The Previous Mission In VCI

Level by Piotr Klonowski (Pedros) (January,2002)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

start in a corridor in front of a closed door. Go east and north to kill two SAS. The bullet shells from the pistol look rather strange. All the doors in this corridor do not open. Press the button on the west wall and the elevator door opens. Go inside and the door closes. Go to the back and pull the switch. After a long time, the elevator door opens again to a different floor. I think it helps to run around the elevator floor as well. Exit and go west. Go north to an area with a plant and two glass walls. You can see items behind the glass.


Go down the east corridor and enter the only south corridor. Enter the first office on the right. Kill a dog and two SAS that walk into the office. Pick up a shotgun from the north floor. Exit and continue down the corridor and go east. Enter the first office to the left. Pick up two Uzi ammo from the north-east corner. Exit and go east to the next office. Pick up red shotgun shells and Uzi ammo from the west floor. Pick up the Office Key from the east floor. Exit and go east to the next office. Find Uzi ammo in the north-west corner. Exit and go east into the next corridor to see a closed gray door. Continue east and turn the corner to go south. You see a closed gray door to you left that needs an item. Ahead are three closed doors but also a key lock. Use the Office Key and the nearest door opens. Enter the office for flares and an Access Card.


Exit and loop to the right to use the Access Card to open the gray door. Follow the corridor to a washroom and kill a SAS. Pull up the trap door on the floor. Safety drop into the tunnel. Go east and ignore the north branch. Go south and slide down a slope. Jump over the pit and land in another tunnel. Ignore the north branch and go west and follow the tunnel to pull down a trap door. Pull up into another washroom. Shoot out the lower grate in the west wall. Enter and pick up a large medipack. Continue in the crawl space and stand up to shoot the red light on a control box. Get back into the trap door and follow the tunnel. Safety drop in any hole and into the room below.


Pull the switch on the north wall and the gray door opens in the south wall. Enter the south tunnel and at the second turn, shoot a lower wall grate. Enter the crawl space for two Uzi ammo. Exit and continue up the stairs. At the end of the stairs, jump up and pull down a trap door. Enter the room and go to the north wall to pull down another trap door. Pull up to the west into the crawl space. Follow the crawl space and turn a corner. A trap door opens in front of you to reveal a hole. I seem to be stuck by an invisible wall at this point. I crawled back to the air duct entrance and then approached the hole a second time. This time it was fine and I safety dropped into a dark room. Kill two SAS and pick up the Door's Key that is dropped. There are receptacles at the north and west walls but you do not have the items. Pick up flares in the south-east corner. Go to the south wall and save the game in front of the receptacle. There is a bug and if it occurs, you have to reload at this point. Use then Door's Key to open a door somewhere.


Go into an east opening and a door opens for you. Go up the stairs and take the first left branch. You are back in a familiar corridor. Kill the SAS and enter the second office. Go to the south-west corner and pick up the Enter Disc from the floor. Exit and return to the room with the two receptacles. The west receptacle does not work, as it is already green. Use the Enter Disc in the north receptacle and the light changes from red to green and the screen changes. Go back through the east door and this time follow the steps to the south.


At the top of the stairs, the door opens for you. Enter the red-lit room and kill a SAS. Use the pushbutton on the west wall and the larges doors to the south-west open. There is another pushbutton to use on the east wall. It is opposite the open doors and you need a flare to see it. Go west through the open doors. Run up to the stairs and get a short flyby of the large room with steps. Go up the stairs and down the other side. Pull the switch at the west wall. Run back up the stairs and fall into a shaft to land in water. Pull up on the north step. The north tunnel is blocked by a closed door. Jump over the water and follow the south steps. You will pass four closed doors and get a flyby of the air ducts in the large room that you left. Continue to the top of the steps and see three closed doors. Reverse your path down the steps and find that a door has open.


Go north into the air duct and come to a hole. Drop in and see two crawl spaces. The west crawl space is a fake. Follow the east crawl space to a green-lit room. Go into the east wall alcove and pick up the Piramid's Artifact. Go to a small platform to the north-west of the central column. Jump up to the west and grab the ceiling above. Pull up through the glass and into the large room with steps where you fell down the hole. If the room is not green-lit everywhere and you cannot pull up through the ceiling hole, you have the bug.  Go back to the save at the Door's Key receptacle and try it again. It helps to exit the game and start it again before you reload.


When you get into the large room, go to the south-west and pull up into a tunnel in the south wall. Follow the tunnel and a gray door opens for you. Continue and another gray door opens. Kill the three SAS on the other side of the pit. Grab a hidden crevice on the north wall and shimmy to the left and across the pit. On the other side three elevator doors open for you. According to a note that I read in the reviews, this is the end and the author did not put in an end trigger.


There is also a large section that can be accessed by DOZYing through the air ducts in the large room with the steps. The reviewers state that this level is very buggy.