Arctic Discovery

Level by Timo Turunen (January, 2002)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] By the author's notes, this level has many flip maps. Since flip maps are not restored after a reload, you can end up in some awkward situations. For example, you save a snow hill and after a reload, the snow hill is gone so you fall to your death. I will try to point out these potential problems when they are encountered. [End note]

The level starts with a long flyby ending with you standing on a roof of a temple. Go east and jump to the east wall. You can slide down to the ground with little damage. Kill the three ninjas and pick up flares, large medipack, and Uzi's. Search the temple area for two Uzi ammos but watch out for the fire. Look carefully at the receptacles on the steps. One Hand of Sirius is already there so you only have to find three items. Go north to a ledge and then west to some blocks sticking out of a sloped wall. Go north on the lowest ledge until you pull up onto a block on the west wall. Jump north-west to another block and pick up secret #1 and a large medipack from the dark area. You can continue to jump blocks to the north but there is nothing there. Slide down to the ground and go east towards the building. Kill five ninjas and pick up two Uzi ammo, large medipack, flares, and Uzi's.

Follow the side of the building to the north and get into a water pool for flares. Go east and pass a closed door in the building. Continue to the east and find a low brick structure. You have to something here later. First hop onto the brick wall and go to the north-east corner. Use the binoculars or flares and see blocks towards the north-east. Climb to the top north-east block and grab the north wall. Shimmy to the left a long time until you see a black rock underneath you. Then release and slide down to flat area. Turn and slide down a slope to jump to a hill with a large medipack on it. Pick up secret #2 and the large medipack. Slide down and go back to the brick area. Enter and kill a ninja. Use the floor lever and get a flyby of the route onto the building roof and showing a ladder in the chimney. Get up to the roof and climb down the long ladder. You pass a fireplace on the way down. Use a floor lever and get a cut scene of a door opening inside the building.

Climb up the ladder and get off the roof and go to the south-east corner of the building. There is a window there so enter the building. Kill two ninjas and pick up a small medipack from one of them. Go to the north-west for a large medipack and find the open door. If you approach the north gate, it will open. Enter the door and go down a lot of steps. At the bottom, kill a ninja and enter a large cave. There are many ledges leading to closed doors over a deadly lava lake.

Go south and enter the first east door. You enter a water filled room with fires on top of some columns. Dive in and swim to the opening in the east wall. Use the floor lever and exit to climb down into a dry room. Go west to step on a black tile. Go back and climb the ladder and use the floor lever to flood the room. Swim back to the entrance and jump over the columns now that the fires are out. In the middle column pick up two red shotgun shells. Go to the south-east column and climb the ladder. At the top, shimmy left and get into a tunnel. At the end, turn south and step forward and spike balls roll from the sidewalls. Monkey swing over them and drop on the other side. The fire goes out so pick up the Eye Piece and exit. Walk through a white snow wall to the east and use a floor lever. Go down the ladder and see that the water is frozen. Go to the room entrance and go north to pull up into a tunnel. Go to the end for secret #3 and a large medipack. Exit back to the ledges.

Go to south-west opening and face a lava floor with five mummies on the platforms. Go west to jump a few platforms and wait for the mummy to move to the left side of his platform. Then jump to the right side of his platform and run and jump to the next platform before the mummy pushes you into the lava. Jump to the north-west platform and then continue west to pick up Cartouche Piece 1. Then light a flare and look up to grab a crevice to the north. Shimmy to the right and drop on a safe platform. Turn north and jump the platforms without mummies and jump onto the platform at the north wall. You hear explosions and the mummies blow up. You can continue jumping east for an item but the wall jump is difficult. Instead jump west to pick up Cartouche Piece 2. Then light a flare and pull up to the north to an overhead ledge. Go east and get into a crawl space. Follow the crawl space and watch out for tile with circles, as they are firetraps. Just continue east and drop down to get secret #4 and pick up grenade super ammo and the grenade gun. Go back by the crawl space to the start tile. Then jump the platforms back to the exit. You can destroy the last mummy on the way back to the ledges.

Go south-east and enter the opening there. There is a closed gate so go south into a tunnel. The right branch leads down to the lava floor. Go down there to get the shotgun and red shotgun shells and then return. Go straight and go up the stairs. Just before you exit onto a top ledge, look right for an upper tunnel. Pull up there for grenade super ammo. Exit the tunnel and follow the blue upper ledges and destroy the two mummies that can push you off the ledges. Enter a room at the end and save just before a floor lever. [Note] This is one of the flip map problems. [End note] Use the floor lever and notice that water appears in the pit below you. If not, then use the floor lever a second time. Dive in and swim into a tunnel in the south wall. Follow the tunnel until it splits, then go left and follow until you can pull up into a flat room. Look west to another room and a floor lever. Go there and save the game. Use the floor lever and an earthquake occurs blocking off the first room. Go west and drop into some water and swim back to the first room again. Start by going north to get back to the tunnel entrance. Pull up the first room and notice that it is completely changed. [Note] This is one of the flip map problems. [End note] Climb the snow blocks to get into an opening in the upper north-east corner. Enter the opening and then quickly exit and side flip to the west to avoid a rolling spike ball. Enter the tunnel and pick up flares. At the end climb a ladder and pull up on the left side, as there is a deadly stream of darts in the middle. At the end, destroy the two mummies and follow the diagram to get the second Eye Piece. The red squares indicate a firetrap. Also go to the south-east corner for secret #5 and crossbow poison ammo.

Maze 1

Get back out and if you died and had to reload, the snow is gone and you just safety drop onto the floor and go to the floor lever room. Otherwise, swim back to that room. Go south and step on a tile and a door opens. Exit the door and you are back on the ledges.

Now go south and you see a closed door. Go up the stairs and you pass an opening with a fire in it. Continue to the top and go east to face a deep pit. Notice the crawl space to the west. Slide down to a floor lever and save. Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of doors opening into a water room. If you wait they will close, so reset the floor lever. Use the floor lever and hear the doors open. Run either north or south and go up steps at the wall to get back to the crawl space. Enter and drop down in front of the doors. Run into the doors before they close. I could never make the doors if I ran down the stairs. Climb the back ledge and the doors open again anyway. Use the floor lever and there is a cut scene flash. Exit this room and go back to the ledges.

Go back to the south-east opening and now the gate is open. Destroy the two mummies and move the statue to the obvious black tile. You get a cut scene of the opening with the fire out. Go to that opening and drop inside. Use the floor lever for another cut scene flash. Grab the climbable ladder and pull up to get out. Go back to the top of the stairs. Use the two ropes to get over the pit and enter the east tunnel. Run down to the end as the camera view changes. At the end, turn south and see a closed gate over a water filled pit. Pick up flares from the floor. To your left is a pole. Drop one level and jump to a north ledge. Get into the opening and grab a crevice on the west wall, as the floor is deadly. Shimmy to the right and far as possible and release. [Note] This is one of the flip map problems. [End note] Save here and use the floor lever for another cut scene flash. Then shimmy back to the left and exit the opening. The water is gone so get down to the platform in the middle of the room. Jump to the west ledge and use the floor lever. Drop to the ground floor and see the west fire is out. Enter the tunnel and use the floor lever. Exit and go south and use the floor lever. Exit and go east to use the floor lever. Exit and go to the north-west corner and pull out a statue. Move the statue onto the north tile, where the fire was, and get a cut scene of the top gate opening. Get to the ledge where the first floor lever was located. Use the block in the south-west to get to the next level. Use the pole to get to the top level.

Enter the room and kill two scorpions. Look at all the tiles in this room and in the west room. Only the north-east tile has a picture of flames on it. Drag a statue from the west room and put it on that tile. The flames in the middle platform go out. Pick up the Hand of Orion and exit this room. Go through the corridor and get back to the pit. Forget about the ropes and slide into the pit and climb the steps in a corner. Go down the stairs and back to the ledges. You should see to your immediate right a ladder going down to the lava floor

Go down the ladder to the bottom. Jump the platforms in the south-west direction. Make the Ba Cartouche and use it in the receptacle. You get a cut scene flash and the gate on the west block opens. Turn and start jumping over to the platform in a north direction. Then jump behind the column to an east platform. There are two ways to go and you may have to return here. First jump north-west, then north-west and then north-east to land on a platform with a circle design on it. Jump back and continue north-west to destroy a mummy at the west wall. Jump north-east and then south-east to another circle design platform. You may notice a large medipack appear out of nowhere on a platform in the east. Keep jumping north, destroy a mummy, and end up at the circular door.

Make the Eye of Horus to open the door. Go in carefully and light a flare to see a deadly stream of darts. Go west and collect two mummies to destroy. Continue west to a ledge overlooking a water pit.  Walk off the south side to land on a short column. Then jump south and use the floor lever and get a cut scene flash. Dive into the water and swim into the north-east underwater tunnel. At the end, pull up to the north, as the east side is a spike trap. Watch out for more spike traps and go north and east to the platform. [Note] This is one of the flip map problems. [End note] Save and then pull the floor lever. You get another cut scene flash. Exit the room and notice that the entire room is flooded. Swim to the south-west corner and swim into an underwater tunnel. Pull up and kill three scorpions and pick up flares. Use the floor lever for another cut scene flash. Swim back out and pull up to enter the west open gate. Inside is an item on fire so turn north and see a vase. Shoot the vase and then pull out a statue from an east alcove. Move the statue to the dark tile that was behind the vase. Go back to the first room and pick up a Hand of Sirius. Exit this room and swim back to the entrance. If the room is empty, go into the underwater tunnel to cycle the floor lever to fill the room with water again. Monkey swing over the fire tiles and get back to the lava room.

Jump the tiles in a generally south direction until you have a chance to go the west wall platforms. Jump to the west wall platforms and then onto a tile near the gate with a circular design.  Now, if you want, work your back on the platforms to pick up the large medipack. I think that this may be secret #6 just because of the way it appeared when another tile was stepped on. But it did not register as a secret. You can continue going north for crossbow normal ammo and then return all the back to get to the open door.

Enter the door and kill two scorpions on the ledge. Safety drop into the hole. Move the statue from the north-east corner to the tile in the south-east corner. The gate in the west opens so enter there. You are in maze #2.

Maze 2

Take the first right turn and afterwards make left turns and you go up a small slope into maze #3.

Maze 3

Here F# is a floor lever and G# is a gate. Start with F1 and then F2. After you enter gate G2, it closes behind you. Sprint down the aisle to avoid falling spike balls. At the end climb the short column and jump south to a taller column. You see some platforms sticking out of the south wall. Follow those platforms to a special tile in the upper south-east corner. This turns off the flames at the west end of the room. Slide down and go there to collect the Hand of Orion. Hop on the short column and jump the columns to the east to exit the room. Go down the tunnel and drop back into maze #3.

Now use F3 to open G3. Enter the room and pull into a ceiling hole (CH). Use the floor lever and exit back to the maze #3 entrance. Maze #2 should now be flooded. If not, cycle the floor switch again. Swim back through the maze to the room with the statue and pull up. Exit the door back into the lava room. Jump the platforms to the north-east and climb the ladder. Go to the north-east opening and down the tunnel to the stairs. Go up the stairs and back into the building. Go north and the gate opens so go outside and loop to the south back to the starting temple area. You can climb the blocks in the south-west to get up there.

Use the three items and the large temple doors open. Enter the temple and go south. When you are at a deadly trench, go to the west wall. Look down at the only safe square. Hop in for secret #7 and Uzi ammo. Get out, jump the trench and continue south. You hear the music and when you approach the colorful oxen statues, the level ends.