Walkthrough copied from the website of the author.

Author: Lucas "Treeble"
This walkthrough was written by the author himself.

NOTE: there are two levels in the package, but it's actually one single level shared by two different characters. The level itself is pretty much the same, with only a few modifications throughout the level, which are marked in Italic on this walkthrough. Have fun!


Sophia breaks into Lara's house through the pane roof on Lara's attic. On top of the boxes, Sophia finds the Desert Eagle and ammunition. Go down stairs. As you push the button, two dogs attack you.

(As Lara, you start the level in her own bedroom. Go to the attic to find out that someone broke into her house and get the HK gun as well. Most of the doors are already open also.)

In this level, there are two kind of soliders - the Man In Black style are Lara allies, and the SAS baddies are Sophia's allies, so be careful when aiming! They are really helpful.

Enter Lara's bedroom (a buggy flyby shall show the outside, with many guys fighting for their lives). Push the switch near the window to open a door inside the garage.

Go to the kitchen and get the White Key on the desk. In the dinning room, shoot the TV and push the button that was hidden behind it to open the artifacts room (beneath the T-Rex head) but you need to open a second door before getting your hands on the artifacts.

(As Lara enters the room, a flyby shows that things are missing... In the kitchen, Lara gets the Porshe keys)

Upstairs, use the White Key near the plaster statue. Inside the library, there's a white book you can pull. Pulling it opens another door opposite to the room you are.

As you activate the button on the piano room, watch your back for two dogs. This button opens the garage door in the first floor. But first, go to the pool room. There's another button you can activate behind the higher block (it opens the door to the aquarium). Jump to the water and open the hidden door. Swim through the passage and open another door. You'll find yourself at Lara's aquarium! Pick up SECRET #1 (a jade rose).

Now go back. Enter the garage and get another white key in the pedestal. Go back to the main room. Walking through the aquarius room, you will find another library. Pull the two white books to open a door in this room and get SECRET #2 (a jade rose).

In the 2nd floor library, there's another key hole on the South wall. Use the white key there to open the second door in the artifacts room. Going through it, you will find the four meteorite artifacts and the Jeep keys. Now go to the garage and activate the switch in the NE corner to open the exit doors. Steal the jeep to go outside.

(Lara obviously doesn't have the jeep anymore, so she will have to chase Sophia with the beautiful Porshe)

As you cross the doors, get off the jeep and climb the boxes to your left. There you pick the SECRET #3 (a jade rose). Get back to the jeep and go to the front of Lara's house.

Push the button by the grates and drive outside of Lara's yard. Outside, in the dark NW corner, there's the last jade rose, as the SECRET #4. Then all you have to do is to drive away to finish the level.