The Recon Labs III.


Level by Emoo.


Walkthrough by Dutchy.




Level 1: Laraís home.



There are underwater levers in one level I never got to use, as I was unable to flood the level. Or wasnít I supposed tooÖ.? (Dutchy)

Level 1: Laraís home.

Lara wakes up in the morning after she read about the Recon Labs being operational again and are trying to produce a Copy of Horus, to bring destruction to the world. Lara cannot let this happen so she decided to do something about it.

First thing is to get some supplies, so go around the house to find some small medpacks (m.p. from here on). From where you stand, turn R/L and go to the pool, find the m.p. in the showers. Back through the bedroom and R, NE to the landing on top of the big stairs, go around to the other side, the door that will open on your way, is a passage back to the bedroom. (Donít bother.)

Go down the stairs and SW into the dining room, find the kitchen and the door will close behind you, roll and get behind the door into the meat locker and get the Ĺ m.p.  Go out and straight L into the kitchen to get the Ĺ m.p. Turn back into the passage and run past the door before it closes into the dining room, go to the hall and go through the front door.

Go L and reach the Hedge Maze as it says over the entrance, there are several Ĺ medpacks, just run around for a while; there are about 6 of them, spread around like bread crumbs. The final goal is the Timed switch on the wall in the far NE corner, it will open a door inside the mansion, so run back (just go L where possible to get out of the Maze) to the front door and go in and L, into the wine cellar door before it closes. Go to the R, climb the wall R (N) and backflip up the attic, get the Secret # 1, a M.P. (short for large medi-pack) and go down. To the door R (S), which will open for you, in this small garden is another m.p. on a platform near the table.

Go back in the house and to the R hand corridor under the stairs, follow the training path starting on the L #1 tile in the SE corner, runjump up to the flag at #2 (SW), turn R and do a runjump/grab to the crack under the platform with the flags, go around R to the #3 block below and, turn R and from here a runjump to the block in the corner, turn R and standjump over the sloped block, slidejump 3 times to the #4 block, runjump/grab the ladder on the pillar and go R, around 1 corner and from the top you can backflip to the last #5 pillar. Turn R and climb the platform, go over to the ropes and line yourself up for the 1st jump, hop back once and standjump/grab the 1st rope, swing to the next and finally to the platform at the flags, (a door opens below) backflip into the pool and climb out at the door.

In the next room, climb the ladder and run off the sloped path, from the white line a jump/grab to the rope and swing to the #6 flag, save here and go back to the pool, there are intruders on the premises, maybe they heard of your plans to go to the Recon Labs again. 8 Goons (maybe even more upstairs) will come in, take them all out. (When you stay out of their range, they will not shoot at you, but you can take them out easy) They all drop something, at least 4 Ĺ m.p.ís and 4 Standard Energy Packs. Now you can go out to the front lawn and to the gate of the Mansion its open, run out guns drawn and leave for the Labs.

Level 2: The Recon Labs.

Bit chilly, but that doesnít seem to bother Lara re her outfit

Luckily you had the guns out, as 2 Guards are opening fire on you, take the flares and a m.p. after you took Ďm out, one more Guard is on the walkway over your head, go around the truck (N) and shoot him while jumping up. Now find the entrance of the Cave (S), as the door of the Lab is closed.

The Cave.

Go down the hole in the end and into the dark passages, use flares or your pistols to get some light in here while you walk, at the large pit, drop off the L side and runjump/grab over the lava pit, follow, climb up and runjump/grab another pit. Go R and reach the next big pit, you can see the passage on the other side. Drop to the lower ledge and runjump/grab over, go into the passage, crawl and youíll come to a pit with blocks in it, the ledge in front is sloped, watch out, jump down to the L hand ledge, then standjumps from corner to corner, runjump again and stand in the L corner to standjump/grab the higher pillar, go into the passage, notice the grey wall R, turn L/L and see the crawlspace R, up in the wall, get the flares from it and follow the path to a switch, use it to lower the grey wall back in the passage, go there and runjump/grabbing so youíll land in the opening on other side, the next pit has a rope.

Stand on the rock on the R in the lava and do a runjump/grab to the rope, slide down to the end and swing over to the other side. Follow the passage to the next pit and runjump/grabbing into the passage, hereís the big pit with the sloped pillars, stand on R forward point, turn L a bit so you can sidejump onto the sloped pillar R, slide and jump in the last moment, when you canít get over the next, just grab it and up/slide/jump, go on till you reach the ledge at the passage, follow the passage to a pit, careful, hard to see, jump over and into the room, get the flares, there will be a Guard to the L, shoot him and get the Key he will leave behind.

Go all the way back through the cave to the Lab area, the tricky part is the pit with the blocks, the sloped ledge under the exit, from the last block in the lava, jump to the R corner of the pit, that ledge you can stand on. Now walk up to the exit passage and turn around, backflip into it, the rest is up to you. The last pit, with the small ledge on the other side, has a sloped edge where you have to climb to, donít jump up, just hit the action + up keys and Lara will climb up herself.

Entering Recon Labs.

Open the door to the Lab and from the outside (so they donít shoot you.), take out the 2 Guards, go pick up the m.p. and go to the Elevator in the end of the room, it will take you up to the Lab-Centre.

The Lab-Centre.

The cutscene will show you the surroundings and also a big see-through Scorp. But he is as deadly as his visible brothers. Shoot it with the pistols, hopping back in front of him, maybe you have to jump over him first.
The corridor (I will call this the Start corridor) youíll enter has a blue Fuse receptacle to the R and a bunch of doors, around the corner where you have to go first is a yellow Fuse receptacle, go to the last door on the R, just in front of the fence, the Weapons room, get the Recons Pump Action Blazer, great gun! So thatís what those Energy Packs were for. Arm yourself with it as 2 Scorps will come for you as you leave the Armory. After theyíre history, look in the Start corridor for the door with the Danger sign, it will open for you, get all the goodies inside, also under the steel cage in the corner and pull the other cage on the ledge towards the lightning bolt, put it under and another door opens in the S of the room.

The Laser room.

Go in and up the ladder, follow to the Laser room, runjump to the platform R and from there a runjump SW to the sloped control panel on the other side as far as you can, slide and jump, keep jumping R till you land on the flat platform, turn around and runjump to the next platform, from there a runjump/grab to the ladder, go L to the 2nd ladder and up to about one square from the top, backflip/roll/grab the opposite ladder and go R, till over the control panel, backflip/roll/grab and go L to the end, backflip/roll and jump aiming R till you hit the platform, get the E.P.,up the steps and go in where it says Keep Out!
Yeah, sure! Be careful in next passage, there are sliding pillars, just walk up to the 1st till it hits your nose and hop back once, as the pillar goes towards R or L alcove, runjump and a running jump/grabbing will get you into the opposite passage. Follow to a room, where you can try out the Blazer on a Guard, pull the cage aside and get the E.P.s, go to the back of the room past the control panels and push a button there in the NE corner.

A Scorp will come in to the room, kill it and go back through the sliding pillars, same M.O. and in the Laser room, Save, then runjump to the control panel L and slide, jump and keep jumping R till you reach the pillar with the ladder, jump back and forth and steer yourself as close to it as you can (be sure to face the pillar), slide to the very edge of the slope and jump, jump back from the one behind, aiming R and grab at the very last moment. Go up to one square from the top and backflip/roll/grab the ladder, go L and backflip/roll/grab, go R and down all the way and backflip to the platform, from here youíre on your own, notice the underwater lever in the next passage with the sloped control panels, saw one in the NE corner of the room with the lightning bolt too. Think we will be back here sometime! Go into the E door in the room with the lightning bolt and get the yellow Fuse, go back out to the passages and a Scorp will attack in the Start corridor, go L to the place opposite the Weapons room, where you can use the yellow Fuse.

First of 2 Timed runs and the 1st Password Card.

Enter the door which opens and there is a switch in the corner, it will open the door in the other end of this passage, behind the next set of sliding pillars, but also the door L of where the level started. Letís go there first, Save in front of the switch, then pull and turn L, run out of the passage and R, sprint to the corner and L, diagonally to that open door in the SE corner. Inside youíll hear a Secret # 2 sound, go on and into a Store room. on the crates R and L in the back are 2 E.Pís, on the floor in the middle between those crates is the 1st Password Card. Go to one of the ladders in the corners next to the entrance and climb up to the upper room, throw the switch (E) there (to open another door) and go back down.

More surprises.

Return to the Start corridor and go L, around the corner and find the door R of the Weapon room open, go in and down the ladder to a lower corridor. There are 2 grey doors in the S wall, throw the switch on the E wall and shoot the Scorp. Then approach the R hand grey door and it will magically open up. Inside are an E.P. and a Ĺ m.p., go back out and to the other grey door SE, inside are a Ĺ m.p. and an E.P. In the end of the passage is a switch, throw that and see the moving pillars at the Timed switch and this switch will stop the last one moving, be sure it isnít stopped in front of the door, but in one of the corners. Go back out and throw the E switch once more to re open the door up at the corridor, then go back into the N passage, up the ladder and out to enter the passage with the Timed switch.

Second of 2 Timed runs.

Save in front of the switch, then pull and roll and run forward, start to sprint when you reach the top of the sloped part at the grated floor and you should safely get through, if not, try again and start sprint a bit sooner or later, it seems the best way, I did it in the 1st go and tried it a 2nd time and again no problem. Save after the pillars, just to be sure. (I didnít, so thatís why I had to do it again) Push the button on the wall, to the R of the L door and enter that opened door, follow L passage to a room with Black control panels, on top of the platform above them is a Ĺ m.p.

Go down to the Main corridor (S) going down to an elevator (the passage leading E from it, about half way down, is the way back to the Start corridor), go down to the elevator and shoot the Scorp thatís protecting the E.P.
Now enter the passage down there in the W wall, kill the Scorp and get the E.P., go in next room L, get the 3 E.Pís push the button on S wall and head back to the Main corridor, shoot another Scorp, seems they canít get into the small area in front of the side passages, maybe shoot it from there. Go into the E passage and to the L, up the sloped passage, to a small room, a cage has to be moved onto the grated structure and there are 2 E.P.s, a door opens.

Cage puzzle.

Go back to the Main corridor and to the W passage at the elevator, follow it straight to the end and push the button on the wall, a door opens and a Scorp will come for you. Back to the Main corridor again and up to the room with the Black control panels, go up the steps to the R and to the door there and kill the Scorp. Follow the passage to a room with 2 cages, pull the one in the L corner at the entrance once to the N, then go get the one in the wall on the other side out of the wall and push it in the alcove N and next to it, go into the passage you opened ands pull the cage there as far as you can, go around and push it into the corner, around again and get it out of the passage, it has to go on the grated square, next to the 1st cage you pulled. Pull it there, so you are on the side of the exit, now donít forget to push the button in the passage where you got this cage out of.

Go down the Main corridor again and to the W passage, follow to the end where you pushed the button and find the opening in the fence, the Laser on the lower floor will now be deactivated, there are cages holding goodies and a ladder in the back, climb it to 1st floor and climb the chain in the centre, backflip off and get the goodies on this floor. There is a block next to this platform where you can climb up, turn towards the pillar with the flame and do a runjump to the ledge L of it, get the E.P. and jump/grab to hang on the pillar under the flame, shimmy R, just to the corner, pull up when the flame is down and stand in the corner, not moving a finger till the flame goes down second time, turn R and jump/grab straight up to grab the ceiling, get out of harms way quick and over to the pillar in the corner with the button, push it and do a runjump/grab back down to the platform with the chain.

Drop to the floor below and go back up the Main corridor and R at the Black control panel, follow past the 1st button you pushed there and R, down the sloped passage to a room with a Mutant hanging in an Electric BBQ, kill the Scorp and go into the N door after you got the Ĺ m.p. Go get the Blue Fuse and the E.P., back to the Mutant room and L into the new open door, follow to a room with pipes, crawl under and to the ladder in the back, down and to the water filled hole. Swim in and get the E.P., go up in the end and L, pull the lever, roll get the Ĺ m.p. in the alcove opposite the lever and return for air. Then swim in again and into the tunnel R, you probably saw it already and follow it all the way to a room. Itís a room next to the Start corridor, pull the cage from the E.P. and use the switch on the wall to kill those Lasers outside, in the passage behind the Blue Fuse door.

Go back to the Mutant room and sprint through to the exit, a Scorp is there waiting for you, but you can avoid it this way. Go to the E passage in the Main corridor and go R at the crossing in this room, in the next room on the platform is a button in the corner to open the door back to the Start corridor. Go out to the Start corridor and to the receptacle for the Blue fuse, enter the door that opens up R and to the L youíll see the Laser floor you disabled before, it is the exit for later, turn R and climb up on the blue block in the room with the Scorp, shoot it from the box and get into the door it was guarding after you opened it with the button SE, here are a couple of E.P.s covered in flames and also a Restricted Area Access Disk.

First go past the flames as they are down and to the passage ahead, with the Laser floor, grab the ceiling and swing over the Lasers, be careful not to grab the different textured parts and go to the button to push it, return to the flame room and get those E.P.s as the flames are gone, go stand in front of the burner with the Disk, just on the edge of it and when the flame goes down, push forward once and get right on top of the Disk, get it quick and jump forward (or backflip) to get off the burner before it starts again. Go back to the passage with the monkeyswing and L into the passage, follow back and come to the passage with the Lasers you shut down before, as it is the only way out. Push the button in the end to open the door to the Start corridor. Go to the Elevator and down to the Basement of the Labs.


Level 3: Deep Darkness.

In this Elevator hall, there is a card reader to the L, we donít have the card for yet, get both E.Pís and go to the R side, find the cage in the wall, pull it out and go in the room behind it, flares, medpack and MAP of the Basement Maze that lies beyond the next door, use the Access Disk on the terminal and get the E.P. (Multi Destruction ammo). In this basement, you have to push a button to open a door to reach the next part of the maze and push the next button there to open the door in the 1st maze, so you can get the Card to use on the reader in the Hall. There are several pickups, maybe I didnít even got them all, but most of them are on my MAP, in the maze are invisible Scorps, at every pickup, use a flare and drop it just before you reach the pickup, turn facing the corridor you came from so you can watch for the shadow they have, not quite that invisible!. Follow route 1 to the 1st button, then go route 2, to the door into next part of the labyrinth to push button 2, go all the way back to door 2 by route 3 and get the goodies inside room 3, look for 2 cages to be pulled on the grated textures to shut the pillar up, get the Elevator Access Card. Now follow route 4 to a dead end and climb up in the crawlspace, (when your flare goes out in the crawlspace, hit the spacebar shortly, to get Lara on her knees and take a new flare) follow to a corridor with a door, which will open for you, get the Ammo and Secret # 1, the Password part 2 inside room 4. So weíre all done here, follow route 5 to the Elevator hall and use the Card on the reader, go in and youíll be taken to the next level.

Level 4: Hard Core.

Go up the ladder after you took the Ĺ MP, to the Store room. The alarm sounds. A Harpie bird attacks, Shoot it while you turn sharp R and runjump over the crates at the wall R, turn R into the open door and go down the tunnel to crawl to Secret # 2, MPís, different kinds of ammo, and the third part of the Password. Go back out and to the SE corner door. Go through the water filled passage and L, up to the Control room, Lara will look to the R, go there and find the Weapons room, there will be another Blazer for you, together with a Ĺ MP. Get out o the weapons room and cross over to the passage S side, in the end of the passage is a switch on the wall, pull it and return to the Ctrl room, thereís a door in that passage ,which will open when you pass, but no need to go there now, we need a Blue Fuse first.

Go down the steps to the water passage and at the crossing, straight. When you enter the room, the door slams shut behind you, better take out the gun, because there are 3 Scorps there, after you took Ďem out, look for the switch in the NE corner behind the pillars, the exit on the other side opens, take the 2 Ĺ mpís and go to the passage with the Laser floor, use the grated ceiling to swing over to the other side, sliding pillars will block the passage a bit further on. Walk up to the 1st, till it hits your nose and standjump when it goes aside, next one same MO, through the passage and repeat the trick at the next set of pillars, reach the green passage and go L for the switch, pull it and the E door in the Ctrl room opens.

Turn around and go through the door to the Store room and R, up to the Ctrl room, enter the E door and pull 2 switches on the wall, go into the room behind those switches and pull one more, go out and pull the L switch once more, to close the R hand door, go in to the room again and look behind the R door for the Blue Fuse, go out of the passage and to the S passage in the Ctrl room, where you saw the door leading to the Blue Fuse receptacle.

Enter the Main Reactor room and shoot the 2 Guards, go into the W passage and use the Elevator Access Card on both readers, to activate the Elevator in the Store room. Go to the Store room and go in to the Elevator, it will take you up to the office level, the 1st crossing of corridors; I will call the circle on the floor here, Start.

The Button Puzzle.

You will have to push a whole series of buttons to get things done. From Start go L, 1st door L, get flares and push button. Out straight past Start and 1st office R, flares and button, out, R/R at water cooler and button inside (hard to see the entrance due to the camera view) Out and straight past Start 2nd door L, at water cooler, button, out and L, into the door R and follow to an office with a button, go out the door next to it and to Start through the Foyer, L and into the door L in the end, follow to the office with the button, leave through the door there and go R, the door in the end will open for you, Scorp inside, get the E.P. and back to the Foyer on this side of the main corridor, just in the R corner, opposite the Fizwiz Cola machine there is a cracked ceiling tile, jump up and grab to open it and get Secret # 3, E.P. and Ĺ MP inside. When you drop back to the Foyer, thereís an open door in the W, enter the Button room, 9 buttons, 3 on each wall, push them so you have the following combination: L wall; red, green, red, Front wall; red, green, red, R wall; red, green, red. This will open all but one of the doors with the Ctrl sign over them, go push the buttons marked Push Me inside and go back to the Button room again, now use the following combination, L wall; all green, Front wall; all red, R wall; red, green, red, the last Ctrl room opens. This is the one in the S passage from the Start point, go push the last button and back to the Foyer, L and into the Elevator corridor. A door with the Danger sign over it is open, go in and in this Reaction room, push the button L of the entrance, head back out and L into the next open door L, follow the passage to a reddish room.

The Pillar Room.

A flame is hovering over the grated floor part, and Sliding pillars, Boy! Will start when you walk over that part of the floor, wait on the other side of the grated part, just in front of the pillars. On the other side of the room, you can just see a yellow sign over a passage, side step 2 times from the centre and Save here, as the pillars open, wait one second and start sprint, if you do it right, you can see Lara, if not you went a bit too soon. When you reach the passage, (sloped) Lara will slide towards 2 more pillars, start jumping, try to do the last jmp with a roll and youíll get through, if not try again, had to do it a bunch of times to get through. Youíll drop of a slope; the roll I suggested is to land directly in front of a switch.

Get the Ĺ MP and exit, (watch the health) follow the passage to a room with 3 doors, and a cage on blocks, climb up and push the cage to one of the grated textures, a Scorp will enter the room, kill it from up here and go to the open door, pull the switch and do the same for the other door, again killing the Scorp before you go to the door to pull the switch, which will open the last door. More pillars, runjump through when the pillar moves into the alcove R or L, from one hop back, grabbing so youíll land in the opposite passage. Grab the Reaction Activator from the pedestal and leave, take the Elevator up and have a rest while it takes you up slooowly. Out the passage to the Elevator corridor and shoot the Guard to the R, go r and into the Reaction room, opposite the pools on W wall is a Machine, put the Reaction Activator in and the pools will react with each other, making the water clear so you can go get the EPís on the bottom.

Leave the room to the passage in the SW corner, reach a hole in the floor, dive in and go to the lever on R wall to stop the big propeller in L tunnel, go have a look around the L corner. Look if the propeller stopped with one blade up, so there is a hole near the bottom you and can pass through, if not you have to pull the lever twice again to change the position of the blades. (Watch the air supply while youíre at it.) Swim with your belly on the bottom, under the propeller and pull the lever there, to stop the next propeller, again go check if you can go under, otherwise you have to change the position of this propeller too, swim there and again with your belly on the bottom go underneath, go up behind it to get some air in the shaft. Dive in again and follow the tunnel to the end, on the bottom, on the grated floor part is a Restricted Area Access Disk, probably fallen through the grating in the top of the tunnel. (Youíll get a cutscene of the door that will be opened with this Disk.) Pick it up and swim back to the Reaction room, go to the Elevator passage, Go R and take the Elevator, which is open now, back to the Recon Lab Centre.

Go up the sloped Main corridor to the E passage and to the Start corridor, take the Elevator past the Blue fuse door down to the Deep Darkness Basement and go into the L passage to the Hard Core area again, go through the Store room to the Ctrl room L and to the S passage, L door where a Scorp waits for you. Kill it quick and follow to the Main Reactor room again, now take the E passage, a very big Laser protected Circuit room, with ropes hanging from the ceiling. (Better save after every successful swing on the ropes, using F5) Stand on the ledge at the pillar and standjump/grab the rope, swing a few times and when Lara gets her feet up in the ceiling, jump and grab the next rope in the corner,(itís a hard jump, you really have to jump in the last moment) turn L and do the same to next rope, the next is closer, go up 2 steps from the bottom of the rope and swing till the feet go up, jump/grab and, next is a full swing again, from the last rope, swing to the corner at the EP and get it, pull the switch and wait for a Harpie bird to come to you, shoot it and then go stand on the point closest to the rope, runjump/grab and go back, mind the short swing or you will miss the rope. Last swing to the side again and leave for the Main Reactor room.

The Stargate.

Take the S passage and to the next room, with a Stargate, find the passage with a Laser floor and runjump to the platform with the High power ammo, runjump/grabbing back into the passage shoot some Scorp, that doesnít want you to leave here and look at that Stargate, Cool!, inside a whole new Egyptian level, but when you look behind it thereís nothing. Go get ready for a whole new experience.

Level 5: Ceremony.

Take a Valium first, because the whole level is one timed run after another and Spikes everywhere. (When you sprint through spikes, youíll save some health)

Hold the forward button while the level loads, because youíll stand on a Spiketrap when you arrive in Egypt. This way you will just get off it in time, stop as soon as you land on the lower golden ledge and turn around, get the Shotgun youíre standing on and some ammo and a Ĺ MP, that guy doesnít need it anymore. Before you pull the switch to open the timed gate on the other side, you can go over there to pick up 2 Ĺ mpís, you wonít have time later, believe me and you really need them in this level. Go Save in front of the switch, pull/roll and just run and from the end of the flat part of the golden ledge, runjump to the first pillar and do a running jump to the next, keep running and jump right to the next and one more running jump with a grab will get you into the passage, turn L and sprint to the switch, (every time you did some Spikes, watch the health. Equip the Blazer with the Multi Destruction ammo; you donít have the chance to later when you need it.)

Save in front of the switch and pull, roll and sprint just past the Spikes, run to the very edge of the pit you have to jump, while running jump and at the last moment grab the 2nd pillar in the pit, pull up and jump/grab forward immediately to grab the safe ledge in front of the gate, there is a Hand behind it, but youíll have to go around to get it, look R and see the nice things this level has in store for you. Run through the 1st set of Spikes and then start sprint to the end and L, thereís the receptacle for the hand, but first some more Spikes, sprint as soon as the Spikes go down, the camera view will be from above, so youíll see the safe spot where you can stop for a moment to time the 2nd run. Get the Hand of Orion and get back to the receptacle, put the hand in to open next gate.

Stand on the edge of the pit and hop back once, aim for the passage to the L on the other side and runjump over when the Spikes are up, not stopping, but straight into the L safe passage, go stand with your back to the wall, facing that tempting MP, but I couldnít take it without loosing more health than 1 MP, so I left it there, sprint and stop right after the Spikes, not to run off the ledge, turn around and backflip to a slope, jump/grab from it to grab the upper ledge and pull up, roll and runjump/grab the ladder, before the ledge starts burning. Go up the ladder to the top, but donít pull up yet, Save here, then pull up ( you can try to get those Ĺ MPís, I didnít) and run off the spike trap rolling, so you slide backwards off the next slope, hang from it and see the slope down to the R, itís the one we go for.

When we start the series of jumps, keep an eye out for the hole in the ceiling, the slope before that hole you donít jump anymore, but just slide off. From hanging, drop/jump/roll/slide/jmp 6 times to the one you have to slide from, if you happen to miss that one, just keep jumping and youíll go around for another try. When you drop to the lower slope, pull out the Blazer, a slide lays ahead, straight to a Scorp and a pit with a burning floor, try shooting the Scorp with the Super Ammo from the slope and jump over the pit.(Not too much of a problem if you slide into the pit, only get out fast.) Get the Ĺ MP and drop into the hole with the Blazer in hand, turn L and shoot the Scorp which will try to push you off the ledge. There are 3 switches her to pull before the exit opens, be careful on that centre ledge, you can walk off backwards very easy. When the door is open runjump/grabbing to land in the passage, sprint straight away (YesÖ Spikes! )

The Spiked Run.

Follow to the Canopeners, walk up to it and turn around, backflip through when they open after the 2nd closing, climb the ladder behind the 2nd set and see the challenge ahead, itís a Bitch! (Be sure you donít forget to save here) Here you have to sprint, make a U-turn in the back, releasing sprint for a short while, so you can make the L turns and sprint again, hit "alt" while sprinting, so you roll through the Canopener, sprint right down the slope, because thereís a Spikeball on itís way down. You will have to keep sprinting in the centre of the slope, so you are lined up for the jump to the rope in the end, release sprint just before the end and runjump/grab to the rope. Swing over to the ledge between the burners, run for the ladder and jump/grab up quick, as the Spikes in the ledge are ready to pop up.

Stop on top of the ladder, great spot to Save (F5), more Spikes ahead, sprint through aiming a bit L in the end and drop into a pit, sloped and filled with Spiketraps. You should slide on the R side of the ledge, jump on the end of it and jump with a R curve from the next slope, and a jump with a L curve on the next. (You probably need a few tries like me to get the hang of it.) on the bottom, a Spike ball will come down to the Ĺ MP, so donít bother, get the Grenades and hop back to the gate quick as a Spike ball will come that side too. Stand in front of the gate and backflip, jump/grab to the jumpswitch to open the gate, duck as Darts will start to shoot from the eye on the other end of the passage, go L and keep to that wall, go to the ladder and climb up, finally some rest.

Look down in next room and spot the Scorps, shoot them with the Grenade gun and drop down, another timed run, go get those Ĺ MPís first, then over to the switch at the entrance and save, pull, when the Chains you can just see are open (at least that worked for me)/roll and sprint through the Chains, roll in the end to just get through the gate. Finally a floor without Spikes, climb up to the R and follow to the pit in the dark passage, runjump over and reach jump alley.

Jump Alley.

In front are sloped pillars and a ladder to the L, weíll get to later and Darts flying through the centre of the passage, keep L and slide from the slope in front of the passage and jump, if you go over the top, slide and jump again, otherwise grab and pull up to go over, keep going like this, go around the corner and reach the wall ladder that goes R, climb up and R till over the slope, drop and slide/jump/slide/jump and grab the next ladder, this is the one you saw before, go up and follow to the Canopener, you know what to do here, the backflip procedure. The next room with the bridge holds a new surprise, Blades in the bridge, you can just se them. Sprint over to the other side and follow the passage to the next set of Canopeners, go through them and try to shoot the Scorps down in the pit from above, take a few steps back and shoot some grenades in while they are under the hole. Or just drop in and have a go at that, they will probably push you of the ledge a few times. In this pit you have to push 3 buttons behind the sloped blocks around you, start with a standjump to the Spikeledge in the SE, immediately sidejump to the ledge behind the block and push the button, stand jump to the next Spikeledge and go on till you did all 3 buttons and now a final jump to the gate, watch out for the spike pit, jump over and beyond the next corner a Spike run again. Stand with your back to the wall and start sprinting, so youíll be at top speed when you go on 1st Spikes, roll through the Canopeners again and after the second, youíll slide down a slope onto more Spikes, jump from the slope forward and keep jumping through the Chains forward to the safe ledge in front of the passage on the other side (the jumping in the end of the run worked best for me)

Check the health. The gate will open for you and there is no return possible.

The Demi God Room.

A couple of gates separate you with the worst room I ever saw, not by the looks of it, but whatís in it !!!

5 Demi Gods, working together, are trying to destroy you. And you have to do a lot of things here and to make things a bit more exiting they added some wraiths too. Youíll meet them later. The thing you have to do in this room is going up all the way to get 2 Hands of Sirius and place them one floor up from where you got them, but first you have to open the gates to get to those hands on the top level, so itís up and down, chased by enemies. Save in front of the last gate standing on the R side of the passage and run in, sharp l and runjump/grab the pillar, pull up and runjump to the next a little R, go on running and jump to the next at the Skeleton, (you want to stop for the MP, go right ahead, Iíll keep on going) around the corner is a big ledge on the wall, go jump under it to the next corner and to the last higher pillar in the corner, roll and runjump/grab the last ledge you went under, on the ledge youíre safe for now, thereís a gate here, closed, the switch is located on the other ledge on the opposite side of the entrance, see the magic ledge between the ledge youíre on and the other, runjump to it and runjump to the ledge at the switch, pull it and runjump back to enter the gate.

The only way is Up.

Follow the passage and at the blocks, be careful, the 2nd is trapped with a burner, pull up that one and quickly jump onto the next, you donít have time to pull up the 3rd. Go past the closed gate and down the blocks, pull the lever and hop back quickly, turn and climb to the gate, here are several magic ledges making it possible to go over to the other side of the room. Climb the blocks and reach the passage with the Canopener, when you go through it you will collect the 1st Wraith around the corner is a Scorp, so shoot it quick and go on to the ledge, runjump to the rope and go up the passage, climb the blocks, sprint down the passage, (hit look key to get out of the nasty camera view) roll through the Canopener (collecting Wraith #2+3) and sprint through the Spikes. On the ledges in the top of the room, there are 2 ledges with red markings on them being sure to step on both and they will open the 2 gates on the rope level. You can collect all MPís if you can and head back down quickly.

Sprint through the Spikes and Canopener, line up for the rope and runjump/grab, go to swing jump/grab L or R, which ever you like to do first, keep your finger near the numeric 9 and 0 keyís to load MPís while on the ropes. Jump to the ledge under the opened gate and pull in, sprint through the Canopener and hit the switch, the flame on the block in front goes out, hop back and jump on to the block, one step forward and get that 1st Hand of Sirius, hop back fast and go back to the lower ledge at the room, runjump/grab to the rope to have a go at the other Hand on the opposite side, after you took the 2nd Hand of Sirius the Wraiths should be gone.

The Way Home.

So go back to the ropes and make your way back up to the receptacles, place both Hands and the gate will open, go slide backwards and grab the edge of the pit, pull up and backflip to land on the last slope of the level.

A nice closing Movie and congratulations by Emoo.

The code on the Cards are to open the bonus level in the downloaded Zip file, it contains some of Emooís older levels. The Code is: TR3421Dby7czHQmL5, with this you can extract the Bonus files. (I didnít play the Bonus level)

The End.