Cliff Tomb at Akhetaton

unauthorised Walkthrough by Michael Prager (March 2003)

Level 1 - Cliff Tomb at Akhetaton

Lara has apparently crashed her Jeep and fell into the Nile. As soon as you can swim forward, get out and kill the hungry crocodile. Swim to the north and pick up the Canopic Jar at the backend of the water on the ground and a medipack behind the pillar. Kill the shark that protected it. Look into the water and you will see the shiny crowbar towards the south near a skeleton. Get it and swim to an underwater door nearby and open it. Another crocodile appears, so get rid of it as best as you can. Find some flares behind the door and a ceiling underwater lever, which opens the door across on the other side. Near that door well hidden in the misty water is another Canopic Jar for you to pick up. If you wish, you can get out of the water again and make your way along the shore towards the waterfall and jump across to the other side, but there are only two scorpions to kill.

Get some air as there is a long dive ahead and swim into the newly opened door and make right/left turns without hitting walls and you can almost make it to the end without losing health. If you wish you can go back here later for a big medipack which at first is hidden under the raising block. Advance into the darkness (light a flare and watch out for the spikes) and pull the lever on the left. Enter the next room, pick up the flares, then the torch and light it and also the four wall torches in the previous rooms. Shoot vases and boxes and pick up ammo. Place the two canopic jars in their receptacles and enter the now open door.

Get your torch and light the wall torches to give yourself more light. Then throw the torch onto the burning floor in the middle of the room. Once it crashes, go down but then go back out again to find the raising blocks triggered and you can climb up and get Secret #1 (Desert Eagle). Then go down, follow the passage, pick up a small medipack, crawl through and slide into the next level.

Level 2 - Uskh-t ni Tuti

Climb up. Note the door to the right and the hand receptacle. Pick up small medi, ammo and flares in the next room. You need to hop on the elevated tiles to keep the raising block down for you to pass through (starting at the entrance of the room). Same logic applies in the next two rooms. Pick up the torch and light it. A slow and painful death awaits to the right, so slide down to the left (east).

Four lever puzzle: Not quite sure about the logic, but what worked for me was: south wall, north wall, east wall right, east wall left. If you do it wrong you die via spikes.

Move forward and you slide down while a flyby shows you the room you did not quite get to yet. Climb up to the east side and meet two giant rotating blades. Pick up some flares in a safe spot. Then turn and make your way up on the west side - carefully dodging the blades. At the top jump across to the other side. Pull the crowbar lever and move over the other side, sliding down backwards on the right, and enter the open door to find Secret #2 (pick up the goodies avoiding burners and the skeleton). Slide down on the right and pick up the torch. The slide down, go through the door and across the wooden 'bridge' and light your torch on the other side (it will give you some light in the caves). Don't forget to pick up the flares in the middle of the wooden bridge. In the cave keep to the left wall and follow it along to find a cartouche and some ammo. A couple of skeletons will soon be in hot pursuit. If you explore, there are small medipacks and flares to find. Towards the west you will find a small pit (illegal slopes if you slide into it). You can jump to a flat spot on the right and then into the opening to find the Hand of Asar and another Desert Eagle.

Move on through the opening behind the Hand pedestal and find an entrance. SAVE YOUR GAME. Inside you can place your cartouche. Turn and run into the opening and slide down onto the raising sand. If you are quick enough you can get a small medi and ammo from an alcove on one side, but if you miss to be back on the sand in time the beetles will slowly nibble you to death.

Further along to your right you will find a scroll receptacle. Shoot the three vases and if you follow the crawlspace behind the vase on the right you end up at Secret #3 (flares/ammo). Outside pick up the torch from the pedestal and light it. Leave the room and go to the right. Through the door on the left all you find is a table and two mummies in the backroom. Follwing the dark passage along you reach another doorway straight ahead. Behind it there is a skeleton waiting for you, so turn right instead and find the end of the level.

[missing Secret #4 in this level - lighting the 2 torches near the end of the level did not seem to do anything]

Level 3 - Tell el Amarna

You start outside and need to kill a couple of guards and a dog. Collect the ammo and the Jeep key and go for a ride. First drive up to the palmtrees and the small lake you see in the flyby. Kill another guard. Go swimming for desert eagle ammo and a small medipack. Back to the jeep and you can actually drive through the padlocked rolling door and on past another opening rolling door. Park your jeep and explore the area as the flyby has shown you. You might need to kill a few dogs, scorpions and guards along the way. To the east (climbing across the roofs are a few downward steps near an arrow sign leading to a closed door. Occasionally the earth rumbles.

Towards the south find the filling station and the jeep fleet and a lever nearby. Pull it to open the rolling door where you entered this area with the jeep. Go in there and kill four guards. Shoot the boxes for some goodies and pull the next lever at the back wall of the building. Proceed back towards south and find the next open door. This hut has even more guards to kill but rewards you with the Golden Beetle and Golden Key, the Tuti Hem artifact and another lever to pull. Don't bother to jump across the fences inside as the shatter objects behind do not yield anything.

Now go to the door down the steps (east) as this is open now and find the toilets. Kill a guard, shoot the boxes, pull the lever. Go in South West direction and enter the dining room and kill another set of 8 guards. Another lever opens the door across from the entry to the dining room and this room rewards you with three more guards and the AK-47 and the rocket launcher. And of course - yet another lever. This one opens the double doors to the West.

Go there. Thankfully somebody has already placed the two cartouches. Enter a dark area, kill a few bats and slide down and watch a flyby showing you the awakening skeletons and the devious beetles which roam this place. Make your way onwards, use your rocket launcher for the skeletons and watch out for the burners and the darts. Exit on the North side via a brave safety drop (make sure your health is up) and a slide as the earthquake rumbles. Move on, again watch out for darts and a burner and then literally drop into the next level.

Level 4 - Heri usekh-t ni Tuti

Jump and grab to avoid the spikes. This looks familiar. You have been here before, but this time you have the Hand of Asar, so use it and enter the new door. Pick up the Scroll of Sekhemkare from the pedestal and read it for educational purposes.

See the two levers protected by spikes. Pick up a small medi and a torch. Light the torch and find the four slowly waving flags in a room behind. You need to burn them by jumping against them with your lit torch. This fills a hole below with sand and opens the door nearby. Make your way through the door and climb up a few blocks and SAVE YOUR GAME.

You will make a long slide now and at the end you need to run to escape a spiked star (either run all the way to the water or find the alcove on the side). Go down and jump into the water and find the opening and explore a small underwater maze for many flares, a small and a big medipack and most importantly the Body of Hathor (Ornate Handle). Now, from the start of the maze go left as far as you can then right as far as you can and then right, left, right and you can swim down into a hole. Follow along and get out and kill a few skeletons. [does the shooting of the bones do anything?] Find the passage starting near the water (west wall) and follow it and open the door using the two crowbar levers. Kill three more skeletons and dodge a fire wraith and pick up the Hand of Heru in the room. From the hand pedestal turn south and make a brave jump with grab towards the closed door (which will open) and find Secret #5 behind. Follow the path to eventually come back to the room with the Hand. Go through the opening on the west and pull the lever after the crawlspace. Return to the water room, andn swim your way back to the two ships.

Go back up the path as far as you can and turn your back to the slope. The door on the right has spikes. The door on the left side reveals nothing but a skeleton on the floor. There are some bats and mummies and wraiths in the area so deal with them as they appear. Move one level down and enter the door on the right. Slide down and find the alcove on the right and climb up a few blocks and follow the path. You will pass a closed door on the right and reach a climbing wall, so make your way further up. There is a hole in the floor and down there to the east is the Hand receptacle. To the west are two crawlspaces leading to the spikes which you reached if you tried the slopes near the spike protected levers at the start. If you continue further up you will end up in the starting room, can pull the levers and thus deactivate the spikes down the nearby slopes and create a shortcut, but that is optional.

Place the hand and go through the door and collect a Canopic Jar. Backtrack and go through the now open door on the left and you will slide into the room you could not reach earlier because of the spikes and you will see a flyby of the flags room. Now back through the underwater maze and the hole and enter the room East of the water. There are a few torches lying around. Use them if want more light. At the backend of this room to the right you will find a path to the upper part of the maze. Jump around to find the North East corner and pull a jump switch there. Backtrack to the passage that brought you up to this level and find an opened door there. Go through and again the path leads you to the higher level. Jump past the opened door (left) and follow along, but remember the path to the right as this will be your exit from this area. Pull the jump switch at the end and drop down. Now the spikes in the North East area on the ground are deactivated and you can find another jump switch to pull there. Note the Hathor Effigy behind a closed door nearby. Make your way up again and find the receptacle for the Canopic Jar up there. The first door nearby you opened with the jump switch, the second opens when you place the Canopic Jar. Go in and pick up the Hathor Effigy (Head of Hathor). A few wraiths and skeletons make an appearance, so don't hesitate and make your exit, getting rid of the wraiths in the water along the way and then follow the previously mentioned path on the right, pick up flares, climb a long way up and finally find yourself back in the flag room. A raising block has lowered, so combine the Hathor pieces and place the Keeper of the Door.

And now for some real fun. A room full of slopes and spike traps. Start with a jump ahead and to the right. Keep jumping back and forth and add the right key on the forward jumps. When you hit the next slope, slide and jump forward with a left turn. Add two more jumps and then grab the edge. Pull up at the right time to avoid the spikes (it worked best for me to shimmy to the left and pull up just after the spikes had retreated). Slide, jump and grab the crack ahead. Shimmy to the right and around the corner, avoiding the burners. Pull up at the end , slide jump, jump again and you will likely end up in an illegal slope (which allows you to catch your breath for a moment). When you are ready for it jump to free Lara from her 'boogie dance', jump onto the slope, and the slope across (spikes will come out once but not hurt you) and keep jumping back and forth. Turn Lara around via a twist jump if needed, so that you can target a forward jump with left curve to the next slope. Be extra careful with the nearby burner though. Hit that slope and time three more slope jumps across/through spikes and then grab the edge while the flyby starts.

You can drop from the edge and jump into the room the flyby has shown you but there are spikes and you will die. So, drop and slide down. Unfortunatly, this is when the flare bug kicks in, so you will have to light flares and throw them to see anything while you walk up the slopes. When you reach the end of the slopes, turn and jump up (flares will work again here). And climb up further. Slide down backwards and grab the edge to not die in spikes as you fall into the room the flyby had shown. Use your rocket launcher for the bunch of skeletons and kill the demigod as you please and pick up the Canopic Jar he drops and place it. Collect the small medipack and slide into the next level.

[missed Secret #6 here]

Level 5 - Burial Chambers of Sekhemkare

To the right you can trigger a spikeball and then get a big medipack. Same to the left (a little more tricky). Straight ahead in the water find the Clay Tablet of Sekhemkare's Priests and read it if you wish. As usual you can use one of the torches to get some more light.

Go to the south and up the slopes and a door opens as you approach and closes once you enter the room. The pedestal is protected by spikes. Enter the floor crawlspace on the right, pull the jump switch, come back out and now pick up the canopic jar. Escape from the two fire wraiths by dropping through the hole in the back (watch out for spikes).

Now, go north again and step on a trigger tile to open the door ahead. Follow the path and find another trigger tile opening the next door ahead and a trigger tile right behind it. Pull the jump switch, kill a bat and proceed around the perimeter triggering a few more doors to open (watch out for darts and a mummy) until you end up where you started. Then go through the same path again and when you step on the third trigger tile (after the second door), go back into the first room. The door in the wall is now open. Proceed along and note the canopic jar receptacles along the way.

You reach a cave like area. Proceed along the walkway, avoiding the beetles and skeleton and with a slide/jump/grab make it to the pedestal and pick up the canopic jar. Drop to the floor and use the mechanical beetle (Wind-up toy of Sekhemkare's daughter) to get past the spikes as you make your way back across the room. You can jump around the last spiked tile and then climb up again and backtrack to the receptacles to place the canopic jars.

Meet the two not so friendly dragons. If you want to survive you will need to be quick. Go down the path in the south east corner and pick up the Amulet of Horus. Go down the path in the north east corner and find a tomb (watch out for the squishing block even though it does not seem to be lethal). Kill two demigods and pull a lever. Now you need to run past the dragons into the opening in the west wall and round the corner before the fireballs get you. Pull a lever to turn off the spikes. SAVE YOUR GAME.

Step around the left corner and prepare for a very special gauntlet of spike balls, spikes and a squishing block. You need to sprint to escape the first spike ball (it is stopped by a raising block if you are fast enough). In my game the squishing block actually does not harm Lara so you could get Secret #7 in the left alcove and could escape from the next spike ball there as well (the secret counter happily keeps counting upwards when you repeat stepping on that tile). Sprint through a few more spikes and climb up to see sunlight and the end of this series.

[missed Secret #8 here - maybe behind the raising block in the opening in the south wall near the dragons?]

Edit: On the last level, the location of Secret #8 (which is actually Secret #7) is indeed in the room with the two dragons. At the top of that room, right behind the dragons, there is a row of shatterable vases. You have to use the rocket launcher and fire while one of the dragons is right up there, so the explosion radius can hit the vases (I never found a lasersight in the levels, not sure if there was one) and open the doors opposite the dragons, which lead you back to the fountain at the beginning and an open path to the left with three HK ammo clips.