Level by CHIdtch

Unauthorized Walkthrough by Gerty

You do NOT need the revised WAD. From the menu, choose Cleopatraís Palaces.

When the level starts, Lara is in the centre of a building and facing the choice of two ways to go, one in the east and one in the west.


Before doing anything else, pick up the arrows in the NE corner and go east first. This is a room with a small pool and a fountain. Your goal is a lever in the NE corner but a Harpy wonít let you. After killing the harpy, take a running jump from the block to the lever. This opens the door in the north. But first go in the pool and notice that door there and pick up the SHOTGUN.


Shoot the two benches and get the arrows and shotgun ammo. Behind the door (west wall) is a corridor, pick up the uzi ammo, and watch out for the clanking knives. Get the flares out of the Sarcophagus and run back to the hall. There are two other corridors in the back, go east first and in the Sarcophagus is a small medipack. Now go west and also watch the clanking knives and get the shotgun ammo. Now run out, as beetles will start nibbling, and behind the entrance door on the east is an opening so jump in the water.

Start swimming and keep going straight and into the hole there. Swim north and on the floor is the Horsemanís Gem. Better get back to get some air first.

Swim in again and to the left (N) take the right opening first, right again and the third opening to the right. Swim up, as there is a breathing hole in the ceiling. Pick up the CROSSBOW and Pharos Knot (W).

Get some air again and leave this room and go second to the left and first right, there is another breathing hole in the ceiling. If you want you can pick up some goodies like flares, shotgun ammo, a medipack and some arrows.

Now swim into the SE opening, first left, around the corner and first left again. You see underwater stairs. Get out and pick up the shotgun ammo. In the NE corner is a jump switch and even before you reach the corner, skeletons awake. A block appears near the water SW, jump on it and look north. Jump up and climb in. Here is another jump lever. Use it and get down, and climb on the block in the east. Here is a BEETLE, but you donít have the crowbar so remember this place.

Dive in the water, right and straight, see that pillar with the Pharos face, take a left and slightly right to get out to the hall, and up the ramp and go south.


Use the gem and find some arrows around the corner. Further down you see some buildings and a closed door. Go right and around the corner is a jump switch. Before you do anything else you better go and get that crowbar as your main goal is to collect the four Beetles and one is also to be found in here. So go out the door and up the ramp.


Go east and in the pool, the door is open there; swim in to the end and then right. Pick up the CROWBAR, turn and swim in the opening on the right again. To get up onto that ledge, be sure that Laraís feet donít tough the floor, she must be swimming. Get the right Beetle (# 1), as the left is a broken one and beetles will come out. Get out of the pool and go into the south opening once more.


Once in front of the building, climb that wall, holding on to the ivy, as that is climbable. A running jump to one of the windows and use the crowbar on the Beetle (# 2). Go back through the window that is covered with ivy, hang and shimmy left and climb up to the next floor. Find the Uzi left of the door opening. Once inside you can hear a harpy approaching and after you killed it open the Sarcophagus to find arrows. Climb through the left windows and find a small medipack. Climb down by way of the ivy and in the building on the ground floor the left bench has some uzi ammo. This also triggers a skeleton. You can leave now and remember the Beetle after that swim, now is the time to get it. It is north.


Behind the door right, get into the water and swim in, left, take the right opening, right and straight ahead and left at the end. Jump on the second block and pry that Beetle (# 3) from the wall. Back into the water and swim out.


Down the ramp and left and right are beetles and in the corner (NE) you can pick up some arrows before getting the last Beetle.

The beetle on the left is a broken one and releases beetles and triggers a Demigod. In the other room the left Beetle is also broken; the right one is the Beetle (# 4) and triggers two Demigods.

Place the four Beetles in the pyramid and get the Mechanical Scarab. Now dive into the water and find the Winding Key.

Using the Mechanical Beetle with Key.

Keep going and go straight (W), use the Mechanical Beetle with Key for the first time. Right and left are benches and after shooting them you get a small medipack and shotgun ammo. Go back to the middle and use the Scarab for the second time.

Room with two fountains

You can get a medipack and shotgun ammo in the fountains and a Harpy makes Laraís life a bit difficult. Walking up the stairs will trigger another Harpy and a skeleton. There is nothing in both the Sarcophagi, but right of the right Sarcophagus is another Pharos Knot.
First enter the corridor on the south, climb the stairs and then onto the ledge.

Climb the ladder and halfway do a back flip. Place one Pharos Knot. Down the ladder and now enter the corridor north. You see a pool with deadly water and Harpy. After killing the harpy, jump in the deadly water. Only the surface is deadly so you will use a bit of health. Enter and slide down and jump in the water. There is nothing to find in here so swim in the opening SE, and up and climb out. Crawl in and at the end Lara hits the finishing trigger with a Pharos knot tucked away in her backpack.