Dream Raider Prelude: The Dream Lake"
by Feng Meng Quiu / Dreamer

Walkthrough: Author: winsphinx

Parked the jeep, suddenly Lara saw a man in black. Ninja! Lara followed him to a house. (If you can pursue him, things are easy; but if you not, don't worry, go on!) Lara went to the back of the house and walked to the edge, then she saw a switch. Lara turned back and hung and pulled it then dropped into water.
Lara swam and swam, and then she found four colorful chairs and a stone table under the water. She found a GREEN Key on the green chair. Then she disembarked at the edge of a hill in water. She jumped and jumped into a hole in which there is a red pyramid. She found a RED Key.
Lara jumped into water and swam to the left to disembark nearby a stele. Now she went to that house again. She saw three Chinese characters upon the gate - Water Moon Nunnery. The gate was yet closeˇ-but a stone rose. Lara climbed to the roof and picked up a telescope. (You need to walk to the edge and look at the front though the scope, you'll find the first hole is red and the third one is blue; holding CTRL Key, you'll find the second one is green and the fourth is yellow. Remember!)
Lara went into the Nunnery though the hole at the roof, and picked up a BLUE Key, then she pulled the switch on the wall. The gate opened and the Ninja appeared. Lara killed him and got a WHITE Key.
Now Lara had spare time to enjoy scenery. She saw a stele in the right, on which there are two
Chinese characters-Dream Lake. Hmm, a dreamlike place in China. Lara thought, then she pulled a switch behind the stele.
Lara went to the jeep. She picked up the key and drove to the underground. She parked in front of the gate, and used the White Key to open the gate. She entered the Palace and rushed to the left front corner, climbed to the hole in the wall, entered another room, and killed the Ninja. She found a YELLOW Key. (You have only one chance to enter the room, so you must enter the room before Ninja stepped onto the Chinese YIN-YANG symbol.)
Lara went to the entrance of the room, jumped and grasped a stone ladder, moved to the backside and jumped and grasped another one. (Holding CTRL, press ALT and END) And so on till she got the YELLOW Key.
Lara left the room, and entered another room in opposite wall. She jumped and jumped and got a small medicine-pack. (To avoid circles, you should change direction during jumping.)
Now Lara had four keys -she was permitted to enter the secret place. So she drove to up-ground and found out a cave in a corner. She jumped into the cave and used four keys to open the door. She found an ICE ROSE and 10 CROSSBOW AMMOS.
Lara returned to the Palace. Now she saw three Chinese characters on the gate -
Great Ice Palace -in Chinese myth it is the Palace on the moon, in which lived a fairy. In the Palace, Lara saw a stele, on which there was such words: TO PRINCESS SHADOW -ICE NEVER THAWS, LOVE NEVER ENDS -WIND (WIND is the author)ˇ-Ice Palace and Ice Rose, how romantic it is!
Lara went to the back of that stele, opened a gate and entered a great ice hall. She found four holes, in every hole there is a different color pyramid. Lara recalled four holes on a hill, some pyramids are upwards and the others are downwards. So she pulled two of the switches, then a door in green hole was opened.
Lara entered the door, and jumped into a well. She swam and disembarked. She reached a wonderful gate, on which there are three characters -Hidden Dragon Hole. Lara turned back and saw four holes on a hill. She entered the left one, and saw three ways. In the middle way the character is up-to-down. So Lara chose this way. Now the gate was opened.
Lara entered.