by Leandro Dubost

This walkthrough was written by Treeble under author's permission.
The story of the levels is told in both Mission Briefing files, so be sure to read them before playing the levels. You will understand why this and why that.

Mission Objective 1: Get the appointment card
At the start, go to the right passage and get the card inside one of the booths.

Mission Objective 2: Eliminate Lachaise
Use the card and go upstairs. Kill Lachaise and his two bodyguards and get his card.

Mission Objective 3: Collect the security cameras data
Cross this new floor to the other side where you can use Lachaise's ID and get the Security ID after killing the guard.
Get the Security Cameras Data on the table.

Mission Objective 4: Pickup Sir Robert's money
Go back to the other locked door and use Security ID to open the door. Notice the wires on the floor and hack the system to open the door.

Mission Objective 5: Get out of the bank
The window at Lachaise's office is now crashed. Jump out of the bank!

Mission Objective 1: Turn on the security system
First of all, the blue soldiers are your allies! Don't shoot them and they will kill all intruders.
Get the Security Doors Disk inside the next room. Follow the security sign on the wall and use the disk on the machine. All windows will be locked now.

Mission Objective 2: Activate the splinkers of the first floor
Go to the first stair via fire exit. Activate the switch near the flame on the end of the corridor. Wait until the fire is extinguished to get away from the switch.

Mission Objective 3: Open security doors of the first floor
Push the switch inside the small room to open the doors. Go through the new path.

Mission Objective 4: Find Sir Robert
At the main hall, with the painting on the floor, find the hidden switch on the wall near the double doors. Inside the vaults you shall find Sir Robert. And a camera will spot another intruder.

Mission Objective 5: Go after the mysterious terrorist
Go back at the room with the map and enter the new area.
The terrorist escaped in a boat.