Guardian Of The Sphinx

Level by Chris Radford (TombRaiderFan)

Walkthrough by Yoav

The zip file is missing guard_wad that you can download at

Start with Lara standing in front of Vreaus Receptacles in a room with closed door at your right side. Head left over the passage and pass the stargate, before you proceed forward and climb up the ladder, look into the left passage for closed door behind stargate. Turn right to the passage, pass the stargate and pull the lever floor, it opens the door, go over there and pick up Large Medipack. Go over to the ladder and climb into the room above, shoot the ninja and pick up Uzi clips.

Drop into the water and take a swim into a lower underwater passage, pick up Small Medipack, turn left and get out of the water, pick up the Golden Vreaus. Take a few steps and drop down back to the beginning, put in the Golden Vreaus to open the door.

Slide down a short slope but be ready to jump forward and grab the wall to climb up, pick the small medipack in front of the cog lever. Now turn the cog a few times to raise up timed door, jump into the canal, take a short swim and quickly get out of the water, get on your knees and crawl under the door before it closes. In a room a flyby will show you what is next, head over the second floor, shoot the bats on the way, run and jump over the large block, grab it and pull Lara onto it.

Pull the lever floor, it raises the door from left, run and jump over there and climb up ladder into a nook, pick up the Guardian Key. Jump back over the large block and another jump toward the Guardian Receptacle, put it to raise the door, run jump over the passage, pass the stargate and pull the lever floor, screenshot will show you the door at the room you come from is open now. Go over there and slide down into the next room.

Take care of two ninjas, then proceed to next hall, from your left a closed breakable door. Head to the right, you'll see sleeping bull, step on his tail to make him angry and run, stand close to the door. The bull will run after you and gore/break the door, in the next room there're two more breakable doors from both side walls and closed door in front. Again stand close to each door and let the bull to do its work, in a left side door pick up Large Medipack and from the right pull the lever floor. The last door will raise up, go over there and slide down toward the END.