Level by Chris Hoeppner

Walkthrough by Yoav

You begin in a short passage that brings you out to a large open area covered with grass and a few half pillars around. Kill the ninja and get his Uzis, then head west toward the green leaf trap and just drop into it, you slide down to an underground Egyptian room. First kill the two ninjas, now look around, there're four pillars and closed double stone doors. Go toward the NE pillar and press on the face tile switch to the door.

Go to the next room and get the short flyby showing the shark swimming out through the open gate and meantime the door will close behind you. Proceed around the pool and see one cartouche receptacle left of the missing or invisible closed door, but when you come back here later you'll see two receptacles! Sounds strange indeed, maybe it's a bug but it does not spoil the level.

Anyway, jump into the pool and swim through the short tunnel to the next large cave with lake. You can climb onto the ledge from the east side and get the medipack, but you cannot climb to other places around the lake. Just keep swimming north into the short tunnel with closed gate in the front. Climb out onto the left ledge, pick up The Timeless Sands which opens the gate, then press the tile switch that opens door to room you're going to reach soon. Jump back to the tunnel and notice you are swimming toward the open gate and not back the lake(!) and get out of the tunnel.

Follow the short passage and find yourself in one of those highest small places of the lake. Kill the small red scorpion, then see that you can jump grab ceiling and monkeyswing acroos the lake to other side. When you reach the next place go and get the medipack and kill the ninja.
Enter the room, there're two tile switches to press on, that will open the double doors to get outside from the lake.

Climb up the stairs over the next place with the pool and shark swimming. Jump into the pool and get the first Cartouche from the middle and it also will open the gate. Keep swimming through tunnel and you come to another cave with little small lake. Swim straight ahead between those two balconys toward the other side of the lake and see closed door, swim back and now climb up onto the left balcony. Enter the room and place the timeless sands in the statue hands, then get then meipack from the left corner. The door in the second balcony is open now, go over there and kill the ninja. Enter the room and take care of the spike traps, go around to the corner and press on the tile, it opens the door you saw earlier.

Go through the door you just opened and enter Egyptian room, there you have to deal with demigod. Get the second Cartouche he will drop and get outside. On the main path kill the soldiers and get the Jeep Key, take place in the Jeep and start driving up the path. Keep driving around the hole with the pool above and stop when you reach the other side, get out of the Jeep.

Jump into the pool and get all the goodies from the pool and outside the pool, then climb onto the block and jump grab the path back to the Jeep. Strat driving fast across the gap, turn to the right over the short ramp and cross the next gap.

Get out of the Jeep and climb unto the block, crawl into the opening and slide down the slope. Follow along the passageway, get some uzi clips on your way and jump back into the pool you've been to earlier but now there's a shark swimming around.

Quickly get out of the pool and go toward the receptacles to place the first cartouche, which leads you the second cartouche receptacle that was not there before. Place the second cartouche that will open the door in the middle.

Get the uzi clips and follow the short passage, then climb up the next passage, crawl and get more uzi clips, climb up into the crawlspace. Climb again into the next crawlspace turn and drop down into the short dark passage, go forward and drop again, then run up the slope into the room. In front of you there are cartouche receptacles and closed gate nearby. There're also soldier and ninja shooting on you from the high ledges around the room and very soon two demigods will show up.

Kill them both and get from each one Half Cartouche Piece, go to the cartouche receptacles and combine the pieces then place cartouche to open the gate.

Follow the passage and you come to the last cave with lava, look to your left side, there's an opening, but you can't reach it now. Climb up the wall from your right and go toward the ladder, climb up and find yourself onto the ledges around the room you have been to already. From your left there's tile switch you can press, then back to the cave and see that you can cross the lava now. Go through the opening and finish the level.