Level by Jean Lassure

Walkthrough by Yoav

You begin the level in a cell, go to the dark corner, light a flare, look in ceiling, jump and pull Lara into crawlspace, it's a secret place. Pick up Ammo and flares, proceed crawling and get down into next cell, pick upshotgun and more Ammo. Return to the first cell, open the door and get out, you see many others cells and a few soldiers around. Solve the cells from your right side, then go to left side close to the blue door, short flyby shows the crowbar you need in the control room behind glass. Shoot those soldiers and solve the other cells, pick up Ammo and medipacks.

In one of the floor cells pull a lever, it opens the blue door in middle floor. Go over there, into the cell, shoot the mesh and crawl into crawlspace, climb down, crawl again to cave with pool and closed blue door in the front. Climb onto the block, do monkeyswing to other side, jump and catch the crack, shimmy and pull Lara into short crawlspace, stand and press the button, the blue door is now open.

Follow through the door into rusty place and shoot the soldier. In the right side you see closed gate, jump over small slope from your left, get into the water, swim down, pick up Ammo, turn and swim back to rusty place. Jump over the second small slope and get into the water, siwm down, pull the anderwater lever, flyby shows you where to pick up the revolver. When you have it, swim up and pull Lara out of the water into room with lever, pull it, the gate in the rusty place is open now.

Run and climb quickly to next corridor (to avoid the machine gun), pick up the lasersight, proceed and fall down to corridor below. Turn right and find yourself behind the machine gun. Blow it up with the revolver and pick up the uzis, turn and proceed into the corridor, turn right, jump over the trap spikes. Keep running to end and pull jumpswitch, it opens the trapdoor a few steps back, climb up into cell, stand on the bed, jump and pull the trapdoor. Now jump and pull Lara into cell above and through the hole, pull Lara again to next cell above. Pull the bookstand and shoot the mesh behind, crawl into crawlspace, stand and climb up, do backflip, light flare, crawl into crawlspace, run and stand behind the block, do savegame.

You are in a big room with control machine gun, climb to right side (rope releases) the machine gun starts shooting, take cover behind the rusty block. Shoot the soldier, run fast straight toward the block in front of you and fall into hole, crawl into the crawlspace and get out in the other side. Shoot the solider, now you behind the machine gun, shoot and blow it up, climb onto rusty block, it will release second rope. Use those ropes to reach the high block and pull jumpswitch, the blue door is now open. In the room there is a closed trapdoor, jump to floor and go to dark corridor, shoot soldier, pick up Ammo, jump and pull Lara into high crawlspace, press the button. The trapdoor in the room is open, fall down to room below and pick up Crowbar, when you press the button it will release rope and open the trapdoor in the big room. Use the rope to get out of this room, proceed to open trapdoor and climb down to hall with the cells. Go to third floor, use the crowbar to open the blue door.

In the cell press the button near the door (the other one is a fire trap floor), follow through the open way downstairs to mirror room. Shoot soldier, pick up Silver Key in the corner, climb onto block and pick up medipack, use the key to open the blue door. Proceed to next cell, jump and pull trapdoor, climb up into corridor, turn left, climb onto those stairs and crawl into crawlspace, find a secret place, pick up Ammo and medipack. Get back to corridor, slide down, jump forward to next slope and proceed to room with hole, get into the water, swim to left, pick up Ammo. Turn and keep swimming, look for hole, there is a closed gate, keep swimming and find underwater lever under the ledge, it opens the gate. Look for second hole to float up and take some air, now swim to first hole and pull Lara out of the water into room, press the button and get out to large courtyard.

Shoot the dogs, run around, take a left outside the control room, pick up flares, turn to right and crawl into a kind of glass maze, pick up Ammo on the way shoot soldier and find blue door. Use crowbar and find yourself in the control room, fall into hole, short crawlspace to next control room, shoot soldier and pick up Gate Key. Climb up blue ladder, proceed in the corridor, use the key to open the blue door.

Go outside, climb onto boxes, run and jump forward onto wall, you see two rusty structures, go to the faraway one, climb to second floor and press the button. Now go to other structure, jump and pull the trapdoor, climb one floor, use the rope to reach the roof. Run down the slope, shoot those soldiers and jump into the lake, swim around and look for an underwater lever, pull it to open trapdoor in underwater rusty structure. Swim through there into crawlspace and you've finished the Alcatraz Escape (oops, the level); well done, Lara.