The Mansion

Level by Karsten Kleo (6 of 9)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Note: I give short name to Blue double Door = BDD

Start outside The Mansion. Lara stands on a block in the pool. Get down, take running around, shoot dog and soldier, notice he drops the Key, proceed to BDD, use the Key and enter to Mansion.

The Entrance

Go to right, shoot the piece of furniture, pick up FLARES, open the door, enter to kitchen, shoot soldier, nothing more to do so back to entrance. Go to left side, shoot the piece of furniture, open the door, enter to big room, pick up MEDIPACK and UZI CLIPS, turn and back to entrance, follow upstairs to second floor.

Second Floor and the Library

Turn left to end of the corridor, push the BDD, enter to big bedroom, open the left door, get inside the room, pick up MEDIPACK and SHOTGUN AMMMO. Get out, shoot the piece of furniture, pick up FLARES, climb onto the bed, pick up shotgun, push the next BDD, enter to shower stall, shoot dog that attacks, get into the small pool, pick up the crowbar. Return to corridor, proceed to other side, pass near the closed library door, take the left corner, open door, inside the bedroom pick up BIG MEDIPACK. Get out, turn left, push BDD, inside room nothing to do, only shooting dog, turn and get out, go to next BDD, enter to study (room), pick up on pedestal Silver Key.

Use the Key to open the Library Door, enter and shoot dog, if you turn left you come to the basement, but there is closed door that needs key, so leave it a while. Go near the writing desk, pick up on pedestal uzi, go to left and turn the book, go to right, between those bookcases there is open door to small niche, pick up on pedestal Silver Key. Turn back, go between the bookcase, turn right to next room, shoot the boxes, pick up FLARES and SHOTGUN AMMO, turn and pull the goblet in the corner to find the Gate Key. Go to other side of Library behind the bookcase and use the Gate Key, follow upstairs to third floor.

The Third Floor

Get in place with three closed doors, use the Silver Key, enter inside, take left to kitchen, press the button in corner, go to other side, look for high small gate opening, pull Lara into the crawlspace, pick up UZI CLIPS. Get down and take free tour in the next rooms, push the BDD, enter the fireplace room, get out, turn left to corridor. Light flare and look right, there is closed red door, proceed in the corridor, in front of you push the BDD enter to bedroom, between the beds press button to open the red door, stay in room and open the door to bathroom, pick up MEDIPACK. Go to red open door, inside shoot boxes and pull high jumpswitch (the third doors are open). Return to bedroom you came from but don't get in, turn to the right corridor and push the BDD.

Follow through the open door, shoot soldier, from left side there are three decorated doors. Open the faraway door, enter to rest room, shoot soldier, pick up UZI CLIPS, turn and get out. Open the second door, enter to corridor, faraway you see door, don't go over there, right now turn left and push BDD, shoot soldier, enter the room, go to faraway corner and press button. Return where you saw the decorated doors, the middle opens, shoot bat and push the lever, screenshot shows open red door.

Return the corridor, open the faraway door, nothing to do in the bathroom. Get out, turn left and push the BDD, enter the room, go to the bookcase, turn book, flyby shows open decorated door. Enter inside and proceed forward and turn right when the camera changes, find the open red door, climb into the niche and pick up Cellar Key. Return back to the Library, shoot a few soldiers and dogs, go behind the bookcase and follow downstairs to the closed door.

In the basement

Use the Cellar Key to open the door, follow downstairs. There are three ways: turn left to large room with pool, nothing to do here so take swim if you want and turn back and shoot soldier. Proceed forward from your left closed door with key hole, open door from right, enter wardrobe, climb onto cupboard, pick up Sauna Key. Get out, use the key, enter to the Sauna, press four buttons on column around, it turns off the fire and you can pick up the Key. Turn and go left into corridor, pick up MEDIPACK, push the BDD and back to wardrobe, get out again, pass the Sauna, turn right to dark corridor.

From left closed gate with key hole, but it's not the one you need, so use the key in the next key hole. Small gate opens above, pull Lara into the crawlspace, short crawling and from both sides there is small mesh, shoot the one from right, crawl and pick up SHOTGUN AMMO. Turn and shoot the second mesh, short crawling and shoot again the mesh from right, keep crawling long way, pick up MEDIPACK. Crawl back, turn left and pick up Silver Key, turn and do the long crawling out.

Use the Silver Key, enter to dark place, go forward, the mesh will open automatically, nothing in this room so turn left and right anohter mesh opens automatically. Use the crowbar as lever to open the near mesh, follow inside, turn left and right to the corner. You see torch wall and small closed gate, turn back, enter to the next room, the mesh closed behind you.

Now you are locked in room with few closed mesh around, behind each of this mesh there is soldiers and dogs, so make Lara ready for nonstop attacks. Use the crowbar as lever, all the mesh opens, shoot soldiers and dogs, solve the rooms around. Press button, it lights the torch wall and opens the small gate, go to next room, pull lever to open the closed mesh, turn right to corner. Pull Lara into the crawlspace, long crawling and in the end climb up ladder, find yourself out the Mansion sliding down to large garden and long flyby around will finish the level.