Escape From Manosque

Level by Chris C

Walkthrough written by Yoav

Lara slides down to the city: Go to main street, shoot the high windows, climb in and pick up shotgun ammo, the man in small glass plays flute. Back to street, shoot the other windows and pick up crowbar, go to open place fronting the street, climb on left wall and jump over slope to hiding room, pull lever. Get out and go to other side place and find the shotgun.

Back in the street, go through open door, shoot windows, pick up madipack, before you shoot the barrier wooden, pick up in courtyard medipack and shotgun ammo. Follow the stairs down to water, swim and climb to a small ledge. Get in room, be careful for spike traps, climb up ladder, pick up shotgun ammo. Go through open wall, shoot wild boar, pull jumpswitch to open trap door, pick up torch.

Back to room before, light the torch and come back to light the rope. The boulder is freed; climb on block, pull switch, the fire in crawlspace is turned off. Go back where you found the crowbar, crawl there and take golden star, back to room and use it. Door is now open, jump over two holes (traps) and pick up gate key, go to black gate and use it.

Shoot those windows, go left side, climb ladder, shoot windows and get in small garden. See that mesh on ground; leave this place for while and go back where you shot the windows, follow passageway to garden, look for crack on wall, shimmy to end. In a crawlspace pick up shotgun ammo, run and jump to wooden ledge, shoot wild boar and pull switch to start a short quake.

Keep going; you are in place where the mesh was before, swim a long way and get out in area with wooden structure in water. Inside the structure, shoot with pistols at blue ball, the black gate opens, shoot the two wild boar, go to corridor but don't pull the switch yet, pick up Pharos Knot. Now pull the switch, a door opens in the wooden structure. Get in and jump to ledge in front of you, shoot windows, place the Pharos Knot and pick up big medipack, short quake.

Back to main street and go to room where was glass before and pull there a switch, pick up token, go to beginning street, get in open room and pull jumpswitch. Proceed to left side street and pick up from the room gate key and jeep key, open the black gate, then use the token and drive on a jeep through the open gate to end.