King Tut

Level by Renato Wanser

Walkthrough by Yoav

The level starts with some kind of a short movie and ends with Lara sliding down a tunnel with a spiked boulder rolling close behind. As soon as you see the opening down the tunnel, jump forward and the spiked boulder will get stuck behind you. You are in some kind of a small canyon. Head north and climb the blocks, drop down and follow the narrow path to the south-east for shotgun ammo. Return and take the north-west path, run to the end. Face south and run/jump/grab the opposite wall. Pull up and slide down, then pull the lever, it opens a gate at the south wall. Drop to the ground, head north then west, kill two scorpions and climb the block back to the earlier path. Take the south-east path and run to the end, face south and jump into the opening.

Climb up the blocks and enter a large passage with pillars from both sides. Run forward but be aware of hidden spikes in the ground. At the end enter the next passage, run forward, jump above the hole to reach the end.

Enter a room with two receptacles and a closed gate at the west wall. Head north-west for shotgun ammo and proceed into the north opening to the end of the passage. Climb the block and pick up The Hand of Sirius. Part of the passage is burning, so you cannot go back the easy way. However, run/jump forward, grab the ceiling and monkey swing above the passage, this leads you to a crawlspace. Pull inside, crawl a bit further, turn around and drop down back to the room.

Head south and follow the passage, at the end climb the wall into a room above. Save the game, as the room ahead is full of hidden spikes. Just step on the different tiles by following the right order (start from the left) as the east wall is showing you, and reach the block. Climb onto it and pick up The Hand of Sirius, then go back to the room you come from.

Use both hands at their receptacles to open the gate. Enter a very short passageway, step forward and drop into a hole. Don't climb out. Just turn to face north and jump/grab the high crawlspace. Pull inside, turn around and drop down. Kill the two scorpions, one of them should give you The Hand of Orion. Back to the passageway and enter the room, kill two ninjas and get some shotgun ammo. Notice the closed gates around the room and the receptacles at the east wall.

Head to the north-west corner for another receptacle and use there the Hand of Orion. The first gate at the west wall is open. Follow the passage to a room with six lion statues on six blocks. Notice the closed gate at the north wall, then head south behind the statues. Go through the opening and push the block forward. Climb the west wall and move to the left alcove, then jump north and pull into a crawlspace. Turn around and drop onto a block, turn to face north-east and run/jump to land on the next block. Pick up the Cartouche Piece #1, then go back to the first room.

A gate is open at the north wall. Enter there and pull the block that you already pushed once into the room. Notice a few marked squares and place the block only onto the marked square close to the east wall at the right side. Another gate opens at the west wall.

Run upstairs to the top and the next slope down leads you to a room with a few blocks. While you are sliding down be ready to jump forward above the fire and grab the first block ahead. Turn to face south and run/jump to the next block. From the block you are standing on kill the two ninjas, then run/jump to the next two blocks north. One more jump and reach the third block close to the north wall and pick up the Cartouche Piece #2. Drop to the ground and head west, climb the block. Kill the ninja and follow up the passage, at the end the gate will open for you, and go back to the earlier room.

Combine the cartouche pieces and place it in its receptacle. The middle gate at the west wall is open. Climb the stairs and kill two ninjas. At the top you'll see another cartouche receptacle, a closed door and lever that will open the gate you left in the area of the lion statues. Pick up the shotgun and make your way over to the lion statues. Pass the gate you just opened and climb down the wall. Follow the passage to a shallow water place covered with green leafs. Go the end of the main passage, then turn right twice. Kill two scorpions on your way up the next passage and come to a desert area.

Kill the faraway ninja and carefully follow the narrow path to the end, then jump forward to the slope and take another jump into the alcove. Pull the lever, turn around and drop down the ground. Face east and go through the gate you opened to another desert area. Kill many ninas on your way and reach the grounded Jeep. Go behind the Jeep and pick up the Cartouche. Return to the gate you entered and climb up the north wall. Make your way back to the receptacle at the top of the stairs you left earlier.

Use the cartouche at the receptacle to open the door and enter a big room with a center block. Run toward the west wall, kill the scorpions and avoid the mummies. Pick up The Hand of Sirius next to the wall, then go and climb the center block. Face south and jump up grab the climbable wall, climb up and backflip to land in a short passage. Use the Hand of Sirius at the east receptacle to open a door near to you. Run forward toward the dark to end the level.