Lara's Home Invasion

Level by Dean Cuthbert (September, 2003)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

You start in the bedroom. Go south and press a pushbutton to open the door. Start to pick up the items and you are attacked by two dogs and five thugs. Pick up sixteen red shotgun shells, shotgun, large medipack, and five flares. Exit the room and go onto the balcony. Go east and press a pushbutton to open the door to the attic. Go up the stairs and at the top, turn left to press a pushbutton. Go back to the balcony and see that a door has open on the east balcony and kill three thugs. Enter the room that is empty except for two masked thugs with weapons. Exit and go south to press a pushbutton to open the door. Enter the washroom to kill a masked thug. Exit to the balcony and see a closed door at the end of the balcony for later.

Go down the stairs into the lobby and notice the closed door to the south. Turn north and go down the stairs to a kitchen area. Look east and see an open door to the basement. Go down the stairs into a room and jump the blocks in the south-west corner. Get into the hole and follow the crawl space. Press the pushbutton and return to the basement. Go east and enter the open door. Pick up a small medipack, large medipack, flares, three revolver ammo, revolver, laser sight, five blue shotgun shells, and four red shotgun shells. You may have to kill a thug who interrupts you sometime during your gathering. Exit the basement back to the kitchen area and press a pushbutton to open the next door.

Kill an attacking thug and go up the stairs. Press a pushbutton to open the door. Kill a masked thug and enter the room. The pushbutton on the east wall just starts some music. Go south-east into the pool room and go east to the back wall. Pull the switch on the wall. Kill a dog and exit the rooms and go back down the stairs. Go north into the kitchen and turn to the west to press a pushbutton to open the freezer door. Enter the freezer and press a pushbutton on the wall. Exit the freezer and kill a thug. Go to the south-east corner and the door opens as you approach. Kill two dogs and exit into the outside area.

Go up the steps and through the open gate. Go east into an open gate and pull a switch on the wall. Return back down the steps and kill two thugs. You may notice steps and closed gates to the far west. Go to the middle of the south wall and pull a switch. Enter the kitchen again and go up the stairs into the lobby. The front door is open so go outside into the front yard. Go into the empty pool by the horse statue and press a pushbutton. Go to the front gate and press another pushbutton. Look to the north-west where four friendly guards kill a thug for you.

Go to the north-west and enter the open gateway into the training course. Stay near your friends while they kill three thugs. Go north past the columns and pull a switch on the north wall. The gate beside you opens. Enter the gate and go east to enter the door back to the kitchen. Go up the stairs to the lobby. Go up the other stairs and go into the last open door on the east balcony. Enter the room and go to the south-east corner to enter another open door and kill a thug. Press a pushbutton and exit the room to kill a masked thug and a dog. Exit and go down the stairs and out the front door. Go south to run through the open front gate and the level ends.