. Back for air at the blue crossing. Take the East tunnel and follow to a lever to pull, (opens the gate in the other pool) back again, and go back to the pool room, in the other pool, look for the 3rd "Star" on the North ledge.

The gate in the pool is now open; go in and follow past a gate to the lever, this will open the gate, get some air where the gate was and proceed, get some ammo to the left and go on to pull next lever to break the ice over the air hole in the other pool, go there and pull the lever (changes lava into water), pull the lever in the centre pool where the lava was. A block will lower, so you can pull out the moveable block on the North wall of the pool room, save your game and pull, roll/runjmp to the first raised block and jmp to the right hand corner of the next, and runjmp/grab to the left a bit to get out of the spikes pull up, go to the NE corner to get the "Bronze Key". Drop to the pool, get the Bike and go to the snowball slope in the SW and leave the bike near the door to your right, as a Tiger killer for later.

Snow balls.

Go to the left and behind the snow hill is some ammo, up the slope, avoiding Snow balls and Tigers, go back to the bike for the Tigers or just kill them here, get some goodies in a gap to the left up there and go to the monkeyswing, all the way to the end and drop at the wall, slide and grab the edge, pull up/backflip onto the pillar in the lava. Stand jmp to the West wall in the after lining up with the binoculars and climb over. Find the jmpswitch on the wall in the SW and pull it to open a gate North from here. Go in and pull the switch, go up the crawl slope and use your Key to open the door.

Room with the Bronze Key.

Shoot 2 Dogs as you enter and see the Star in the flyby.

Shoot 2 vases on the other side of the room and the pillars in the corners will go up, climb on to the left one and runjmp to the sloped one in the North, slide/jmp to the centre one and immediately jmp/grab the monkeyswing, go to the end and drop at the 4th "Star", get it and climb the pillar to the right, runjmp to the monkeyswing aiming a bit SW and grab it, swing over the top of the centre pillar and drop, slide to the exit.

Rat room.

Backtrack to where you left the bike at the door, slide in and get the flares, go right and open the trapdoor, go down to get a medpack and a Christmas card (from Sheevah). Climb up and go to the vase in the NE corner and get the 5th "Star", shoot the vase on the other side of the room for some ammo and get out. Go use the monkeyswing on top of the snowball slope and go to the door there, place the Christmas card and shoot the Ugly Beast (how do you come up with those guyís), Enter and go put all the "Stars" in their receptacles. Kill another Ugly on the other side. Go through the big doors and get the "Death Mask" as your final reward.

****I did it My Way****