Level by Harly Wuson

Walkthrough by Tombini

Note: This walkthrough will get you to the end. It locates important pickups only. It makes no mention of the numerous Health and Ammo pickups or the secrets (if there are any; I don't think there are).

Jungle Area.

Move forward shooting the bats, hogs and scorpions and through the "Grey Pillar Cave" into a new area with a small pool and siderooms with receptacles for the Music Scroll, Pharos Knot and a stand for the Portal Guardian. Swim to the end to an U/W pillar room, dodge the crock and get out in N/E corner. A series of diagonal jumps up (watch Lara's head) and push the button.

See a gate rise U/W and go there. Climb out in a room with 2 siderooms. Move the pillar from one room all the way thru to the square in the other room. Climb up and move 2 more pillars. Grab the Ornate Handle in the alcove, turn around and jump to the switch. Operate and see a gate rise back near the Music Scroll receptacle. Go there and thru, pull the pillar and back to the pool to kill the firespirit. Swim round to the to U/W pillar room and get out S/W. Swing to the slope, shimmy right and back flip. A series of slide/jumps and operate the switch. Down and grab the Hathor Effigy. Back to the receptacle area, combine 2 artifacts and place the Portal Guardian in the stand in the West wall.

Thru to next room with a pool. Clockwise jumps up and around to the switch, then down and grab the Music Scroll. Retrace a short way and place the Music Scroll. Thru the slicers, get the torch and light it on the chandelier. Thru to the next room and light all the wall lights, get the Pharos Knot, then out the other gate and back to the pool to douse the spirit. Put the Pharos Knot in place and thru and kill the horseman and place his gem in the receptacle. See a gate rise back in the Grey Pillar Cave.

Go there and find the ladder, and backflip. Then slide down into an outside area. Kill the dogs and go South to the end, then jump up the East side and pick up the Uzis. Jump over to the West, kill the Ninja and thru to the hanging rope. Swing to the other side, kill the 4x SAS, pickup the pistol, and past the machine gun to push open the doors. Kill crocs, get the laser sight, combine with the pistol and shoot the ball in the roof. Thru the door, lift the hatch and down. Jump off the first slope and land on a safe column on the West wall of the Lava Room.


Jump to the ledge in the N/W corner and do the timer-switch. Quick jumps over to the N/E before the gate shuts. Operate switch. Careful jump over to alcove in South wall. Down the ramp and operate switch. Over to alcove in West wall and push button. Turn, kill the JubJub bird and jump to the back of the slope East. Slide-jump-slide-jump to ledge on East wall. Thru to room with a swinging chain under the roof. Move the pillar to the opposite corner. Up the raised block, and up again to the next ledge. Standjump-grab (don't land!) to the East ledge, pull up and backflip. Watch the boulder fall. Continue past the chains and thru the doors to pick up a KEY. Back to the Lava Room. Drop down one block and jump N/W across to ledge on central structure. Use the key, kill the birdie, and jump to the alcove behind. Go round and we come to ahem, a "problem" area. The idea is to get Lara to slide down and jump left and then shoot 3 vases before the spikes appear. But ..... this CANNOT be done!! Try it.

I gave up after 500 tries. Luckily there's a work-around: one jump back to the ledge on the central structure where the lock is, load up with health and stand-jump towards the West wall ledge at ground level (or lava level). Hit the <control> key after the jump to make Lara avoids the overhang. She takes a big health hit but is okay. Operate the timer switch in North wall, and quickly thru the gate in the East wall (one running jump + 3 side jumps works good). Up the pole, ignore the mummies, do two hang-witches and thru to the next room. Operate the switch, pick up the crowbar and monkey swing back. Open the door, sprint up to the next door, and wait for the Moo Cow to arrive. Got to trap her in the passage by the switch, and monkey-swing back. Get the crossbow (why?), up the ramp, drop the hatch and then up. Stand on the West side of the next hatch and lift. Slide down, turn right and sprint to the end keeping ahead of the spikes. Up the ramp to a room with 2 skellies. Do the switch and jump up to get the "'Guardian Key" (shows as LOAD on my inventory). Leave by the ledge in the S/W corner. Place the Guardian Key in the receptacle in the alcove on the left, roll and sprint into the Lara Statue Room. Get the Golden Star and kill "Mr Attitude No 1" and get the Hand of Sirius (shows as LOAD on my inventory) that he leaves. Kill the birdy and avoid the boulder behind the next door. Place the Golden Star at the top of the ramp. Drop down and kill "Mr Attitude No 2" from the safety of the top block. Drop down and place the Hand of Sirius. Exit the door and end the level.

A good level but very short.