Levels by Jon Heywood (Inchdix)

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth


The current will pull you west through the passage and into a larger underwater area where you're met by two hammerhead sharks. Your dual goal here is personal safety and a source of air, so swim forward (a gate closes off the passage behind you) and locate the air hole. Pull up into a room with a closed door and a hand receptacle. Go to the middle of the north wall and pull up into the alcove for some crossbow arrows. You can see a trident, so close and yet so far, just behind the closed grate.

Drop back down to the lower room and prepare to deal with those sharks again. Jump into the water and swim west down into an opening. When you reach what appears to be a cement structure, swim around it to the right and into the passage. Make a hairpin turn to the left and pull the underwater lever you'll find in the alcove behind the structure. Swim back out and get some air and some shark relief. When you're ready, jump back into the water and this time swim through the larger opening east. Turn right just as you enter and continue making a hairpin turn to the right as you swim up a passage into a small chamber with a raised tile. Locate the opening in the SW corner and swim down into a short passage. Pull the underwater level at the far end to open an underwater gate elsewhere.

Flip turn, return to the small chamber and pull up through the air hole above the raised tile into a room. Pick up the shotgun ammo in the NE corner and note the nearby gem receptacle. Drop down into the burner trench on the south side (that was made safe when you pulled the first underwater lever). Crawl into the east opening and pull down the wall switch at the other end to open another underwater door. Return to the previous room, jump into the water and swim through the east opening back to the hub area with the central air hole. Pause for air if necessary and swim once again through the larger east opening. This time turn left and swim down to locate the lifted grate to your left. Try to get both sharks to follow you, then swim through the opening and into an underwater shaft with a central pillar. Swim up, surface, pull up onto the pillar and exact revenge upon one or both of the sharks. (If only one followed you, just go back and entice the other one to its doom.)

I know you're anxious to dry out and move on, but don't continue up at this time, as you still need to collect two tridents before proceeding. Jump back into the shark-free water and locate another lifted grate to the south in the underwater shaft, just below the surface. Swim inside and follow the stairwell until you surface, then run the rest of the way up the winding stairs into a small room. Activate the jump switch up on the west wall to open the door affording access to the trident you saw earlier, which is now in plain sight beyond the bars in the south wall. But once again, so near and yet so far. You have to go all the way back to the hub area and pull up into through the central air hole to claim it, so you may as well do that now while it's fresh in your mind.

Run back down the stairs, swim into the underwater shaft and go down, ignoring for now the hole in the floor at the SW corner. Exit through the NE opening, swim back to the hub area (making a lazy horseshoe turn to the right), pull up into the room above and into the north alcove for the first TRIDENT.

Hop back down to the floor and jump into the water. Swim through the west opening to that cement structure you saw earlier. This time swim south in front of it and continue through a short passage into an area with a central green column. There's a square opening in the south face that leads you to a shaft with an air pocket at the top and a side passage with a closed gate at the end. Get some air if you need it, then swim back outside and locate the smaller slit lower in the east face. Swim inside and down for a HORSEMAN'S GEM. A cut scene reminds you that the receptacle is in the burner room you visited earlier. Return there by exiting this area north (first noting the closed gate in the lower north opening), back to the hub area, across into the east opening, and a hairpin turn to the right and up through the narrow passage.

Pull up into the burner room and place the gem in its receptacle. A cut scene shows an underwater grate opening. Yes, it's the lower north grate in the area with the green column that you just left, so swim back there, enter the new passage and follow it up into an underwater chamber. You can see the opening in the opposite corner as you swim up. Be very careful not to swim under that opening, or you'll be sucked up through the shaft by a strong current. If that should happen to you, simply surface, wade to the dry passage, drop down through the hole at the other end and try again. If you're fortunate enough to avoid that fate, locate the underwater lever in the SE wall and pull it (a cut scene shows a trap door lifting somewhere) and swim carefully back down through the NE hole in the floor. Or, if you wish, swim under the suction cup mentioned above and you'll wind up at the same place.

Swim to the west wall and locate the deep shaft leading upward. Swim up, surface and pull up into a room that was formerly blocked off by the trap door. There are bars separating you from another room filled with assorted goodies, including that trident you've been looking for. Pull down the switch in the north wall for a cut scene showing a gate lifting in the green structure below. Swim back down the shaft and into the square opening in the south face of the structure. Swim up the shaft and through the side passage west, and pull up into the room on the other side of the bars. There are four pedestals on presently dormant burner tiles in each corner. Before taking the trident, decide which of the other pedestals has what you want or need most, and take it. The burner tiles at the other non-trident pedestals are then activated, preventing you from taking those goodies unless you decide to endure some health loss in the process (the water hole, after all, is close by and very handy for putting out fires). Then go to the SE pedestal, which remains dormant, and pick up the second TRIDENT.

Swim back down the shaft, exit the green structure and leave this area via the upper north opening. Return to the hub area and continue across through the east opening. Turn left once inside and swim down and through the open gate to the left. Swim up the shaft and surface for air, then swim through the open south gateway into the submerged stairwell. Continue until you surface, and run up the rest of the way to the small room with the jump switch. Continue up the ramp NW, and when you reach the bridge spanning the central shaft, run across into the west opening and save your game. As you run down the ramp you get a fixed camera angle and a boulder is released behind you. Take an angled jump either to the right or left to land on a safe spot out of the boulder's path. If you overshoot and land in the water where you're grabbed by a strong current, reload and try again.

Pick up the small medipack on the north part of the ledge. The walkway ahead is protected by a series of blade traps, so trigger them one by one by walking carefully west. When you're safely across, hop across the boulder and run into the next room. The stairway to your right is guarded by flame blowers, but you can easily thwart them in the prescribed fashion by timing runs past them. An even easier way is by climbing on the ledge to your right or left and bypassing them completely (you can run right through the ghostly columns). When you reach the landing you find that the wall switch in the alcove to your left is protected by a flame blower and a burner tile, so climb the pole in the NE corner past the rotating blade and back flip into a small room. Pick up the large medipack in the far corner and pull down the wall switch to extinguish the burner tile below. There's a torch lying on the floor, but ignore it for now and jump back down to the floor below. Wait until the flame blower subsides and jump up into the alcove. Pull down the wall switch to open the door next to the flame blower.

Hop down when it's safe, and go back to the pole. Climb up past the second rotating blade and back flip into the dark room above for SECRET #4. Pick up the crossbow arrows, two stashes of shotgun ammo and a small medipack, and pull down the wall switch in the corner for a cut scene showing an underwater door opening in a dark area. Jump back to the pole, slide down just past the higher rotating blade and back flip into the middle room. Pick up the TORCH and hop down through the opening to the main floor. It's not safe to try and light the torch with the flame blowers, so go on back down the stairs and up the boulder ramp, locate the wall sconce to your left and light the torch with it. Go back to the room with the water-filled trenches and light both burners that you'll find on the corner tiles. This turns off the current in the trenches.

Drop the torch (you don't need it any longer). Since the builder has graciously provided a short cut to where you're going next, make use of it by hopping into either trench and sliding down into the water below. Swim down through the hole and pick up the HAND OF SIRIUS just before you reach the crossing. A cut scene shows the receptacle in the room you first pulled into when you began the level. We'll go there shortly, but let's first indulge in an exploratory diversion. Turn left and swim into an underwater chamber. Pull up through one of the air holes for some revolver ammo, then jump into the water and pick up the small medipack in the west depression. Exit through the NW opening and swim west. When you reach the crossing, make a hairpin turn to the left and pull the underwater lever at the end of the east passage. This opens a grate at the end of the extended passage west (and also provides a way back to this area later should you need to return for any reason). Flip turn, swim back up, and this time continue west along the extended passage.

Pull up and slide down into a dry chamber, where you'll find a closed trap door and an exposed lever above the entrance that you won't be able to activate until you find a way to flood this area. Now to make use of that Hand of Sirius. Jump back into the opening and into the water, and swim back east, taking the left fork to return to the underwater chamber. Continue through the SE opening, and when you reach the crossing turn left and swim up the shaft into a familiar area with the central pillar. Cross this chamber and continue through the NE opening. Follow the passage, repeating that lazy horseshoe turn around to the right and up, and pull into the air hole when you reach the hub area. Insert the Hand of Sirius in the receptacle, and the door to your right opens. Go inside for SECRET #5 and pick up the flares, the revolver ammo and the large medipack.

Now it's time to use those tridents you've been carrying around. Reverse roll, go out and jump into the water, swim through the east opening, turn left and swim down and through the opened gateway to your left. Swim up the shaft when you reach the chamber with the central pillar, surface for air if necessary, and dive back down to swim through the south gateway. Follow the stairwell until you can surface, then run the rest of the way up the stairs as you did before. Cross the little bridge when you reach the top and continue west down the boulder ramp. Keep on going until you reach the flame-guarded stairs, and go up by your preferred method. Turn left at the top of the stairs and go through the west doorway you opened up earlier. The door closes behind you, seemingly preventing a retreat in the event you might wish to go back for something you'd missed. (This aspect of the game was decried as unfair and unnecessary by several players who reviewed this level. However, I believe the criticism is misplaced, because all you have to do is safety drop from the bridge to the dry area below and jump through the doorway you opened earlier--assuming you had the good sense to do that--to retrace your steps.)

You're in a dark upper room with Poseidon statutes perched on each of the four corners. The tridents of two of them (in the NE and SW corners) have missing heads, so first pick up the nearby grenade gun ammo and uzi ammo and then go place the missing heads. NOTE: It's vital that you go across the bridge and place the SW trident first, and then come back to place the NE trident. If you do it in reverse order, nothing will happen and you'll be stuck with nowhere to go and nothing to do. A long flyby shows the area below being flooded and then takes you away to pan a new area where you'll eventually find the Golden Vraeus. Jump off the bridge into the water below and pull the east underwater lever to open the trap door in the floor behind you.

Swim down into the opening and along the passage, and allow the current to carry you into the new area where you'll be greeted by a new pair of hammerhead sharks. Swim past them and turn left past the first rock ledge to pull up onto a ledge with a gem receptacle. Kill the sharks, then jump back into the water and swim around to the back side of the structure you were standing on. Locate the small opening on the south end and swim into it and down. Be wary of the spike trap in the passage beyond and time a spurt past it and swim up the shaft beyond. Pull up into a torch-lit room and shoot a couple of bats that flutter down to plague you. Ignore the north alcove for the moment and head east to a crossing with stairs to your left and an opening ahead that leads to a checker-tile floored room.

Go up the stairs to the next room and pull down the wall switches in the SE and SW corners. Note the closed grate in the NE corner before going down the stairs and into the room to your left. You'll find that pulling the switches has raised a block in the center of the room. (At some point the door behind you closes, but don't worry about that because you'll open it again when you're finished here.) Climb up onto it and use it to climb through the hole in the ceiling (the west face has a climbable surface). When you pull up into the upper room and take the HORSEMAN'S GEM from the pedestal, you hear the sound of doors opening below. When you drop back down onto the block, you can hear other strange sounds in the distance. You've released a couple of ahmets, so either wait for them to appear and kill them from the safety of the block you're standing on, or hop down and flush them out first.

When the coast is clear, go to the NE corner of this room and locate the crawl space. Crawl inside, and when you reach the opening overhead, stand up, pull up to your left and use another crawl space to access a wall switch. Crawl back, drop down to the lower passage and turn left. Crawl out to the main room and locate the nearby small medipack on a raised platform next to a vase. There's a south opening leading to a small room and another small medipack. Go outside and to the SW corner of the larger room, where the south opening takes you to a small room with two stashes of shotgun ammo and a switch on the wall in the near corner to your right. Pull it down to open the exit door in the west wall.

Go there and into the open doorway. You find yourself back in the room where you pulled out of the water. Go to the north alcove and pull down the wall switch you'll find there. The door to your right opens, so jump down into the water and swim to the ledge with the gem receptacle, where you shot the sharks. Pull up and insert the Horseman's Gem to turn off some burner tiles nearby. Now swim back to the area you just left and pull up onto the south ledge. Hop through the open window and turn left once inside. Go back up the stairs to your left and you find that the door in the NE corner is now open.

Go up the passage, pick up the shotgun ammo in the depressed corner along the way, and continue until you reach an opening that overlooks the water below. Take a running jump and grab to the tall pillar ahead, then pull up and run west along the bridge to another pillar and beyond to an opening in the west wall. Go inside for SECRET #6 and pick up the SHOTGUN. Reverse roll and run out to the previous pillar. Turn right and take a running jump and grab to the rope. Swing forward, jump off onto the roof of the odd-shaped structure ahead and pick up the GOLDEN VRAEUS.

Jump into the water and swim over to the north structure. Pull up onto the ramped entrance and run up through either of the open gates. The instant you step inside you'll trigger flame blowers that guard the switches in the central golden block. Turn left and run through the western part of what I'll call a cathedral. You'll alert a tinman, so kill him by shooting repeatedly the blue gem in his chest. Shooting the nearby vase on the pedestal will release two bats for target practice. Go up the stairs in the SW corner and pull down the wall switch at the end. The door to your right fails to open, so go back downstairs and turn left to run past the archways north. Turn left just beyond them and run up the ramp to flush out another ahmet. Kill it, then continue up the ramp for some uzi ammo on the SW tile. The NW opening leads to a small room with a wall switch that's presently inaccessible.

Cross over toward the east side of the temple, where you'll find a golden block similar to the one near the entrance. There are no flame blowers here, however, and there's but one lonely switch in the north face. Pull it down for a cut scene showing that small room with the inaccessible wall switch in the corner. Turn left and alert another tinman near the east wall for you to kill. Shoot the nearby vase for some revolver ammo, then go up the stairs in the NE corner. There's another wall switch at the end for you to pull, and you hear the sound of a nearby door opening (but not the nearest one to your left). Go back downstairs and through the south opening to your left. In the next room is an opening to your right. Vault up into it and crawl inside until you can stand up. Walk to the edge of the hole ahead and you can see the jump switch up in the far wall. Take a standing jump and grab to activate the jump switch, then pick up the crossbow arrows at your feet.

Climb up the north wall, shift right and drop down into the higher passage. Turn right and crawl out to the main cathedral area. Run back underneath the arches to the ramp in the SW corner. Go back up the stairs and you'll find that the door near the wall switch is now open. Kill the tinman who steps forward to accost you and pick up the HORSEMAN'S GEM that he drops. Go east into the room he was guarding and run along the walkway to your right into a small room south with a pole in the middle. Climb the pole, past a rotating blade, and back flip into the room above. Go into the north opening, crawl along a covered bridge and run into a room with a wall switch at the far end. Pull it down, then go back south and slide down the pole past the rotating blade. NOTE: Whatever you do, don't vault up (as opposed to hopping up, which does nothing) into the NW window opening after you pull the switch, or you'll be magically and prematurely transported to the roof of the structure with no readily apparent way of getting back down.


Exit to the north, turn left after you cross the walkway and return to the main cathedral area by running down the stairs. Go to the SE corner near the entrance and use the ladder to climb up to the passage above. Use the crawl space to trigger a flyby showing a tinman mounting his horse below. Drop down into the room below and keep hopping around while shooting at the gem on his chest until he dismounts and comes after you. Several bats will join forces with him as you run through this area, so kill them as well. Kill the tinman and pick up the second HORSEMAN'S GEM that he drops. Watch out for the spike and burner tile traps in the floor holes and go over to the SE corner to find a wall switch in a dark area nearby. Pull it down for a cut scene of the burning golden block outside.

There's a small medipack in the NE corner of the room, and the spike pit nearest it has a pickup you can see down in the hole. Make a mental note of it and exit through the opening in the SW corner. You may encounter another bat on the way out. Hop down to the main cathedral floor and go to the flame-protected block. You see that the flame blower in the south face is no longer constant. When the flames subside, run forward and pull down the switch, then hop back. This causes the blower in the north face to become intermittent, so go around to the other side and await your opportunity to pull down that switch. Repeat for the west face, and finally the east face. When the fourth switch is pulled down you'll get a cut scene (but don't neglect to hop back) of a door opening elsewhere.

Run north past the archways and go up the stairs in the NE corner. Go through the opening onto the upper bridge and turn right at the closed trap door to enter the open doorway across the walkway to the north. Hop down into the next room and pull up into the west opening. Take a running jump into the opening in the next building and run down the ramp and up the stairs to your left. Pull up into the opening in the south wall and pull down the wall switch to raise a block in that room with the formerly inaccessible wall switch. Hop back down and continue up the stairs. You'll see an active burner tile across the gap, which prevents you from proceeding in this direction. Go back down the stairs and up the ramp.

Safety drop to the cathedral floor below, run west up the ramp and turn right to find the small room with the raised block. Climb up onto it and pull down the wall switch. A cut scene shows the burners being extinguished in the previous area, so leave here and return to the NE corner of the cathedral. Run up the stairs to the upper bridge, turn right at the trap door and hop down into the room north, jump across to the next building west, climb the stairs to the very top, and take a running jump and grab across the gap to land inside the north passage. Turn around and locate the jump switch overhead, and activate it to hear the sound of a door opening.

Jump back across the gap and pull up into the SE opening where earlier you pulled down a wall switch. The passage beyond is now accessible, so follow it to a crawl space. You'll eventually wind up on the roof of the cathedral. Roam around a bit from north to south, spooking a number of bats in the process. You'll find some flares in the far NW corner and a small medipack in the far SE corner. There are walkways connecting the north and south buildings to the central building. Drop down onto them to find gem receptacles in the north and south walls of the central building. Insert the two Horseman's Gems in these receptacles. When the second one is placed, a flyby shows the exit doors opening and continues on to a crawlspace you've already visited.

Hop back, pull up onto the ledge to the roof of the central building and use the west crawl space to get back to the stairs. Run down the stairs to the east opening and take a running jump across the gap into the next building. Hop down into the next room. You could take a left here and finish this level now if you wanted to, but there's a little bit more yet to do before you leave. Turn right and vault up onto the walkway, run forward to the bridge and use either opening to your right or left to return to the main cathedral floor. Run to the NE corner, run up the ramp there and turn right into the south passage. Go to the opening in the SW corner and vault up into the passage. Crawl to where you can stand up, hop over the hole and crawl some more to pick up the revolver ammo. Keep crawling west and pick up the large medipack. When you do so, you get a cut scene showing that the spikes protecting the pickup (back in the room where you battled the mounted tinman) have retracted.

Stand up, run forward and drop down to the main cathedral floor. Run down the ramp and past the flaming golden block to the SE corner. Climb the ladder, crawl through and drop down into the room where you shot the mounted tinman. Go to the hole containing the pickup (be careful, as the other hole is still spike trapped) and drop down into it for the REVOLVER and SECRET #7. Pull out of the hole, leave via the SW opening in the wall, and return to the main cathedral floor.

Run once more to the NE corner, up the stairs and onto the upper bridge, and turn right to the north opening. Hop down into the next room and go around the central pillar through the open exit gates. Run up the ramp to your right and kill the ahmet in the upper chamber. There are three vases up here. Shoot them all to open trap doors underneath them. The east hole takes you down a slope into a spike pit, and you die. The same thing happens if you choose the west hole, so do the smart thing and drop down the north hole. You'll slide down some distance before being whisked away to Hidden Garden.

Level 1: HIDDEN GARDEN (interlude)

Step out onto a ledge overlooking the jungle clearing. Turn left and walk to the south edge. Take a running jump to the square ledge, and from there hop SW to the next ledge and run around to the south end. Turn to face the nearest tree and take a running jump west to grab the limb. Pull up and take standing jumps around to the north limb. Safety drop to the clearing, turn around and run past the flaming ahmet carcass to the small building near the west wall. Run down the ramp and the stairs until you reach the gap with the lava area below. Take a running jump across the gap and turn right. The open portal gate to the next level is straight ahead, so run inside and you'll soon hit the warp trigger.



Emerald Lakes
Level 2
Jon Heywood / Inchdix

This is an unauthorised walkthrough by Monika Pietsch.
It has all the important pick-ups and items mentioned.
It will not contain all pick-ups, all enemies and maybe not all the secrets.
This walkthrough is meant as a guideline to get you to the end of the level, even so there might be other ways too.


You swim into an underwater cave. Look for the air hole and watch out for the Hammer Sharks.
When you climb out you see a receptacle for the Hand of Ö. and further up a Trident behind bars. Go back into the water. Swim to the right and right and when you see a white square look up for the air hole. The room above the white square has a receptacle for a Horsemanís Gem. There are fire squares. You have to jump down and over the fire. Crawl along and pull a switch. (addendum by CC: One of the underwater white buildings, into a tunnel on the right, and around the back, is another underwater switch that turns the burners off where the horseman's gem receptacle is.) This opens a door at an underwater staircase. Get out over the fire with a standing jump.
Back in the water go to the southwest (right side?) and pull an underwater switch. This opens an underwater door. Swim pass the sharks and to the door at the northwest side.
Behind the door is a building. Look for the open door at the staircase. Watch out, the sharks have followed you. Try and kill one shark from the stairs.
When you are up the staircase on the left is a high wall switch. Pull it and it opens the door in front of the Trident. Draw the second shark to the stairs and kill it from there.
Actually you can go back now to the first air hole. Collect the 1.Trident.

Swim to the west side. Swim to the right (before the white wall) before you reach the area with a green building. Pull an underwater switch. In the green building is an opening near the bottom. In there is a Horsemanís Gem. Swim around (to the right) the green building to the other opening and get some air.
Swim to the room over the white square and use the Gem.
This opens a door at the bottom next to the green building. Swim there and find an underwater switch. Careful, because if you go to far there is a current.
The switch opens a trapdoor. Go to the west wall by the green building. Up there is a golden switch. This opens the metal door in the higher opening in the green building. When you enter the room you see 4 pedestals. One pedestal has a Trident and the other three have goodies. Take the 2. Trident. Around the other pedestals are fires now.

When you have the 2.Trident, swim again to the white building with the staircase. Now walk on and watch out for Knife Trap and Spiky Boulder.
When you have passed there, you come to a staircase with Fire Emitters.
On top of the stairs is a pole. Climb up and watch out for the rotating Knifes.
Up there you find 2 Switches, a Secret and a Torch. One switch will stop the fire at the switch near the door.
Throw the torch down. Go first to the golden door and jump up into the niche and pull the switch (if you donít do it now there will be fire there and you canít open the door). Go and pass the Fire Emitters and find a burning torch. Light the torch there and light 2 burners with it.
Go through the golden door. Collect things and use the 2 Tridents.
Water starts flowing. Drop into the water and pull an underwater switch.
This opens a trapdoor in the floor. Swim down. When you enter a wider area keep to the right where you can climb out of the water where there are white columns and 2 closed gates. Kill 2 sharks before commencing.
Swim towards the structure with receptacle for a Gem. At the back is an opening. Swim in and watch out for popping up spikes.
When you can climb out kill 2 bats.
Go up the stairs on the left and pull 2 switches. They will free a block in the next room.
Go to the crawlspace and inside it climb up and pull a switch.
Climb up the block and collect a Horsemanís Gem. When you drop back onto the block 2 Ahmets appear. Kill them. In one room is switch and shotgun ammo and in the other room is a small medi-pack.
Leave this room. Climb up to the golden switch and use it. Drop into the water and swim to the place with the receptacle. Climb out and insert the Horsemanís Gem. This will stop the fire on blocks. Swim back to the golden door. Inside go up the stairs on the left and through the open door. This will lead to blocks, 2 bridges and a rope.
When you reach the bridges go right to the end and pick up the Shotgun and a Secret.
Then use the rope and swing over to the structure. Pick up the Golden Vraeus.
Dive into the water and swim over to the big doors by the white columns.

In this area is a block with 4 switches, which are guarded by fire. On the right are a ladder and a closed golden door.
Go to the left and eliminate a metal soldier. Shooting a vase there releases 2 bats. Go up the stairs and pull a switch.
Go to the second opening on the left and you have to kill an Ahmet.
There is a switch, but it you need to raise a block underneath.
Go to the other side. There is a block with a switch in the middle. Pull it.
When you get over to the right side eliminate a metal soldier.
Walk up the stairs and jump to a high wall switch. Pick up some arrows. Use the ladder to get out again. The switch had opened a door underneath the stairs.
Use a ladder to climb down. Jump to a wall switch. Go up the stairs.
Eliminate a metal soldier. He leaves the 1. Horsemanís Gem. Now go to the left. You have to climb up a pole and pass a rotating knife. You will see a covered bridge and a golden switch. Pull the switch. This will open the golden door near the entrance.
Climb the ladder. In the next room is a Horseman. Be careful in that room, because there are spike pits.
You have to kill the Horseman and he will leave the 2. Horsemanís Gem.
Donít forget to pull the switch.
The 4 Switches with Fire.
When you have pulled the switch in the room with the Horseman one fire will go on and off. Pull this switch. Then look for the next and so on.
Go up the stairs on the right side till you are opposite the pole room. Enter that side and use the windowsill to jump over to the building.
Walk up the stairs and pull the golden switch. Go back and down to the room where the block is now raised. Pull the switch and this will turn off some fire. Go back to the windowsill and then up the stairs. Jump over where the fire had been, turn and pull high wall switch. Go through the golden door and use a crawlspace.
One each side is a roof. Kill 4 bats. Insert the 2 Horsemanís Gem.
Go back into the room with the windowsill and the double door is open.
Go along. You have to kill an Ahmet. Use the middle trapdoor to leave the level.

The level ends in the Hidden Garden with 1 (out of 4) Golden Vraeus in the inventory.