Palace of Horror

Level by Andy

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Jump over the gap with death zone at its bottom, time the blades, avoid the spikes, watch out for the hot steam and jump over the deepest pit ever while keeping to the left side of the corridor for not to slide down into the lava pit. Time the slicer-dicer, pass by the flames, the steam emitter between them and the lava hole on your right, STOP to avoid the rolling spikeballs and watch out for the darts while killing the dog. Don't fall into the side pit, time the next slicer-dicer, avoid some more pits and darts and reach the SE corner, passing by the spikes on your left. Pull the lever to raise the door on the top of the stairs. Before you go through it, pick up some flares from the W alcove. On your way upstairs, watch out for the steam. In the next passage, kill a dog, a scorpion and a bat. Side traps are rather harmless. Advance upstairs, timing the blades and killing 3 more bats. Get into the next chamber. Again, kill a dog, a scorpion and a bat. There is nothing on the side platforms, so go across the bridge. Proceed downstairs, avoiding the balls chasing you, killing a dog and watching out for the spikes emerging from unmarked places without warning. Don't fall into any of the pits. Go through the high portal, timing the steam. Avoid the balls and kill a dog once again. Ignoring the side spikes and flames, time the blades and finish your way downstairs by killing the scorpion, timing the slicer-dicer and the steam emitter, avoiding the pit and getting to the next passage. Jump over the gap with death zone at its bottom, avoid the spikes, pass by the lava hole on your left, time the slicer-dicer, pass by the flames, time the blades, pass by the steam and climb the ladder. Backflip to land on the platform with a switch. Pull it to open the door and go through it. In the new passage, time the blades and get to the NE corner, killing a dog and a scorpion on your way to the pillar with a ladder. Climb it. Platform W to get on the top of the huge... box without a tin? It has a ladder you can use to descend to the bottom. Avoid the steam, flames and spikes. Pull the lever, get outside and back to the ground of external chamber. Time the steam while going through the open door, pass by the flames and darts and pull the lever switch on the top of the stairs. Go through the second door in the outside chamber. Do 9 running jumps and grab the ledge. Pull up. Kill 2 bats and a dog. Time a row of blades, watch out for the spike activators and the lava pit. Don't mind the slicer-dicer. Kill 3 more bats and another dog and SAVE THE GAME. Avoid all the pits but the farthest one on the SE. Hop inside to find a SECRET#1 - a hidden room. Watch out for the falling ball in the middle. There is nothing more in here and there's no way out, so now LOAD THE LAST SAVE. Now get to the ladder in the SW corner and platform N. Avoid the steam and pull the lever to open the door below you, between the two lava pits. Go through it and upstairs, avoiding the steam. Your adventure ends on the top of the stairs, behind the flames. It's not marked.