Search for Imhotep

Level by Palopique/Hans Willi Brüggen

There are two separate walkthroughs posted here. The first is by Monika, followed by the second by Kris of Lara's Home.

This is an unauthorised walkthrough by Monika Pietsch.

It has all the important pick-ups and items mentioned.
It will not contain all pick-ups, all enemies and maybe not all the secrets.
This walkthrough is meant as a guideline to get you to the end of the level, even so there might be other ways too.


Plateau of Giza - New Tunnels

Lara stands in front of a closed door. Turn and pull the switch. A boulder will fall into a hole and the door opens. First go and jump over the boulder. You find desert eagle ammo. Climb up and you are in an enclosure in the desert. You see a crowbar (joke), a jeep and about 4 black scorpions. You can’t get out of this enclosure because of an invisible wall. Pick up a pair of binoculars.

Go back and enter the room. In a corner next to a skeleton lies the Desert Eagle.
In the middle next to the north vase is an opening you can jump to and crawl into. Watch out for bats. Go to the left and pick up desert eagle ammo. Go to the right and take a large medi-pack and a Golden Skully. A trap door opened and you can use it to get back to the room below. Pull a high up switch on the wall and this will show an opening on the opposite wall. Get some flares and the Secret Rules. There is a Secret too.

Use the Golden Skully on the pedestal and the middle part from the room will sink and reveal a switch. Get the desert eagle ammo and pull the switch.
Lara will light up. Go towards the stone door between the 2 columns and it will open.
Make your way to the left high wall switch. Once you are on the block before the switch, down at the right side the door will open and release 2 giant scorpions. Watch out or one scorpion will run you over. Get back to the block by the entrance. There you can climb up.
Try and shoot the scorpions (pistols or Desert Eagle) from there, when they run over the blocks. Go down and into the cave. Kill 4 black scorpions and take
the Bag of Sand and desert eagle ammo. Make your way to the right high wall switch.
Start from the lower block and take a running jump and another one. Pull the switch and the yellow ball will come down. Go over there and up and a door next to the right switch will open.
Get back up there.


When you enter a yard you have to kill a Demigod. There are 4 tombstones and in the middle is a scale for earth. Use the Bag of Sand and a stone door opens. In the next yard you have to kill another Demigod. Pick up desert eagle ammo. Again you find 4 tombstones and a scale for water.
Go and find a large medi-pack. When you take it be careful because stones are falling down. There is a ladder on one column. Climb up, transverse to the right and back flip. On top of this block you find the Small Waterskin (empty).
Go back through the first yard and there is now an opening in the ceiling. Climb up and fill the Small Waterskin with 3 litres of water. Shoot the bluish wall. Bats will come out.
There is a Secret, the Crowbar, the Uzi and Uzi clips. Pull the wall jump switch in the corner, which will light 4 lamps.
Push the movable block on the left side into a room and there pick up the Lamp Oil and use the Crowbar to get the Eastern Shaft Key. Break the breakable tile.
Now go back to the second room and pour the water into the scale.
The stone door opens. Behind the door is a Hammer God. Run to the ladder and climb up.
Up there you will find a Torch. Throw it down, climb down and pick up the Torch. Try to avoid the Hammer God, because when he hits the hammer on the floor Lara loses much health or even dies.
Now go back to the opening in the ceiling. Before you do that throw the Torch into the small opening. Climb up. Now go and get the Torch and light it. Then get back into the hole and throw the Torch into the corridor. Leave the room and pick up the Torch.
Run back to the third room.
Pour the Lamp Oil into the scale and then light it and a door will open.
Be careful to avoid the Hammer God. Get the large medi-pack.
You fall down at the first breakable tile. There are 2 giant scorpions and a black scorpion in that sandy room. Run across the room and climb onto a block. Get the Desert Eagle ready and kill them. Pick up the desert eagle ammo (3x). Leave the room and climb up the ladder. You stand before a closed door. Take the small medi-pack. On the other side of the gap on the right push a movable block. Take the desert eagle ammo. Now move by pushing three movable blocks, and a fourth one by pulling and pushing. You will find a switch. Pull it and go out of the room and to the left. Go to the dark place and pull another switch. Then make your way back down to the sandy room and in the left corner is a high wall switch. Pull it and then go back up to the door, which is open now.

Slide down backwards and grab and a boulder will roll over Lara’s head. Now you are in the room with the hieroglyphs alphabet. Get first the Western Shaft Key from the wall with the alphabet. It might be a good idea to make a screenshot of the alphabet for later (or at least make a sketch of the letters, S A M U & N. Use the squiggly design for N, as for some reason there are two different ones for this letter.)

You start to read from top to below and from left to right. On the ceiling the writing says “SAVE YOUR GAME”. Around the wall with the big letters it says “THANKS FOR PLAYING THIS.“ The writing inside the square with 4 hieroglyphs says, “PUSH”.

Push the block on the south side. Go down the passage. There is an eye tile that has to be broken. When you turn around the corner start running back and into the niche on the right side. A boulder will follow you and then break the eye tile.
Read the signs on the wall: RAIS THE SUN
Go back and pick up the Von Croys Notice (alphabet, but very small). Take the desert eagle ammo and walk on. The second turn on the right has some Uzi clips. The first turn has a boulder coming down and it will follow round the corner and then roll to the left.
Go up and there is a small pool. You see the Lasersight, but when you want to take it the current will pull you away and you land in a room with Seth and 3 giant scorpions.
Shoot the 2 vases now. One has flares in it. Then read the writing on the wall.


Push the nearest invisible block (on the left side) onto the letter S. Kill 2 giant beetles.

Then look for the letters AMUN on the floor and push the invisible blocks onto the correct hieroglyph. Each block frees 1-2 giant beetles. When the block is on the correct hieroglyph a fire will go on inside the block.
Now pull the switches near the door where the giant scorpions are. Start on the right side with one scorpion. The next room has two giant scorpions.
Go to the invisible ledge on the left side. Make your way over with running jumps and grabs, and make one last running jump and grab to the very high wall switch. When you pull this switch part of the ceiling comes down and a ray will free Seth. Keep out of his way, his fire. The scorpions will help you keeping him busy (unless you were trigger happy and shot them earlier).
Now are two openings in the floor. Use the crowbar to get the Northern Shaft Key and the Southern Shaft Key.
You can go to the room where the giant scorpions were. In the right one are Uzi clips. The left has a small medi-pack.
Now take a running jump from the nearby block to the opening in the wall and climb in. Go to the ladder. You will see the pool that took you to the room with Seth.
Jump over to the block, use the rope, swing and grab the climbable wall next to the opening.
Enter the bright passage with writing on the wall.
Watch out so you don’t fall through the breakable tile.

The writing on the wall says:

If you have them you can go on to level 3.

Tomb of Imhotep

After walking along the passages you have to push a movable block.
Use the Western Shaft Key and a door will open. You are now in a room with 3 marked squares in the middle and a closed door. Pull 3 movable blocks onto them. Maybe you have to use a flare to find them. They will sink into the floor and a fire will appear on that place.
The door is open and when you go there you find a crowbar switch. Use it.
Go to the middle opening and pull out a block. Push it to the door entrance on to the square with an eye. This opens the first opening. At the end is the Lasersight.
Because of the beetles that come along it might be better to go first to the middle opening. In there go to the left and pick up the Imhotep Scroll. Back flip or a block will squash you. Push the middle block into the next room. There is a Secret (4.), a small medi-pack and desert eagle ammo. (You can use the Northern Shaft Key now, which saves you some time, when the beetles are at your heels.)

Now go to the first opening. Dash in and pick the Lasersight up and back flip. Hurry; otherwise you get caught behind a block and beetles and that means certain death for Lara. The beetles will follow you. Use the Northern Shaft Key. Go through the door and up the passage. Use flares.
Push a block and you will see a door. Use a Shaft Key. Go along and equip the Desert Eagle with the Lasersight. Shoot the lion’s head high up the wall. The stone wall will disappear. You are in a big room and there is a scale for fire. Pick up flares and use the last, the Eastern Shaft Key. The beetles are always at your heels and nibble away your health.
Halfway down on the right push a block. Enter the room. Ahead pull one block and it will open a door. Push a block on the right side and get some desert eagle ammo and Lamp Oil.
Go back into the passage and further on and push another block on the left and pick up a Torch.
Run back to the room with the three columns and light the Torch.
Pour the oil into the scale and light it.
The wall of the central structure there will go up and reveal 3 switches.
It is a puzzle. Push the button in the order
3/1/2 (starting on the right side).
Behind the burning scale pull and push a movable block. When the combination of the switches was right a door down the stairs will be open. Fall down into the water.
Swim to the left and get the Tomb Key 1. In the first room swim ahead and up and pull a switch. Note that there is a closed door there.
Now go to the middle opening swim in and climb out. Beware of beetles. Turn, jump and grab the ladder. Pick up the Tomb Key 2 and pull the switch.
There is a closed door opposite and a keyhole.

Go down and to the left and swim up. Now the closed door is open. You have to push a movable block and you are back in the room with the 3 switches.
Run down to the room with the rotating knifes and the door on the other side of the room is open. Dash through the rotating knifes.
Inside 2 boulders come down on the side and hit 2 eye tiles. 2 Demigods will wake up. Kill them. Go up and insert the Tomb Key 1 and Tom Key 2. This will open 2 metal gates.
Pull/push the two side blocks as far as possible. This opens the stone door.
Push the movable block away from the Demigod and stop it just after the switch. Pull the switch and the inner metal gate will come down. Now push the block till the end and an invisible platform will rise. With a running jump you can grab the high up wall switch. Blocks on both sides are disappearing and there are 2 rooms to explore. In one you see a ram and in the other is a gondola underneath the floor.
First pull the block from underneath the Demigod and push it towards the Shaft Key.
Stop just one square before the wall and another block will rise. Now you can get the Western Shaft Key. Go to the room with the gondola and pull one block (dark one).
Behind it is a switch. When you pull it the ram hits the eye tile and the walls are changing. Insert the Western Shaft Key. Drop down through the trap door.
Kill 2 Demigods. One will leave the Key of Amun.

Now it is time again to read the hieroglyphs on the wall.

South wall: ? FIND THERE IF YOU?

Pull the movable block to the space near the sarcophagus. This will open a trapdoor.
Go down and crawl to a room with hieroglyphs on the wall and on the floor.
The name is AMUN. Now push the movable blocks onto the hieroglyphs A, M, U.
For N you push the block into the door opening. After that you will see the Giza Key.
Pick it up fast, because a deadly block falls down.
Go back to the sarcophagus room. Push the lid of the sarcophagus and ran to the now open door with the gondolas behind. Jump into the water to get rid of the beetles that came out of the sarcophagus. Pick up some desert eagle ammo. Behind the big gondola is a ledge. Climb up and walk to the end.
Take a running jump over to the left wall and transverse to the right. Then climb into an opening. Go along the passage with skulls on the wall. Use the climbable wall to go down.
There are blocks and you have to cross the room to get the Key. Jump over to the left block and then use the monkey bar on the ceiling. Watch out because it is not so easy to see where Lara has to go and if she drops onto the floor she will burn. Drop onto the right block to the one with the Key.
Jump over and pick up the Osiris Key. Take a running jump towards the monkey bar and then make your way back to the entrance.
Use the Osiris Key and a door will open. Climb in and step forward to trigger a boulder. Run to the right side to avoid being run over. The boulder will hit the eye tile and this will open the high grey door. At this moment beetles come out of all the beetles tiles and out of the door come 3 giant scorpions.
In the room is the Biggrin Key. Since that key is not necessary (it is just for fun) and the beetles take too much health, I just left the key and went up through the door, past three sets of ramming heads and run passed the giant scorpions. Killed the scorpions with the Desert Eagle. If you use pistols the beetles are nibbling at Lara’s health.

After the niche with the fire there is the niche for the Amun Key. Using it sinks a block next to it and you have to pull a switch. Then run to the door and use the Giza Key.
Jump over and drop down and you are back to the beginning of the level.

That is the END.


Released December 2001
Unauthorised walkthrough by Kris.

There are six secrets to find, all detailed in this walkthrough.


The level starts in a dark corridor, there is a closed golden gate behind you, run to the switch on the north wall and pull it. As you do a boulder will fall and the golden gate behind you will open, but before going through the gate, run up the slope and jump over the boulder then continue up the slope where the boulder triggered, and pick up two sets of ammo. Turn to the ladder on your left and climb up. Go forward up the ramp, climb out into the outside area and pick up the BINOCULARS. You can see the crowbar through the open gate, but you can’t get it, it’s put there to taunt you, so return down the ladder to the new room through the open golden gate.

Run to the other end of the room near the pedestal at the west wall. Turn around to face east and jump up with grab to pull the jumpswitch. This lowers part of the east wall to the right, so go there and climb up. Pick up SECRET # 1 – Flares and the SECRET RULES. They read as follows;-

- To find your way through, bring the light to the light and make them amalgamate.
- If it seems one time, that there is no way out
- Remember that a mighty enemy can only be defeated by a mighty creature.
- Free them and for a short time they will be your ally.
- Find the paper on which I translated the
Egypt sign

- Yours... W. VON CROY

Now return to the main room and stand on the central plinth near the golden gate and facing the east wall and look up. Do a standing jump with grab to the crawlspace. Keep to your left until you are able to pick up ammo, then return to the corridor and crawl to the far end ( south), picking up a medipack en route. Turn to your right and pick up the GOLDEN SKULLY. Drop down and re-enter the main room, kill the bats. Forward now to the alcove with the skeleton on the east wall and pick up the DESERT EAGLE.

Now go to the pedestal, and stand near it to place the Golden Skully. Part of the central dais will lower. Jump down and pick up two sets of ammo. Pull the switch. You’ll be hit by a lightning bolt, so quickly move to the west wall between the two columns and the wall infront will drop. Pick up more ammo.

Enter a room with rising and falling blocks, a jumpswitch , and a ramp with flames leading to a yellow ball on the south wall. On the north wall is a jumpswitch, a closed door and a tall block with flames on top. The floor has death’s head squares. You need to get to the jumpswitch with the right combination of raised and lowered blocks (nothing’s ever straight forward in TR). So from the entrance, climb up to the raised block in front of you and running jump with grab to the one in front (west). Turn to face south and running jump with grab to the block which rises. Turn to face northeast and standing diagonal jump to the block in front. Now you need to do a running jump to the entrance without touching the raised platform in front of it. Turn around to do a diagonal running jump with grab and slight turn to the right to the block you just jumped from (southwest).

Now you can jump to the block in front of the jumpswitch, but as soon as you land you will be attacked by giant scorpions, so have the desert eagle handy to kill them. They can climb on the blocks, and will not only poison you, but knock you to the floor too. Line up a running jump with grab to the jumpswitch. I found it easier to go straight for the jumpswitch and deal with them at ground floor level, climbing back to the entrance door (be careful of the death’s head squares) to finish them off. You have to be quick.

When they are both dead, drop down to floor level again and go to their cave on the north wall. Shoot the small scorpions, and pick up the BAG OF SAND and more ammo. Now return to the entrance door. You can see that the flames on the block underneath the jumpswitch have now gone out, so do a running jump to the block in front (north) followed immediately by another running jump even though the block underneath you has disappeared. Stand under the jumpswitch, and jump up with grab to pull it. The golden ball will roll down the ramp and break the ‘eye’ tile at the bottom. You’ll get another electric bolt, so run up the golden ball ramp and you’ll get a mini flyby of the wall near the jumpswitch lowering. Go back to the entrance and running jump to the block (north) followed immediately by another running jump to the block under the jumpswitch, and go through the new door.


Run through the corridors and enter a courtyard, take out the Demigod with ten shots from the desert eagle. Pick up ammo from near the closed gate on the east wall. Then go to the scales and empty the bag of sand, and that gate will open. When you go to the next area, another Demigod is there waiting, so dispose of him as before. You’ll notice the water scale in the middle of the room. Pick up ammo near the east wall. Go through to the next area, and locate the ladder on the south pillar, pick up the medipack to the right of it avoiding the falling masonry, then climb up the ladder almost to the top and shimmy to your right, backflip to the ledge behind and pick up the SMALL WATERSKIN.

Jump back to the ladder and climb back to the ground. Return through the two scale rooms to the entrance on the west wall. Pick up clips from the alcove on your left, then return to the corridor and look up. The trapdoor has now opened so stand underneath it and pull up into a new room with pillars, and a brightly coloured glass wall by the side of a pool of water. Go to the north wall and pick up ammo, then to the pool and fill the waterskin. Now shoot out the glass panel and enter the room beyond. Shoot the bats. Pick up SECRET # 2 – the UZIS and CROWBAR and clips.

To the left of the entrance door is a jumpswitch, so go there (south) and jump up with grab to pull it. Exit this room to your right and light a flare to find the moveable block on the west wall. Push the block in twice, and it will rise to reveal a raised block with fire and the spirit cross. Pick up the small green bottle to your left SECRET # 3 - LAMPS OIL. Use the crowbar to prise off the EASTERN SHAFT KEY under the spirit cross.

Pick up a medipack to your right as you exit this small room. Just to the right of the medipack is a breakable floor tile, you need to shatter it so you can get the torch back here later, so run over it then go past the obelisk where the four torches are now alight and jump down the and go back through the hole near the south wall and back through the first scale room and onto second with the water scale, empty the contents of the waterskin The stone door will open on the east wall, and the Hammergod will rush out to meet you. You can’t kill him, but every time he hits the floor the vibrations can quickly diminish your health, so sprint past him Go through the room with the fire scale and run to grab the ladder on the east wall and climb up to the ramparts. There is a medipack on the ground to the right of the ladder if you have time to pick it up.

Light a flare and turn left and pick up the TORCH (north) Go back to the ladder and throw the torch to the ground, then climb down, pick up the torch, and sprint through the exit on the west wall, and return through the other two scales room to the opening on the west wall where there is a small gap outside in the wall to the right of the trapdoor room. Walk back two steps from the gap and throw (press space bar) the torch through the opening. Now climb up through the trapdoor and return to the room above.

Drop down the hole where you broke the floor tile and pick up the torch, then standing jump back to the main room. Light the torch on one of the flames on the obelisk, then jump down the hole near the south wall and return to the room with the fire scale. (The Hammergod wasn’t there when I returned this time, he was stuck in the water scales room). Empty the Lamps Oil onto the scale, then pick up the torch and press action to light the oil. The door ahead of you (south) will open. Before you go through, pick up the medipack to the left of that door if you haven’t already done so.

As you enter the green corridor with the ladder at the end and overhead death’s head tiles, the corresponding floor tiles are breakable, you’ll get a flyby of the underground area ahead with giant scorpions in wait in the dark sandy tunnels. Do standing jumps over the tiles as they collapse, and a final jump with grab to the floor underneath the ladder. Walk forward and drop down into the sandy cave, and kill the two giant scorpions. Run to the north wall, pick up clips and ammo on the way, now look up and jump up with grab to pull the jumpswitch on the north wall.

Return to the ladder and climb up to the top. Pick up the medipack near the closed golden grated door, then turn around to face the opposite ledge. Standing jump with grab over to the tunnel. Light a flare and pull the switch at the end of the crawlspace.

Now return to the moveable block to your right on the west wall, and push it in twice. Go to
the south side of the block and push it once. Roll and pick up the ammo. There are two pushable blocks on the north wall. Push them both in as far as they will go. Return to the first block (south) and pull it back twice. Go round the other side of the block (north) and push it in as far as it will go. Now go to the new tunnel you’ve created and pull the block back three times, then go to the south side of the block and push it in as far as it will go. You now have access to the switch in the west tunnel, so go in and pull it to open the golden gate at the top of the ladder outside, return there next. Step back from the edge twice and standing jump with grab to the golden entrance. As you slide down the golden slope you will be pursued by a boulder, so immediately you hit the ground, sideflip to your left.

Enter the most fabulous hieroglyph room. Go to the hieroglyph wall (east) and prise off the WESTERN SHAFT KEY then find the moveable block on the south wall, and push it in as far as it will go down the golden passageway. If you read the hieroglyphs on the block and check them against the hieroglyph alphabet wall, the word PUSH is written on the block The first time I saw this room I was knocked out with the ingenuity and fun of it, and time hasn’t lessened that feeling despite playing Search for Imhotep at least 5 times.

Before going through the new entrance, take the time to translate the hieroglyphs round the top of the wall, starting with the south wall and using the hieroglyph wall to translate the symbols. I saved the ‘alphabet wall’ (shown in the above pic) in the top slot of the game for reference purposes, because you will have to translate further hieroglyphs during the course of this game. The message reads Thanks for playing this. Isn’t that a brilliant touch. Now look up at the ceiling and translate the hieroglyphs, they read Save Your Game, and that’s excellent advice as you go through the new passageway on the south wall.

Stand at the edge and drop down. Now drop down to the floor, turn around and see the ‘eye tile’ and the alcove on the south wall (your safe place when the boulder starts to roll) run up the slope and turn to face right (north). You can see the boulder which will be triggered as soon as you step on the ledge with the skeleton. So turn so that your back is to the boulder. Stand southeast to the left near the skeleton’s feet and hop back, then immediately run forward down the slope to the alcove on the south wall.

The boulder will trigger and roll down the slope to break the eye tile. It’s not difficult to evade the boulder, it’s not that fast. Now run back up the slope and collect SECRET # 4 - VON CROY’S NOTICE and when you read it you’ll see that it is a condensed hieroglyph alphabet for future reference. Pick up the ammo, and run up the slope to the top where the gate has now lifted. Follow the path round until you reach the entrance to your left on the east wall, as you go round the corner, a second boulder will trigger and start after you. Before doing that go forward and to the end and drop down to the lower level and pick up clips. (The boulder will end up here once you’ve triggered it.

Back to the entrance now on the east wall, and trigger the boulder, turning right up the slope as it chases after you. Now go up the slope where the boulder was triggered. The new room has a central block in a small water pool. High on the east wall is a closed golden gate. You can get on the block in the middle of the pool by backflipping to the side and climbing up, but there’s nowhere to go from there yet. So pick up clips from the edge of the pool, and go into the pool. As soon as you attempt to pick up the lasersight you will be pulled underwater by a strong current and transported to a new room.

You surface in a brightly lit room where Seth is immobile for the moment. On either side of him are two giant insects. There are two caged doors with switches on the far wall containing giant scorpions. On the floor near the cages you can just make out black flickering lines, which will raise to form a pathway to the jumpswitch when all the transparent blocks have been placed correctly. The high jumpswitch can be located on the south wall, and an opening on the west wall which will take you back to the previous room. There are transparent blocks at each corner of the room.

Starting with the west wall left of the water, translate the hieroglyphs on the walls to read:

- Seth fighted Amun
- Seth is banished and buried by Amun (North Wall)
- Push on the letter S, sign the name of Amun. Do not touch the others (East wall)
- Seth is waiting for the name of Amun (South Wall)
- This frees his soul (West wall right side of the water)

Shoot the vases and pick up flares. Now you need to follow the directions on the hieroglyph walls. I’d save your game here, the first time I placed the blocks correctly, the last transparent ledge didn’t raise so I went back to the previous save and pushed the blocks in a different order. Locate the S. If you saved the ‘alphabet wall’ in the top slot of the game, you will see that there are two versions for S. (A hook, and a horizontal line with two verticals going through it.) Go to the east wall near the left cage and push the block to the hook picture near the north wall. Now to spell out the name of A M U N. The A looks like an eagle, the M resembles an owl looking forward, the U looks like a chicken, and the N looks like wavy lines. (Hope this helps enough, its difficult to describe hieroglyphics lol. )

Now place the transparent blocks on the appropriate tiles, using the block you placed on the S tile to complete the sequence. If you get it right, the transparent blocks will catch fire inside. During all this you will be attacked by those giant insects, so dispose of them as they appear. When all the blocks are placed look up at the east wall where transparent ledges have appeared creating a path to the high wall switch on the south wall. Now you can release the giant scorpions, but don’t kill them unless they attack you. Remember the message written in the Secret Rules ‘ Remember that a mighty enemy can only be defeated by a mighty creature.’

Pull the switch on the right cage first and when the giant scorpion is free run into his lair and pick up two sets of clips. Now pull the left switch, and more scorpions will emerge, go inside and pick up a medipack. Now quickly run to the transparent ledges and make your way across to the jumpswitch. The easiest way to get to the first ledge is to jump back to the wall and standing jump with grab to the edge of the first one, because the ledge extends further than the black lines. Go across the path then jump with grab to the jumpswitch and pull it, part of the ceiling will collapse and a beam of light will release Seth. The giant scorpions will surround him, leaving you free to run to the two pits which have been created near the water. Prise of the SOUTHERN SHAFT KEY and the NORTHERN SHAFT KEY.

Now that you have all four shaft keys, you can exit this area. Run to the block near the green opening high up on the west wall, and do a diagonal running jump to land safely in the entrance. Standing jumps will take you up the blocks to two ladders, climb them and emerge at the top above the room with the central block in the pool where you first entered Seth’s lair. Standing jump from the edge to the block in the water. Line up with the rope and hop back, then standing jump with grab to the rope. Swing once and catch the climbable green wall ahead, then shimmy left until you can drop off into the new opening where the golden gate has opened. Just inside the doorway is a collapsible tile, so run over it and translate the hieroglyphs on both walls. They translate to the following message. DO YOU OWN FOUR KEYS.


Run down the slope to the gate which opens as you approach. As you pass the next gate on your left, you’ll get a mini flyby of a starry sky, and pyramids. Continue down the passageway and the steps, and push the block at the end which will rise to reveal a closed gate ahead. Turn to your left (north), and place the Western Shaft Key to open the gate. Go through into a new room which appears to be empty. Light a flare to pick out the three shaded areas on the floor and the three pushable blocks on the west wall near the entrance.

Go to the moveable wall block near the closed gate on the south wall. Pull it out and place it on the shaded floor tile behind you. Then proceed to place the other two blocks on the shaded tiles in the middle of the room. When the blocks are placed, they will disappear and fire tiles will appear on those central floor tiles. The gate on the south wall will also open. Go in and use the crowbar switch, this will lower a wall in the second alcove where you pulled out the block, and reveal another pullable block. Pull it out and move it to the opening of the room where you just used the crowbar switch, onto the ‘ eye’ tile at the entrance.

Now go to the second alcove on the west wall. Place the Northern Shaft Key in its receptacle near the blue door to open it. Before going through, go to the opening on your left (south). Climb up on the central block and pick up IMHOTEP'S SCROLL but immediately sideflip to avoid the crushing block which will fall. The scroll reads as follows:

- Searching for my Tomb underneath Giza field ?
- So you must know, that there is only one try for you with the Triple Switch, or this will be YOUR tomb
- Fly higher than Osiris ship and climb the golden dome

Now find the moveable block in this room on the south wall and push it in as far as it will go, A golden door will open to reveal SECRET # 5 - medipack and ammo. Now go to the third alcove near the entrance. At the end of the passage is the lasersight, but there is a double trap here. As soon as you pick up the lasersight, scarabs will attack you and if you don’t get out quickly enough, a block will fall leaving you trapped inside with the flesh eating beetles. SAVE YOUR GAME So run down the passageway, jump from the back of the block before the platform, pick up the LASERSIGHT and hop back (don’t backflip, there isn’t enough time), and escape before the block drops trapping the scarabs, and not you, inside.

Now go to the middle alcove and proceed down the passageway. Light a flare and push in the block at the top of the slope, enter the new passageway and use the Southern Shaft Key to open the blue door to your right. Run down the slope to the new room, at the end roll and combine the desert eagle with the laser sight and shoot the trigger in the lion’s head above the entrance on the north wall. The wall behind you will lower giving you access to a new room.

The new room has a huge central structure, a key receptacle on the east wall, and a fire scale. On the west wall is a moveable block. Pick up the flares. Go to the east wall and place the Eastern Shaft key to open the door to the left of it. Light a flare and after the first small slope locate the moveable block on your right (south) Push the block in as far as it will go until it rises and a new room is revealed. There are three pillars in this room and a blue closed door. Pick up clips from the alcove to your left. On the south wall are three moveable blocks.

Go to the block on the right and pull it back twice so that it is on the patterned tile between the three pillars. Sideflip or backflip until you can get past the pillars. The blue door on the west wall will open, so go in and push the block on the far wall as far as it will go. It will rise and allow you to go forward and pick up ammo and LAMPS OIL. I couldn’t find anything behind the other two moveable blocks. Return to the outside passageway.

Go all the way down the corridor, light a flare and push the moveable block on the north wall as far as it will go. The block will rise giving you access to a room with circular blades. Just after the door rises, pick up the TORCH. Return to the room with the three moveable blocks and light the torch in one of the alcoves. Now return to the main room with the scales. Pull out the block on the west wall and to the side to reveal a passageway with unlit torches leading to a closed metal gate. Light all the torches except the two last near the gate which are too high. Now return to the scales and light the black floor braziers either side of the central structure.

Throw the torch down while you pour the Lamps Oil on the scales. Pick up the torch and ignite the oil. The wall on the central structure will rise, revealing three switches. (hawk, two feathers, ‘triangle’) start with the triangle on the right, then the hawk, then the feathers. Press the buttons in that order, and the metal gate in the corridor behind you will rise. Re-enter the corridor and jump into the water at the end.

Swim through the opening on the south wall , and pick up TOMB KEY # 1. Back to the main pool and swim across the room (north) through the metal gate which rises as you approach, and climb out. Follow the path up the slope to the switch near the closed blue door and pull it. Back to the pool. Swim through the gate on the west wall. Surface at the end of a long swim through the underwater passages and climb out. At the next step, turn around and jump with grab to catch the ladder and climb up. At the top, pick up TOMB KEY # 2 near the closed gate, pull the switch to your right. The following flyby will pan back to the open door in the room with the blades where you picked up the torch, and also a glimpse of the outside area.

Turn around to face east, there is a closed door and a key hole( this is the exit to the game) but for now return back down the ladder to the water, and surface for air in the main water area in the hole in the ceiling. Return through the gate on the north wall and swim upwards until you can climb out, run up the slope past the switch through the now open gate. Light a flare and push the block as far as it will go. You’re now back in the main room with the central structure. Go through the gate on the east wall, all the way to the end and turn left into the blade room and through the open blue gate at the end.

A magnificent room awaits you. Steps lead to golden blocks at the top protected by three demigods. Behind you on the west wall are two ‘eye’ tiles, and as you approach the steps, the unlit torches on the steps and wall sconces will light up. There are boulders either side of the steps at the top. Arm yourself with the desert eagle and run up the stairs. As you approach the first two demigods, the boulders will trigger and break the eye tiles near the entrance. Shoot the demigods as they awake, and run to the top of the stairs. Either side of the metal gate are golden alcoves. Behind the open gate is a grey stone wall which you need to lower. Place the Tomb Keys.

Behind the demigod are three blocks, pull/push the two lower ones to the end of the steps as far as they will go. This will lower the grey stone wall behind the metal gate. Now back to the remaining golden block. Stand on the ledge with the demigod and push it six times through the new opening. Turn around to see the high jumpswitch above the entrance and the climbable wall to the left of it. Pull the switch. The inner door under the switch will drop. Now push the block as far as it will go and enjoy the elevator ride to the top of the room. Light a flare, walk to the edge of the invisible ledge, hop back and do a running jump with grab to catch the jumpswitch.

As you pull it the side walls will lower, leaving you free to enter two new rooms. The room to the left has a grid in the centre of the floor above a gondola. In the room to your right is a demigod standing on a moveable block with an eye tile, and a battering ram lined up to break it. On the west wall, too high to reach at the moment is a shaft key. Pull push the moveable block under the demigod to the square next to the patterned floor tile underneath the shaft key. A block will rise, climb up and prise off the WESTERN SHAFT KEY. Return to the north wall in the gondola room. A flare bug kicks in here,(but not for long) throw down a flare to light up the dark brown decorated block which is directly in line with the metal arms of the battering ram in the other room.

Pull the block out and to the side then pull the switch inside the new alcove. You’ll see the battering ram break the eye tile, and the demigod float through the wall. The centre passageway alters and the new blocks rise and fall to form new passageways. Find the receptacle in the central eastern pillar and place the Western Shaft Key to open a trapdoor directly to your right. Drop down and run down the stairs into another fantastic hieroglyph room where two demigods are waiting for you. Kill both and pick up the KEY OF AMUN dropped by one of them.(the one nearest the west wall.)

There is a closed metal gate on the east wall which will open when you go to the central sarcophagus, but don’t go there yet because scarabs will be released as soon as you stand next to it. There is also a golden receptacle on the west wall, and an ‘eye’ tile on the south pillar, behind you is a closed gate high on the north wall. There is also a moveable block to the far left of the entrance underneath one of the blue columns. Now to translate the hieroglyphs on the walls

West wall - Look at Orion and you can see that Egypt is
North Wall - Just a mirror of the stars above the Giza
East wall - Pyramids are the middle stars of Orion and Sirius is
South wall - Saccara find MS there if you can
Bottom steps – Imhotep.

Now go to the moveable block to the far left of the entrance under the blue column. Push /pull the block to the face tile on the floor near the sarcophagus and a trapdoor will open back where you started moving the block. Climb down the ladder and follow the long underground tunnel until you reach the crawlspace, go through until you reach the intersection. Take the second turning on the right, then turn right and crawl until you reach yet another hieroglyph room with four movable blocks. Starting with the west wall, and going clockwise, the hieroglyphs read REMEMBER THE NAME OF SETH'S DESTROYER...

When you first encountered Seth early on in the game, remember the message on the wall : Seth is banished and buried by AMUN, so this is the name you need to spell out with the blocks. (A. – Hawk - M - Owl looking forward - U – chicken N - Waves.) There is no N on the floor, but there is one above the entrance door, so push the block into the entrance. When all four blocks have been placed, the central block in the room will drop to reveal a key. Go over and pick up SECRET # 6 - GIZA KEY and immediately sideflip to avoid being squashed by the block which falls from the ceiling. Now pull out the block from the entrance and push it to one side.

Go back through the crawlspaces and the long tunnels to the room with the sarcophagus and top up your health. Go to the sarcophagus and press action to move the lid, this will open the gate on the east wall, but will also release scarabs, so sprint to the door and jump in the water. The scarabs will follow and drown. Swim down and pick up ammo. Climb out onto the gangway and walk north towards the end. At the end, hop back and turn to face west, hop back to the wall and do a running jump with grab to the west wall.

Shimmy right , turn the corner and locate the high opening on the north wall. Pull up into a tunnel, lined on both sides with devil’s head tiles on the walls. Drop back at the end and climb down into an eerie underground room covered in devil’s head tiles. There are sloping blocks in the main part of the room and a key at the far end on a block. Some of the ceiling has monkey bars.

Turn left to face the south wall and do a running jump over to the block. Light a flare and jump up with grab to the monkey bars. In general stick to the horizontal lines and ignore the others. Go forward till you are just past the sloped block below to your right, turn right towards the flat block between the two sloped ones but turn left again before you reach it. Go forward again, and turn right before the block with the key and where the ceiling turns green. Go forward again almost to the north wall, then turn left and left again, drop down onto the flat block right of the key. From the edge, do a standing jump and pick up the KEY OF OSIRIS.

Now face east and running jump with grab to the monkey bars, and make your way back to the block near the entrance, reversing the directions. Running jump back to the entrance and turn to face south. Jump with grab up to the climbable wall. (If you get stuck, shimmy once to the right, then start climbing up.) At the top, go back through the room with the gondolas and return to the hieroglyph room.

Now go to the golden receptacle on the west wall and use the Key of Osiris to open the blue door high up on the north wall. Stand underneath the new entrance and wait for the golden ball to roll down the slope then side flip out of harms way as the boulder enters the room and smashes the eye tile. As soon as it does, scarabs will appear out of the scarab tiles on the floor and the large door on the north wall will open, releasing giant scorpions. Dash back to the gondola room and jump in the water to drown the scarabs, then re-enter the hieroglyph room and kill the scorpions. (I ran back up the stairs and killed them from a safe distance.)

Go into the scorpions lair and pick up the BIGGRIN KEY but immediately jump back before a massive block drops from the ceiling to squash you. If scarabs appear again, run back to the water and drown them. Return to the opening high up on the north wall( avoiding the scarab tiles on the floor) and climb up. Proceed up the long corridors and at the end time runs past the three sets of battering rams. Kill the scorpions. Place the Key of Amun in the golden receptacle in the second alcove on the left. When the block to your left lowers, pull the switch. Continue up the corridor and use the Giza Key to open the metal gate to the outside. Jump with grab over to the entrance, then drop down and run forward to end this brilliant game.