A Tomb Raider Custom Level
by Robert LaChapelle

Walkthrough written by Drew Pizza

The game play is not strictly linear in that you may start a game in any of the 9 parts and be able to transfer from one part to another. Once you choose a part to start with, you must continue the game or save at certain spots to load on from there. You cannot start the different parts from the new game menu as this would disrupt the flow --- lose all your pickups and prior tasks you may have completed in the previous parts. So stick with the save games. Parts 1-7 have transfer tiles at the beginning that, if necessary, will bring you to Part 4. From Part 4, you may conversely choose a tile to go to any of the first 7 parts. Note however that youíll encounter dead end at parts 5, 6, 7 because youíll need certain pieces from parts 1, 2, 3 in order to progress. After the tasks in Part 7, you may transfer to either 8 or 9. Completion of either part will enable you to go back to Part 1, then Part 4, and then Part 7 for the gameís end.

Lara taking a dip after a hard dayís work

PART 1: Les Piscines
You start with Lara on a middle platform hovering over a pool of water. Two tiles --- floor square with a different texture --- on this platform are accessible now: one in front and the other to her right. Stepping on the right tile will transfer her to the 4th part of this game. If she steps forward, a cut scene is triggered and the cam pan to the areas below her. You may swim to the area below to explore it. You?ll see two jars flanking a wide opening exit, which you can?t swim through because of a transparent shield. Your goals are: to drain that room so you can shoot one of the jars that'll yield the star you need in this part, and to turn off the burners beyond that opening exit. Now on the platform, step on the tile fronting the opposite gate behind her. Then step on the front tile on the platform (not the transfer tile). A manageable timed gate opens directly ahead. Enter the new room. A tile inside will trigger a long cam view and an obstructing grate will rise on the platform outside, enabling her to reach yet another tile there. She?ll however be sealed inside this room.

TIMED SWIM. Climb the block with grate and jar on either side and a tile will trigger a more difficult timed gate. Dive into the middle pool and you'll be at the lower area of underwater columns. Locate in a corner a floor opening to the lowest area below where the timed gate is. Swim through before it closes, out into the opening above, and back to the first pool area where you started this level. Go back to the platform and step on the now accessible new tile and the grate of the jar tile will rise inside the room. Go back to that room. You may shoot the jar but there?s no pick up here. Step on the new accessible tile and the two areas below --- columns room and timed gate room, as well as the two jars exit --- will be drained.

There are two ways to manage the next TIMED sequence.

The first way takes longer but you'll have easier and shorter timed run and swim. So go down the columns room below. In that area, you will see a marked tile on the ground. Step on it and the area below (where the timed gate) will be flooded as well as the jars and exit room. Climb the column of that tile to go back to the room above. Step again on the tile that'll open the timed gate, drop into the columns room below, dive into the corner floor opening, swim through the gate before it closes, and pull out of the area below the platform. Now this area is drained also. Step on the tiles there and a new grate opens on the platform above. Climb a column to get back on the platform. Step on the new tile and another grate opens behind her. Grab the monkey swing and drop onto a tile at the top of another column below. Drop to the ground. These last two drops (from the monkey swing and from the column) will damage Lara a little. You've just drained the jars and exit room. Drop into the floor opening. Now you can shoot the jars and get the star. But you'll get burned if you try to exit now. So go to the opposite ladder. A tile at the foot will open the gate above. Climb and roll at the top. In long cam view, you must climb down, sprint to that middle tile (to turn off the burners), and climb back to the gate above before it closes. The exit is now safe.

OR the other way is a shortcut but you need to be faster. Go through the same timed sequence to go out --- step on a tile on the block to open the same gate but this time you have to make a run for it. Don't flood the lowest area anymore. Immediately run for the floor opening in the corner, which has climbable walls on both sides. At the bottom most area where she sprints to beat the gate above, and while in long cam view, step on that middle tile along the way. That?ll open the transparent shield and turn off the burners. Climb the ladder before the gate closes. Roll at the top to step back and grab. Climb down and shoot those jars. Pick up the Hand of Orion and safely exit. End of 1st part.

PART 2: Les 49 Chambres
You start with Lara in a vast empty area with a tall opening in front and stairs behind her. A transfer tile is nearby Stepping on it will transfer her to the 4th part. The stairs will bring you near a gate on top. Thatís your destination. Unfortunately, the route to that gate is a long and puzzling one. So start by going inside the opening. Turn right and find yourself inside a red room. This vast and confusing area is made of three concentric squares. Each square has a specific floor path marking on which Lara must do a lot of long running; its perimeter is all lined up with tall columns; and its corners are colored rooms. Try to explore and go around (but donít get lost!) just to have an idea how this area looks like (7 x 7 = 49 rooms). The idea here is to bring down, that is flush to the floor, all the tall columns of each square. Working from the outside square, gradually progress to the center and find 4 gates (one of which will open) to carry on to the next area. So begin by stepping on all those 5 tile symbols --- 4 on the floor and 1 on top of the column --- inside this red room, which is the first corner of the biggest square. Then turn left and trace the specific floor path to reach the three other corners. In each corner room, donít fail to step on the 5 symbols. Then work on the next inside square just like you did the previous one. Do the same for the final small square. If you did everything right, in the center area, one gate will open. Go inside the center room and step on the tile. The room will be flooded. Pull out onto the ledge and step on another such tile to further flood this room. Pull out on the ledge, and in long cam view, jump out into the opening. As you walk along this hall, the room changes color. Turn right into another hall but be careful of the immediate opening on the floor --- acid burner below! Halfway thru the hall, on the right, is an opening to a parallel hall. You may explore it but don't step on that marking on the floor; it burns! Outside, you'll see through the transparent floor a room with jars in the corners and a couple of lit torches. Drop thru the hole and land on that marking at the top of the column. The column goes down and the transparent floor above disappears. Shoot those jars and you get half a Ba Cartouche. Climb the corners to go back up to the first hallway. Follow where you made the detour and before going out into another wide and sloping area, check out the room to your left. It's a very dark hallway that'll lead to an area with transparent floor. There's no hole to drop; you can have a top view of your destination here. You can also see a star you may pick up later. Now back to the opening into a wide and sloping area. Donít slide down! Go down this area and look for the opposite gate. Thatís the one you saw at the top of the stairs where you started this level. Stepping on the two tiles --- one in front of the gate and the other on the side just below it --- will open another area. That white ninja has the lowest AI level so it wonít attack. Heíll just pace around the transfer tile. You may shoot him with your pistols (the only weapon youíll have in this game) if you are distracted. This familiar area is what you saw above thru the transparent floor and the starting platform in Part 1. This time, as you drained it before, the pool is gone and the area below is dry so be very careful in jumping those tall columns to reach the platform; Lara will fall to instant death here! Remember the front tile on the platform that opened the first timed gate? Well, the gate to that room is now gone but the tile is still there. Stepping on that will release a rope and turn off the lights. Swing to the other side. Pick up the Hand of Sirius at the left end of the ledge. Search well because itís very dark in that spot. Thatís the star you saw from the top view earlier. Now go to the protruding ledge and, in long cam view again, carefully position a running jump and drop into that hole below. End of 2nd part.

PART 3: Les 25 Colonnes
You start with Lara dropping in a dark corner of the room and losing some health. Thereís a visible transfer tile to her right that can bring her back to the 4th part. Behind her is a not too visible complete Ba Cartouche. The puzzle in this room has semblance to the previous one. Study the room carefully: there are 4 outer columns and 4 inner columns surrounding a middle column, which has a half Ba Cartouche on top. All the columns in this room are unreachable. Only those 8 columns have symbols on top. Now begin by stepping on all the tiles that have similar symbol/marking as the transfer tile. There are four such tiles in that room. Now, you can climb the first column that lowers (itís the one by the opening to this room!). Stepping on the fifth such symbol on top of this first lowered column will yet lower another column (itís the one opposite the opening!). Then proceed to just step on 5 such symbols --- 4 on the ground and 1 on top of the column. Each time, another column lowers. When youíve done all 8 columns, a pool opens around the middle column. Dive, get the other half of the Ba Cartouche at the bottom, swim out to another area, up a block, and drop down in a jars room. Shoot them to find another complete Ba Cartouche. In one dark corner, thereís an opening into a dark, high, wide area. Follow the stone bridge. Thereís another complete Ba Cartouche at one end. There are three cartouche receptacles in this room. Put all 3 Ba Cartouches and youíll be able to: light the room and raise two obstructing grates at the opposite end. Now get that half Eyepiece. Take a high swan dive into the pool below. By pulling out on two submerged columns, Lara will be brought back to either the start of Part 3 or Part 4. Figure out for yourself which will you bring you where. End of 3rd part.

PART 4: Les Sauts
This is just a transitory part. Lara may choose any of the transfer tiles in front. Part 1 is the leftmost while Part 7 is the rightmost tile, in that order. Thereís no task involved here.

PART 5: La Cachette
You start with Lara facing a closed gate. Turn around to see Bobís picture _. You may want to explore the area below. The tile over the opening is the transfer tile to Part 4. Below youíll see the next Hand of Orion inside another closed gate. You wonít get that star from this side but from within. So climb back and put the Hand of Sirius, which you got from the 2nd part, on that receptacle. Slide through that now open gate. There is a low floor in the middle. Step on a corner square to reveal a tile. Step on that new tile to reveal yet another tile. Just keep doing this Ďtill a floor opening is revealed. Jump into it and get that hand. Step on the left tile and climb back (donít bother with that second gate you saw awhile ago; itíll not open). The transfer tile you pull up on will bring you to the 6th part.

La Porte
Again, a transfer tile to Part 4 is nearby. Straight ahead and shoot those jars on the side. Put both Hands of Orion, shoot that middle jar and you can now get the other half of the Eyepiece. Step on that raised tile at the end of the corridor for a transport to the 7th part.

PART 7: Les Miroirs
Need I say that the tile on Laraís right is a transfer tile to Part 4? Thereís an adjacent room behind Lara. Go there and look into the mirror. Pick up the invisible Hand of Orion. All the jars in this and the other room will not yield anything. Place the hand on that receptacle to remove the transparent shield to the next deadly room --- the floors will burn Lara! The idea is to step IN A PATTERN on those tiles (except the transfer tile!) in the safe room. The corresponding tiles will light up in the other deadly room. If you do the steps right --- think Knightís L moves in chess --- the lit tiles in the deadly room will stay on for Lara to cross to the opposite end. Combine the eyepiece and use it on that portal. Beyond are two gates with receptacles, which need two more hands. Use those tiles in the corners --- left tile to the 8th and right tile to the 9th part.

PART 8: Les Bonds
On long cam view and looking at the mirror, get the complete Ba Cartouche. If you hang by that rectangular opening on the floor, the camera changes to normal view and youíll see that thereís a deep area below. Thereís also a ladder to go down to that area with half an eyepiece at the ground. Be warned though that you cannot reach that tall block to get back on the ladder from the ground! Youíll be trapped below. The idea is to flood this area first. So climb back to the original starting room in long cam view. Jump on those marked tiles. If you accidentally step on the floor other than those marked squares, the puzzle is reset and you have to start from the very first tile again. Once youíve jumped all the tiles, there will now be a safe block to jump on and a safe ground passage to another room beyond the mirror (floor is safe if itís white and fiery if itís red). Donít bother with the cartouche receptacle that has a fire square in front; you cannot disable that red fire floor. You only need to place the cartouche in the opposite safe receptacle. Thatíll flood the area below. Go back there and swim for the half Eyepiece at the bottom. Pull up on a new halfway room. Shoot those jars to get the other half of the Eyepiece. Stepping on that tile in the corner will release a rope. Swing to the climbable wall. Climb back to the starting area. Place the combined eyepiece on that portal door. Contrary to the image you see on the mirror, that portal door is now open. So walk inside and you see the Hand of Orion resting at Laraís feet. If you look down from this door, you see a very deep plunge ahead of you. Line up a running jump from this door to target a tile on the ground below. Close your eyes and just do it! _

Lara will be brought to Part 1. Step on the transfer tile to Part 4. Step on the transfer tile to Part 7. Go to the portal opening in the opposite end and step on the right tile to the 9th part.

PART 9: Líespagnole
If you know how to play chess, use the variation of the Ruy Lopez opening to manage this level. Lara doesnít have pieces to move. Sheís the piece you have to move around the chessboard! By walking the legal move to the intended square, you will progress from one room to the next.
You may still manage this level even if you donít know chess. Just remember the standard notation of the chessboard: the squares from left to right are designated as a to h while the squares from bottom to top are numbered 1 to 8. So you know where to go with an e2-e4 move. Thatís the first move! If you do it right, at least for the first 6 moves in long cam overhead view, Lara will fall into the correct square and slide back to the starting square. On the seventh move and on (in normal view from hereon), the room will change color (red, dark, dim, blue, green, etc.). This signals a correct move. Then Lara may be able to step on any square (without burning) in that room. The next room will open for your next move, and so on till the end to pick up the Hand of Sirius in one corner. That said, letís play!

Here are Laraís (your) moves:
1. e2-e4
2. g1-f3 (do this in L move)
3. f1-b5 (do this diagonally jumping over those dark fire squares)
4. b5-a4
5. e1-h1 (again jump over those dark squares)
6. f1-e1
Normal view from hereon)
7. a4-b3 (room becomes red. Get the half Ba Cartouche in one corner without crossing the next open room)
8. c2-c3 (room becomes pitch dark)
9. h2-h3 (room becomes dim)
10. b3-c2 (room becomes dim)
11. d2-d4 (room becomes blue. Cross the room to the right)
12. b1-d2 (do this in L move. Room becomes green)
(From hereon youíll be making your moves from the opponentís side of the board)
13. Jump on the d4 block of your opponent
14. Jump on the d5 square
15. Stand on the opponentís block at b4 then jump on b1 square
16. Stand on the opponentís block at a5 then jump on a3 square

Now go and search for that hand in the final area. Take the stairs on the right. Donít slide back to the red room or youíll have to play the game again! From the top of the stairs, jump to the left and climb the wall out to the first chessboard room. Find the transfer tile at g8 (aha! Now you know chess _

Lara will be brought to Part 1. Step on the transfer tile to Part 4. Step on the transfer tile to Part 7. Go to the portal opening in the opposite end
and place those two hands --- Orion and Sirius --- on the receptacles. The two gates open and enter a new room with tile symbols on the floor. Read the markings on long cam view. Step on some tiles to flood the area and let Lara swim for a while.
Relax. The markings read END. Congratulations!