Search for the Knight's Gem

Level by Sirio (January, 2002)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Immediately draw your pistols and kill the guard and his dog. Pick up a large medipack that the guard drops. Ahead are a jeep and a locked gate. Turn east to climb into an alcove and pick up a small medipack. Go to the other side and kill a guard. Pick up Uzi clips in front of a black door. Go south into an area with a steamy pool and kill a guard. Go left to an area with buildings and go north. At the end kill two wild pigs. There is a hole in the north-east corner but first go behind the building and climb a ladder to the roof. First go to the south-west corner of the roof for secret #1 and the shotgun. Jump to the ledge behind you and go north to the roofs. Go east to a section that has four triangular roofs. In the second roof is a hole where you get secret #2 and the revolver. Most of the areas are sealed off so you have to back to the hole near the first building. Drop into the hole and climb back out. Turn and shoot the crocodile that you disturbed. Then drop in and go to the other side. Pull up and kill a guard that comes to investigate. Go west between the bookcases to step on a face tile. You hear a gate rising. Go east, loop around the bookcases to the open gate.

Kill a guard and two dogs from the doorway, if possible. Continue west and be careful of the wall ahead since you can walk though the wall into an area you should not reach yet. And you cannot get back. So go south towards a hole near a fountain. Drop in and exit the other side into another library room. Pick up jeep keys off a short cabinet in the north-east. Climb into the crawl space behind the short cabinet for secret #3 and revolver ammo. Go back to the hole and on the other side kill a guard. Pick up the Gate Key that he drops. Now go through the library and the tunnel back to the jeep. Use the Gate Key to open the gate. Run down the hallway to kill a guard. Shoot the three barricades near a hole. Now go back to the black door that was closed before. It should now be open. If not, run up/down both sides of the corridor to trigger it. Inside is a motorcycle. In the corner are secret #4 and the Uzi's. There is a crawl space in the wall but I found nothing there. Now return to the jeep and drive it to the hole where the barricades were.

Go on foot for now and come back for the jeep. Go down the slope and be careful of the deadly water on both sides. Notice a closed gate needing a key on your left side. Go straight and kill two bats. Carefully drop into a hole on the east wall. Drop on a ledge over deadly water. Jump to the other side and go north to a room with two water pools. The north pool is deadly. Dive into the south pool into an underwater tunnel. Follow it to the end and pull up into a room. Go into an east corridor and kill two dogs. Enter a room and go right into a door. Follow this hall to a ledge above a deadly water pool. Go to the east wall, jump up and grab a crevice. Shimmy right across the pool onto another ledge. Go south to enter a room and kill a guard. Go to the south-east to enter another room with deadly water. This time jump over the platforms that are in the water. Enter a room and kill a dog. Pull up a ledge above your head. Jump to a block in the north to pick up the Horseman's Gem. There is some other stuff behind a glass wall that was un-obtainable.

Now go back over the deadly water and enter the room to kill a guard. Go to the north-east corner to hop on a block. Jump south to a ledge and pull up. Kill three bats and enter the open door. Shoot the barricade and slide into the water. Swim to the block and pull up to kill two crocodiles. Pick up a large medipack and enter the hole in the east wall. Shoot the barricade and jump over the three deadly pools of water. Follow the tunnel to the end and drop down. The slide to the right is deadly so go left and follow the tunnel. Pull up into a room and kill a guard. Go west, see two closed doors, and turn right into an opening. There is a closed gate to your left. See the tempting medipack at the bottom of the slide. It is a death trap. Slide and jump to the left and into the water. Swim around the corner and pull up into a room. Jump and climb blocks to get into a crawl space to the south. Drop down the other side into some water. This is the other side of the closed gate that is now open. Go west into an underwater crawl space and pick up Uzi clips. Return and exit the gate and go right. The left closed door is now open. Go inside and pick up a small medipack. Now the other closed door is open. Enter the room and pick up the Gate Key from the short cabinet in the south-west corner. The door will open when you do so. Shoot the barricade and kill the guard that appears. Carefully go back to the locked gate near the entrance to the area and open it. Go up the incline to get the jeep. Drive it down the incline and through the open gate. Drive down the trench and the level ends.