The Cross of the Damned

Level: Yann Houbas.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

Go forward and into the 1st room.

1st room.

The fly-by will show the Crossbow on 2nd floor and a closed gate, when you enter the room, Skeletons appear, no weapon yet so get into the NW corner where you can climb to 1st floor, jmp to a block on W wall and go up to 2nd floor, get theCrossbow and runjmp to a SW ledge for Ammo, jmp down into an alcove on S wall and then to the SE ledge, for more Ammo, go down to ground floor and go pick up the explosive Arrows next to the entrance, lure the Skeletons away a bit and sprint, so you have some time to spare.
Now you can have some fun, try to get them together and blow em away with one well aimed shot.

In the centre pool youíll find a tunnel, swim to the crossing and swim back as 2 Crocs come out, swim slowly, so they will follow into the pool, shoot them and swim to the end, up and out to the Warthog square, run to the N pool and shoot the 2 Warthogs from it, get the Ammo behind the pool and look for a passage in the SE, there is a Ĺ MP in the trench in front of the passage, follow to the Croc pool.

The Croc pool.

Stand on the edge and shoot the Crocs, see the receptacles for the Gem and the Pharos Knot on the other side. Look for a tunnel in the bottom in the NW corner and follow to a room with slopes and a Spiketrap in between, runjmp onto one of the slopes and keep jmping L or R to get to the other side, get a Ĺ MP and throw the lever to open the first of 2 UW gates in the E pool of the 1st Room. Now for getting back, just jmp over the 1st set of Spikes and then a runjmp aimed at one of the slopes to jmp back past the last set of Spikes, get back to the Croc pool and look for the tunnel in the bottom in the SE, swim in and past theCroc or turn back taking him with you to shoot it in the pool.

Swim to a red room with 2 Crosses, shoot the Skeletons, when you got them teamed up together and get some Ammo in the back and in the shallow centre pool, dive in the hole after you shot some Crocs, or lure them in here and then shoot them, in the big UW room, you can find the Shotgun in the NW and some Ammo on 1st floor SE, under that 1st floor is an UW door that will open automatically, swim to a Fountain.

Fountain room.

Get the Ammo on the edge of the fountain and go N, just before the stairs, look behind you and shoot the 2 Demigods. Grab the Flares and go up along the L side, then along the R side after the 1st Boulder went by and up to a dark room, donít step on the centre ledge with the Pharos Pillar and get the Ammo. Then stand on the ledge with the Pillar, facing E, Crossbow drawn and the 2 doors open up, 2 Demigods, one in front and one behind you, shoot them and take the Pillar (donít really need that I think, but take it anyway), go into the E passage and in the CS is a room with a lever, which will open the gate in the Fountain room. Grab the Flares and head back, past the Fountain and careful for that light colored Tiles, they are dangerous. Enter the gate next to the Sarcophagus SW. Climb up to 1st floor from the top of one of the steps, go to the roof of the Fountain room, climb the stone bridge and go N, jmp/grab the NW pillar and get the Ammo, then jmp E and up to the N wall, from the wall you can reach the NE pillar and then S, get more Goodies and from the pillar on E wall, drop down to a ledge across the lever, runjmp over to it and shoot 2 Demigods. The lever will open the 2nd UW gate in the tunnel in the 1st Room. Drop from the ledge to the floor below and be careful where you step when going back to the Fountain, go to the Croc pool, Warthog room and to the 1st Room.

1st room.

Get into the E pool and swim to the end, down to grab the Desert Eagle and up to a room with a lever, throw it to open a gate on 1st floor W of 1st Room, so swim back, climb up And jmp to that SW corner, get The Gem inside and you know where to put that, in the Croc pool, yes. Go back there and place it to open the N door in the 1st Room. When you go for that door another Skeleton drops from the ceiling, great how they do that, shoot it into the water and enter the Green Cross room.

The Green Cross room.

Shoot all Skeletons into the centre pool, not too hard, get some Ammo in the back near the big doors behind the Cross and go up the W ladder to get Ammo on the ledge, runjmp down into the pool and swim into the low tunnel past a Croc and stay high in the tunnel, so you can swim up in the shaft before you get Spiked. In the next big room, you can go N for some Ammo in the back and collect some Skeletons, run S and you get more audience, team them up and blast them away.

Go into the E passage very carefully, crawl under the darts and steam and stay L, stop on the last dark grey Tile, stand up and Spikes pop up, now you have to do a runjmp with a R curve to land in the R hand corner, while Spike balls drop next to you. Throw the lever and go back, stand R and walk up to the Spikes, so you can see Lara, do a runjmp over the 1st Darts when the spikes are down and crawl under the rest. Go L and to an open gate. Go in and up the ladder to shoot a Demigod in the room where you can throw a lever to open the gate up in the Green Cross room.

Return to the Green Cross room, when you dive into the water hole, go down slowly to just over the spikes and wait for the right moment to swim through, get out on the other end and go up the E ladder, into the gate to go around to the back of the Cross, using a ladder to climb to the top of it and get the Pharos Knot, drop from the S side to the lower part of the Cross to get the Ĺ MP and go down to make your way over to the Croc pool. Place the Knot and the big doors behind the Green Cross open up.

Go there and enter to leave this nice looking level.