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Level by Piotr Klonowski (Pedros) (December, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] I used the supplied *.dat files and the opening menu just displays "remy H. Smith" which seems to be exit. Just hit return to start a new game. All of the menu items are confusing as well. [End note]

You start in a cave. Turn around and pick up two Hands of Sirius (call Circle Scrolls in the menu). Kill a scorpion that approaches you. Turn around and go west into the cave. Go towards the right and kill another scorpion. Look west and see a crawl space. Although the cave continues on, there is nothing to find. Get into the crawl space and stand up at the end. Continue west to kill a scorpion. Jump over the hole to the west and get a long flyby of the outside military type installation. Drop down the hole and kill three guards. To the south are a cave and a closed door that needs a key. Go west and enter a tunnel in the west wall. At the tunnel exit is a T-junction. The south valley is a dead end so go into the north valley. Where the valley branches, kill a guard. Take the east branch and kill two guards. Pick up Uzi ammo that a guard drops. Pick up the Uzi's and a Key that the other guard drops.

Notice the water at the west wall. Dive in and find a crawl space at the bottom on the east side. Follow this and enter a cave. Swim to the right and down through the cave complex. In the south-east corner you can pull up into a dark room with explosives. You can do nothing here yet but now you know where it is when you have to return back here later. Swim back to the valley and go back to the valley branch. This time go north and to another junction. Go east to kill a guard. Then go west and follow to a trench. Kill a guard and pick up Uzi's and two Uzi ammo. Go back to the T-junction and exit back through the cave. Go east pass the installation and then south to find a slope leading to a cave. Go to the back of the cave and find a door and a lock. It is possible to get on the south rocks and get into the installation but you will get stuck since that is not the designed route.

Use the key to open the door. Enter the door, an alarm sounds and the door closes behind you. Pull the switch on the south wall and go north to kill a guard. Enter the door at the top of the ramp. You see a door and a card reader. To the left is a section with many closed doors. This is the first floor. So go to the right and go up the stairs to the second floor. At the T-junction go north and enter the first left doorway. The door opens so enter the room. Pick up a small medipack in the north-west corner. Press the pushbutton on the north wall. Exit the room and go back down the stairs. Go pass the card reader and enter the corridor to the right. Kill a guard and follow the corridor to kill another guard. Pick up the ET's Room Key card that the guard drops. Enter the room that the guard came from and go to the south-east corner for flares. Go to the north-east corner to kill a dog and pick up a small medipack.

Go back to the first floor card reader and use the Room Key card to open the door. Kill the guard and enter the room to kill another guard. Shoot all the boxes and pick up two Uzi ammo, red shotgun shells, and a large medipack. You also reveal a button on the north wall. Press that button and exit the room. Use the stairs to the second floor and go north. Enter the open door in the fenced room to the east. Shoot the two red lights above the panels on the east and south walls. Go north and enter the next section that is now open. Go to the north wall and shoot out the grate near the floor. Follow the crawl space north and shoot out another grate. Do not go down, as at the bottom is a deadly trap. Go west and shoot another grate. Get down and pick up a Disc (called Star of Orion in the menu). The door does not open so crawl back to where you started. Go to the disc reader with a red light at the west wall. Use the Disc and the light changes to green indicating that it worked.

Exit both fenced rooms and go into the doorway to the north-west. Loop to the right and enter a white room. Pick up the Blue Fuse from the block. Exit and go down the stairs to the first floor. Look west and see a purple light near an open door. Follow the ramp to another T-junction. Notice the closed door to your left. Go right and follow the ramp to the fuse holder. Use the fuse and the door opens. Kill the guard and enter the missile room. Notice another closed door at the end of the room. Go into the aisle between the missiles and pull down a trap door from the ceiling. Climb up and pull the switch on the south wall. You get a very fast and confusing flyby of a door opening somewhere. Go to the north-west corner and pull down another trap door. Pull up and kill a guard who drops another Disc. You may have quickly noticed a disc reader in the previous flyby. Go to the south end of the room and shoot out the two red lights above the panels. Get down from the area and exit the missile room. Go up the ramp and then up the stairs to the second floor. Go back to where you found the fuse and continue north and enter the newly open door. Turn right and use the Disc in the disc reader. The door besides you opens. Enter the room for red shotgun shells and blue shotgun shells. Pull the two switches at both ends of the room and exit the room.

The north door and tunnel lead to the deadly drop outside. Go south and back to the fenced area. Go south pass the stairs and into the last open door to the west. Enter the dark room and pick up flares, large medipack, red shotgun shells, blue shotgun shells, and three Uzi ammo. Go to the north wall between the shelves. Jump up and pull down a jump switch. Exit and go north to the area where you found the fuse. The door opposite the white room is now open. Go up the ramp and press a pushbutton. The door to the south opens. Go through the warehouse area in the glass tunnel and pull the switch in the south alcove. Exit this area and go down stairs to the first floor. Go to the purple room again and down the ramp to the missile room. The door at the back is now open. Follow the tunnel and enter another large missile room.

Hop on the consoles and go to the south wall. You hear the secret sound but there is no secret. Pull the two switches at the south wall. Also use the number keypad-type switch in the south-east corner behind a cabinet. If you walk into the opening between the consoles from the main room, you get a cut scene of the outside front gate open. Light a flare and stand on the west console and pick up a Key Card. Stand the east console and go to the east end next to a column. Jump and grab a missile container at the north wall. Jump over the missile containers and on one of them pick up a Disc. Use the Disc in the disc reader in the room below at the east wall.

Exit back through the missile room and go up the ramp. About half way notice that the door is now open. Enter the room with the fancy boxes. Turn around and kill the dog and four guards sneaking up from behind you. Climb the boxes in the north-east corner. Drop into a hole and pick up a Hand of Sirius. You also get a flyby of more doors opening and more guards. Get down and exit this room. Continue up the ramp to the first floor. Kill a guard and a dog that get in your way.

Go east and enter the first left branch and go north. At the end turn left and enter the now open door. Follow the tunnel to the warehouse. Kill the four guards who ambush you. Go south to pick up three Uzi ammo. Shoot the red light on the dark south wall. Climb the boxes beside the light and push a movable block. Pick up red shotgun shells and blue shotgun shells. Go into the south-east corner area and move a few boxes to pick up the shotgun. Climb boxes to the east and get to the top of the glass tunnel. Look towards the north-west and shoot the red light on the wall. I found that the shotgun using the blue wide shot ammo was the best way to do it. If you want, you can save you game and jump through the east wall to explore an area where you should not be. Then reload the save game and continue.

Get back to the ground floor and exit the warehouse. Enter the north-east tunnel and follow the tunnel to the north. Enter the first door to the right that is now open. Press the button on the south wall. The door opens and you have to kill a dog and a guard. Enter the room and pick up blue shotgun shells, Uzi ammo, crossbow normal ammo, and the crossbow. Exit and go back up the stairs to the second floor. Kill two guards and enter the open door to the right. There is a short tunnel and then go left and up a ramp. Jump and grab and pull up to the roof. Go north and safety drop off the roof into the outside yard. Kill a guard and go out the front gate.

Go west through the tunnel and get back to the water hole. Use the Key Card on the black box to the north-east and hear a loud explosion. Now get into the hole and swim back to the room with the explosives. The explosives and the wall are gone. Go south and east to enter a door that closes behind you. The next door opens and you face a bull. Immediately go north and grab a crevice. Shimmy to the right to pull up into an alcove. Use Hand of Sirius #1 in the receptacle. Drop and shimmy to the right to pull up into another alcove. Use Hand of Sirius #2 in the receptacle. Drop and shimmy to the right to pull up into the last alcove. Use Hand of Sirius #3 in the receptacle and the door opens on the ground floor. Drop to the floor and enter the doorway as the bull chases you.

Follow the tunnel and a door opens for you. Once through it closes and hopefully locks the bull outside. Follow the tunnel and side jump through the two slicer traps. Pull down a trap door from the ceiling. The rest of the tunnel leads to a dead-end. Pull up into the open trap door and follow the tunnel to a large room. Use the platforms to get into the two alcoves in the north wall. Pull the two switches and then climb more platforms to reach an open door in the upper north wall. Follow the tunnel to overlook a lava room with two ahmets at the bottom. Give yourself full health and jump west to a ledge. Jump down to the ledge with the ahmets and pull up out of their way onto a block. Try to kill them in the corners so they will not get in the way later. Get down to the platform and get into the hole with the ladder.

You can let go and drop into some water. Pull up on the south side. Jump the ledges to get to the north side and pull the wall switch. Get back to the south side and climb the ladder to the lava level. Climb the block and run and jump to grab the wall ladder. Climb back up into the tunnel. Get to the ground floor and go through the open door to the east. Kill three ahmets and go to the east side of the room to pick up the Hand of Orion (called lares in the menu). Climb back up to the upper north tunnel and use the Hand of Orion. The door besides you opens. Enter and follow the tunnel to pull up onto an enclose overlooking a large outside area. Jump onto the brown structure in the middle and run around it as the level ends.